Prologue 2
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Prologue 2


Sleeping beauty 

I'm sleepy. I don't want to wake up and begin my job hunt. That slut of a boss actually fired me over a slip of my tongue. I open my eyes and flinch. Where am I? I think I am lying beneath a tree. It has light blue leaves and pale bark. I close my eyes and try to remember. 

Ah, I died. And got the body of a girl.

Awesome, I feel better and I believe everything is there where it should be. I clench my hands and curl my toes. My hair is also back. Weird, I should be lying on the hard forest floor so why are my hands and the back of my head touching something soft?

I open my eyes, lift my head up and see giant tits. Although they are covered by a thin cloth, nothing is really hidden.

I slowly sit up and turn around. In front of me is a beautiful woman who is sleeping. I look down at my own chest and then back up. I do what every other girl in the same situation would do, I put my hands onto her boobs and begin trying to destroy them through massaging them.


She is really beautiful. Her face has a motherly look to it, while her eyelashes are just long enough. Her lips are a deep red and her skin colour a healthy white-pink. She also has long, elven ears. Her height is about 1.85m.


I slip my small hands under her robe which decorates her body. Its base colour is pale blue and it hides her wide hips. The robe goes to about to her ankles and it opens in the middle.


I circle my hands around her breasts to the underside and open at the same time her robe. They pop out and I bring my fingers to her nipple. I continue massaging her as I marvel at her hourglass figure.


This is a sexy MILF. Her skin is pink while she rubs her legs together. Her robe also falls open and her body is in full display. 

"~~Ha ~wha~mmm~is~"

Oh, she is waking up. I stop massaging with my left hand but continue with my right. With my left I slowly and carefully circle her nipple. Her eyes flutter open and I see her clouded blue eyes.


I smile at her and my left hand pinches her nipple with my thumb and middle finger while my index finger scratches it. My right hand pushes deep inside her boobs and clenches. I watch as her body begins to tremble and twitch. 


After some seconds I let go and bring my hands back to my body. I stand up and sit back down some distance. I wait for her to speak. 

"~That wasn't necessary, not that I mind. Come here!"



New Goddess

This feels good. Somebody is rubbing my head, and it feels amazing. The thing I am lying on is also really soft. I open my eyes slowly. I see part of a starless night sky, and I seem to be lying under a tree with pale blue leaves. But most of my vision is occupied by giant boobs. Is this the legendary lap pillow? The person I am lying on stops rubbing me.

"Don't stop, please!"

She begins patting my head again.

"Honey bunch, what is your name?"

I can't remember.

"Why can't I remember my name?"

"I think you died. Upon death you will forget your name. Did you die? Have you forgotten anything else?"

I stay quite for awhile and think about what to say.

"Yes, I did die, and I don't think I forgot anything else. Who are you, actually? What's your name?"

"Oh, sorry, where are my manners! My name is Elyzabeth and I am the Goddess of th-"

I spring up, but halfway up my head hits her breasts and gets stuck. Help, I'm getting smothered! Thankfully, the goddess puts her hands on my shoulders and presses me back down. Finally, air. Well, at least I know she smells like peach blossoms.

"Now, now, honey. As I was saying I am the Goddess of the Full Moon, one of the trinities of sleep and forests, the Patron god of full moon elves and also the protector of lesbians. Now, child, I have much to ask you?"


Why the Divine Law broke

"Okay, but only if I too can ask questions? We can play the questions game!"

She stops her hand and seems to be thinking about it. I believe she thinks I am a young girl. Hopefully, it helps me gain some much needed information. Ah, now she is massaging my head.

"Yes, I can do that. Can you tell me your favorite colour?"

"It is blue. What type of tree is that?"

"It's beautiful, isn't it? I made them myself and they are called trintzelbaum. What is your favourite food?"


We have been bouncing around questions for about half an hour now. I thought Ely(I asked Elyzabeth wether I could call her that.) must be leading me up to some great question but we are still talking. Answering these while role-playing as a child is difficult. Is she just lonely or is the perception of time for gods broken? I don't know. Well, at least iI can relax a little bit. Eh, her tone changed.

"... made sure to massage them every day. Now, who's divine law did you break?"

Gotta act fast!

"Goddess of Light. Is that really how you got them so-"

Now clamp my mouth with my hands shut and freeze all muscle movements. 


Ely is laughing. Good, that means she doesn't like that bitch or they aren't in the same camp.

"Did I do something bad?"

