Chapter 2- Info Lecture
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It would be bothersome to think about it right now. For him, the most important thing at this moment was to gather his wits and organize his mind.

He called his statistics again.

Host Name: Grim

Age: (by year)
  Universal: 1
  PBA (Orginal Body Age): 27
  Soul Age: 14


Specie: Snake (Embryo)

Race: Merslth

Bloodline: Mixed/Blurred

Lvl: 0

Wisdom: 0.4

Orbal Energy: 0/10

Innate Abilities:

Acquired Abilities:


He was trying all sort of methods to somehow get some information about the idea behind the whole stat system. But honestly, he didn't have any single clue how it works.

'I . . . am getting frustrated.' He thought.

'How would I know about theses whole set up? And why is it showing me three different options for my age?' he asked himself.

But no more than a second after that. A series of explanation begun appearing again.

[Due to the host being selected as one of the last souls destributed within this era, age identification has been improved, accurately calculated, and organized in three parts. Universal Age represents your time in this Existential Universe, which you have completed a whole laps of one year today. Your Original Body Age will temporarily shows up in your stats interface as it determines the percentage of your additional wisdom after you were hatched. Your Soul Age is a permanent part of your stats, it will determine some parts of your capability in the future to achieve things, as you are one of the surviving souls, you had an existing number of soul age. It equates to half of your actual body age and the same calculation are conducted to all beings in this existence. It adviced to remember that there are other means to increase once soul age aside from natural yearly growth. Kindly explore it in your steed.]

And . . . He sighed out of relief.

At first, he was momentarily stunned to hear the semi and not quite monotonous voice in his mind. But that was not the case as the female voice continued giving him information.

Hell! He came from the past, a glorious futuristic advanced past! What are you talking about. And as far as his mind could properly serve him, this era didn't have any advanced technology either.

'Wait- let me confirm that first.'

"Are you-" he paused for a second. And thought of the possible scenarios of what might happen if he ever offended such an entity, not to mention the fact that the voice itself seems to be powerful enough to break any dimension and intrude his mind. But then again, he was given a chance to live, again- right!?

With that, he composed himself and try his most polite voice to ask.

"Are you perhaps- Gaia?"


A very simple, void of emotion word of no. And Grim just felt like he had dodge the scythe of Death.

"Then who are you, if I may ask?"

[I am Gene, and I am tasked to supervise, give information, observe and evaluate the quarter area of the Existencial Universe.]

"Oh" Was all he could say.

"What do I call you then?"

[Gene, call me Gene.] said the suspiciously cheery yet still monotonous voice.

"What do you mean by saying you were tasked the quarter area?"

[Since this is a general knowledge among the sentient beings. I will answer your question, however be mindful that some information will not simply be provided if detected to be confidential. You need a higher level of authority to access these information. As to your question. I am the created third in line among the main Dominions of the mother Gaia.]

"You mean that their are other entity like you that governs the other 3 quarters of the Existencial Universe?"

[Yes I have other three siblings that governs their own areas.]

"How about the size of this what you called Existencial Universe?"

[As for the size of the Existencial Universe that I am tasked to supervise, it is incalculable by