Acting perfection!

"aha... No, you didn't. Maybe she thinks you did something bad, but I believe what you did is only following your instincts. Some are just born differently."

What does she mean with that? I just wanted to be woman. I didn't think the consequence would be so bad. I want to know why it broke.

"How did I break the Divine Law, actually?"

"Don't you know?"


"Did you live in a small village where her teaching was incomplete? How else would you not know your Parton gods Divine law."

Oh oh, think brain, think.

"I lived in a pretty large city, and my friends always said I lacked common sense.

So, can you tell me why, pretty please with cherry on top?"

Ok the last part was a bit too much but th-

"So cute."

Don't pinch me.

"It's the reason we, so my sister, my brother and I, don't like her. She used the thing my sister is the protector of. Heterosexuality!"

"So, her Divine law is to love someone of the opposite gender. Or is it to not feel attraction towards the same gender?"

"Yes, all the reasons you just mentioned. Her Divine law is: You shall love and lust after the other gender."

"That's stupid!"


I was a boy

"How did you even come close to breaking the Divine Law? That arrogant brat got quite careful choosing who she blesses, after a few people had been secretly homosexual. Did you have a change of heart in your short life?"

Hmm, I should try to stear the conversation towards blessings and curses.

"No, I messed up during the blessing bestowment. I didn't want to change my wish and all the options I wanted to have, said I didn't met the divine requirement. So, I just went through with it and then she screamed at me, took my blessing away and finally cursed me."

Her hands stop messing with my hair, and she puts them on my shoulders. Then Ely pulls me up, turns me around and gives me a hug.

"Oh, honey, everything will be alright."

This isn't going as planned. She was supposed to ask about my blessing. Now, I can't even see anything. Let's just hug her back and stay quiet. Thankfully I don't need to breath right now, or I would be suffocating.


"Say, what did you wish for?"

"M hmmhmm hm mh h mhmhm."

"Oh, sorry!"

She stops her hug and I turn myself around. With my head still between her breasts, I sit myself on her lap. Finally, I see something different, and it takes my breath away.


"Why, thank you!"

The pale light which shines from the low hanging moon is reflected from the small waves of the lake. The sand of the beach by the big lake seems like it is soft and clean. A small clearing between the beach and us is filled with different flowers and grass. The forest borders the clearing and there are different tree types but they all have the same pale blue leaves and white bark. It is gorgeous.

"It did take me some time to make this place so beautiful, but it was worth it. Sadly, very few people see this place."

"Yeah, that's a pity."

"Now, if it doesn't bother you, can you tell me what kind of wish you made?"

"I was a boy, but I wanted to be a girl. So I made that my wish."

I hope she doesn't mind that. Oh, she started trembling.

"Bahaha, amazing, no wonder she cursed you. Even I would have been pissed if you broke a blessing that powerful."

"What do you mean?"

"A wish as strong as yours needs lots of energy. You need at least one of the stronger Greater blessings to change your gender."

Good, now I can ask.

"There are different blessings?"

"Yes, cutie, there are. Only one effect is a Lesser blessing. One wish and up to two effects is a normal Blessing. Most gods use a Greater blessing which have one wish and three to five effects. In the past I could use Divine blessings which have one wish and six to eight effects, but I'm currently still recuperating. The strongest blessing is a True blessing which always has nine effects and between one and two wishes. From your answer I could guess you got a divine blessing?"


About blessings


During this talk about blessings I feel like the atmosphere changed into something heavier.

"Can you do something about my curse?"

She sighs.

"Sorry, I can't. The curse i feel from you has about as much energy as a Divine blessing. I don't have enough energy to break it because most people have forgotten me. And I don't specialise in curse breaking."

Uh, that is bad. I really wanted to become a magician.

"Can you really not do anything?"

She seems to be thinking about something. After some pondering she seems to have come to a decision.

"If you want, I can give you my blessing. Normally I would only give somebody my blessing after I have observed them for some ti-"

I can raise my talents with this. Or change my race.

"Yes, please!"

Ely chuckles.

"You are eager. But I can't undo your curse with my blessing and I can no longer change race."

Destroyer of my dreams!

"Why not! I can understand it if a blessing can't help with my curse but why can't I become a full moon elf?"

"You used a wish to change your gender, right? The energy you used belonged to the Patron goddess of humans. Your spirit has the form of a human, and it is infused with her energy, so unless you change your blessing, which no one can control now because it is a Broken blessing, or change your race after you get reborn, you are stuck with it."

"Then I will change it later."

"It isn't that easy. Well, let's talk about my blessing. I can't give you a Divine Blessing, but a Greater blessing should do. But you have to complete a task for me as you would for any blessing greater than a Blessing."

I really don't want to. Honestly, I just want to rest and get reincarnated in the new world. This whole business is extremely exhausting.

"Do I have to complete a task?"

"You don't have to but then I can only give you at most a Blessing like I said. Why don't you want my task?"

"I will take that Blessing, please. And I am just a bit tired because of what everything that happened."

"Oh, that's understandable. Here, let's get started."

She waves her hand, and a pale fog separates itself from the surrounding area. It gathers in front of me, and it looks like the blessing from the bitch, just smaller and a different colour.

"So, do I just jump in or are you going to push me in?"

"That spoiled brat didn't use the custom option, did she? She is just wasting her energy. Normally, gods call the spirit of the person who they want to bless into their realm. There they discuss with each other and choose effects which align with the gods energy. But the current Main gods generally give out standard packets for their Blessings and Lesser blessings. Well, in the past it was different but now..."

She is mumbling now. I can't hear her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear that."

"Oh, sorry. Well, let's start."


New blessing

Ely puts her hands onto mine. After a few seconds something springs into my vision.

Blessing of the Undecided(3) Goddess of the Full Moon 
1. ??? 2. ???
2. ???  


This is different compared to my first blessing.

"Now, for the first effect, let's take my main divinity."

1. Effect Full Moon
Night Release
Light Stone

Wait, you are going to fast!

"Okay, choose which one you want."

"Wait, that's how it works? No closer description?" 

"Well, yes. A divinity can't really be explained. Honey bunch, since this is probably your first blessing except that brat, if you want, i can give you some short explanations about what you should expect. Then you can choose which category you want."

I nod my head.

"Okay, I am currently linking you to my blessing. If I pick a part of my divinity which the effect takes on, then you get to see only some parts of my small part. After you pick one of the tiny parts, it shows you what it can transform into basing on what fits you. Then you can choose what effect you want. But during the process the energy is amplified and transformed, therefore you can't change it back like a wish. Do you understand?"

It takes me some moments to comprehend what Ely just said. I nod and think about what I want. Stone and Release are out. One is boring while with the other I have no idea what it means. I ask a question which can help me decide.

"Can you pick Sleep for the second effect?"

"I would have picked my main divinity again, because the effect derived from them is always better. But if you want I can pick my side divinity."

"Okay, that helps. I pick Night."

Effect: Skill: night or infrared vision (active/passive )
Effect: Rare skill: Night cloak (passive)
Effect: Increased healing during night

"Can you explain the skills to me? I don't know what they do, and I can't inspect them."

"Hm, you got some rare effects, but sorry, I can't tell you about the skills because I actually shouldn't be helping you. My explanation was already stretching it. And you naturally can't inspect them because they are currently not your own."

I will probably take night vision and not infrared vision. I don't like that I have no information on the second skill and even if it is a rare skill I am going to reject it. The third effect is just lacklustre and not my cup of tea.

"I take night vision."

Blessing of the Night Eye(3) Goddess of the Full Moon
1. Skill: night or infrared vision (active/passive) 2. ???
3. ???  


From the orb emerge two lights. One red, the other blue and they swim on the surface.

"Good choice, having two eye powers is better than a skill that you can train up."

Wait, what.

Night or infrared vision (active/passive)
You can either see in nearly no light or through the natural heat of objects or creatures over 0°C.


"I thought I could only choose one of the two."

"Then it was fate. Shall we start the second one?"

I panick and quickly stop her.

"Wait, can I ask a question now?"


"Do there exist effects which are harmful to me?"

"No, of course not...

Well, there are effects which can be useful in battle but harmful in your day-to-day life. But they should have warnings. If you have no other questions, I will continue now."

I nod.

2. Effect Sleep
Wakefulness Night


"Why are there only three categories?"


She doesn't answer me and shakes her head. I guess I have to do this myself. I bet, because this is her side divinity it only has three. If I had chosen full moon elves or lesbian I probably would have gotten only two. I don't want to pick an option twice so only the two weird options remain. Wakefulness shouldn't be here because it is the exact opposite of sleeping. Ely really spoke the truth when she said you can't put divinity into words. Store is most likely associated with dreaming because one function of dreaming is storing your memories. Well, I think i will take Wakefulness.

"I choose Wakefulness."

Effect: Teaches non-attribute magic 'Alarm'
Effect: Increase of effectiveness of light magic in the night
Effect: Uncommon skill: Power nap (passive)


If only that asshat of a woman hadn't cursed me. Sadly, I must give up on magic.

"I want the power nap."

Blessing of the Restless Eyes(3) Goddess of the Full Moon
1. Skill: night or infrared vision (active/passive) 2. Uncommon skill: Power nap (passive)
3. ???  


The two eyes sink into the ball and they disappear. Until I see them appearing blitzing randomly at different surface spots. 

"The power nap is a good choice, because time is valued everywhere."

Power-nap (passive) [uncommon]
Reduce your time sleeping with the same effects as normal sleep.


"You have been quite lucky with these effects. Sadly no truly rare effects popped up."

"Why, are they special?"

"Yeah, generally the effects in custom blessings are better than standard blessings. But some effects are rarer than others for example active skill effects are pretty common while race change effects are nearly none existing. You obtaining two passive skill effects is rare. Now, that we finished with the effects, are you ready for your wish?"



Different choices

Her hand move as if inviting the pale blessing. I am surprised as it shoots towards me. My vision is fading and now, I am back in darkness. A familiar box greets me.

3rd Effect
Make a wish


I wonder what my wish would be. I'm honestly not sure. The only wish I had in my past life is already fulfilled. I could wish for a broken skill, like the 'steal the stats and skills of your enemy' skill or the 'I got a mind control skill, now I conquer the world.' skill. But I don't think the gods would allow something like that. And even if they exist I don't think I have enough energy to create such an effect. I really should have taken the Greater blessing. Hah, no more day dreaming. Let's get to work.

What do I have!

My weapon talent is lowered, every magic talent is E, one skill I have is broken (Should check that later, couldn't bring it up now.) ,  I have night and infrared vision and I don't need to sleep as much as other people. 

I should probably go for something like synergy but nothing overlaps with each other. Repairing my skill is useless, because I think it was called elemental fusion. I can't think of something which would benefit of the power nap skill. Sure, if I could sleep longer, I would wish for an effect with whom could enter my dream, but not if I wake up sooner. Upgrading my eyes is also not good, after all how would that my future life. What can I actually do in the future?

I can't become a mage nor a fighter. Maybe a crafter, but some crafter jobs need mana like enchanter. Maybe smith! The only useful thing from my past life is knowledge.

Ah, I know what I should wish for.

"I wish to create a mental palace."

Wish received
Searching for compatible effect
Please wait...


It evens synergies with the 'power nap' skill.


Query complete  
Please select your wish  
Mind your World Everybody is in their own world.
Einstein Tower Your mind and your tower eclipse all.
Horror Castle Who dares enter me?
Mind key The key for the mind.
Black Box For storing and keeping important memories safe.


My second wish

Okay, onto the descriptions.

Mind your World
Everybody is in their own world.
Effect: Creates most cherished place into a mindscape
Build your world by utilising different memories, feelings and rules
+Basic world model (basic plant life, basic animals and mana circulation)
+20 wisdom
+10 intelligence 
+8 insight
-large energy requirement
Compatibility: 82%


How should I phrase it? Isn't that a little bit to vast. Creating a world does sound awesome and having that basic world model would make me a god. But I don't know if those stats are even good as I have nothing in correlation to it. And I really don't believe I come even close to the energy requirement, sadly. Well, let's try it anyway.

Stable mind  Yes 
Compatibility Excellent 
Energy requirement  Not met
Procedure aborted  


Thought so.

Let's compare the next two to each other. I hope I can use them.

Einstein Tower
Your mind and your tower eclipse all.
Effect: Creates the foundation of your tower
Build your tower through using knowledge as building stones
Build different rooms to store memories
+3 intelligence per floor
+2 wisdom per floor
+1 insight per floor
- if knowledge is wrong, floors may collapse and rooms get destroyed 
Compatibility: 70%

Horror Castle
Who dares enter me?
Effect: Creates a castle to protect your mind
Expand your castle by utilising terrifying memories
Build Horrors to protect your memories 
+1 wisdom, intelligence and insight for every horror
- Sometimes a horror you can't control appears, slay it before it eats your memories
WARNING: Accepting this effect has consequences
Compatibility: 44%


Do all of these have something negativ? Especially the horror castle, who would even use that. That one is just too dangerous. The Einstein Tower is quite good. The only problems it has, is that I need to build rooms for my memories. I also don't know, whether my old life physics and chemistry still work in the new world. Well, I guess I will figure that out in the future. 

Stable mind  Yes
Compatibility Great
Energy requirement Not met
Procedure aborted    


God damn it. Aren't these effects supposed to be tailored for me? Then why can't I use the first three. And I don't think the black box is something I want so I will probably take the mind key. 

Black Box
For storing and keeping important memories safe.
Effect: Creates a compartment on your soul for storing important memories.
Those memories can't be touched by ordinary means
+30% resistance to mind magic
+10 insight
+energy used in creation is equivalent to storage capacity
Compatibility: 100%


Yeah, I thought so. While it is a surprise that I get mind resistance if I take this effect, but I want something to review my memories with and therefore also my knowledge.

Mind key
The key for the mind
Effect: Special skill: Mind key 
Gathers your mind to be on a plane upon acceptance of this effect
+1 wisdom, intelligence and insight
Compatility: 67%


Huh, well I don't know if this 'special' skill will do what I want it to do, but I am not going to use the other effects.

"I wish for the mind key."

Stable mind Yes
Compatibility Good
Energy requirement Met
Resource requirement Met
Divine requirement  Met
Do you wish to proceed?  



Completing procedure 
Wish complete
Blessing complete
Bestowment complete
Returning consciousness to body
Body not found
Returning consciousness to spirit


Reincarnation, or not?

I wake up sitting on Elys lap. I'm a little bit disoriented but I manage to focus in a few seconds.

"Nothing really changed..."

"Good, you are awake. How was it? Did you get what you wanted?"

"Hm, yes, in the end I got myself a mind key since I can't use magic."

"It's not like you can't use it, it would just take you to long to train."

"Can I really not change my race? Humans have such a short lifespan, and I really want magic."

"Well, that's for most people. Since the System appeared, things like lifespan can be increased."

My dream got revived.

"Really, how?"

"You must really like magic, don't you. It isn't really a surprise that you don't know as only the powerful notice this. Most likely this information is controlled in the human realm by nobles and the royal family. The most effect has wisdom. Wisdom increases the amount of mana in your body and in general, the more mana you have the longer you live."

Doesn't really help me, the one without talent.

"What about other attributes?"

"The second best is vitality. The last one would be charm but it isn't much."

"Why would charm increase the lifespan? That's just weird."

"Charm isn't all about charming people. It helps control the aura for example and many other small things."

"I see, I will remember this."

Uh, why did the mood just get terrible?

"Sadly, you can't."


"Why not?!"

"Since you told me about your blessing with that brat, I have been searching for your body. I wanted to put you back and then revive you. I have already searched all the human cities that exist, so I think that bi..brat destroyed it. So I am sorry, but you have to be reincarnated."

Why is Ely saying this as if she is killing me? I do feel bad making her misunderstand my situation and making her search for a body that doesn't exist but I was going to get a new one anyway.

"Why are you sorry?"

"Reincarnation erases the memories of the past life."

"That wasn't what the bitch said!"

Why did I say that? My loose mouth strikes again.

Ely hit my head.

"Now, now, no swearing...

Wait, the way you phrased it! You died before you met her, right? Then why can't I find your body? If that brat didn't summon your spirit after you died, then she had no reason to destroy it."

Uh uh. What should I do? She sounds really mad. Keep it cool, keep it cool.

"Oh, me and some other souls were summoned to defeat the demon-"


Ely springs up, pushing me of her lap.

"That fucking bitch first creates the system without anyfuckingone's approval, then she fucking blames the fucking demonking on somebody else and when we tell that slut that she must deal with the second one alone, she fucking brakes our agreement and summons fucking heroes ten years before he even shows up!"

She is screaming at the lake, and I don't know what to do. I have never been good at dealing with angry people. She turns around to face me, and I freeze.

"Sorry, you had to witness that. I am going to gather the gods to tell that bitch how much she messed up. I am so going to enjoy that."

She turns around and my mind unfreezes as her gorgeous face leaves my vision. She bends her knees and...


Jumps. I hear her voice even though she is gone.

"At the bottom of the lake is a reincarnation point but you can also stay if like. Just be sure to leave once you feel unwell. Goodbye, honey bunch!"

I look down, then back up and scream.

"At least give me fucking clothes."




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  3. Lewd chapter next episode: Yes


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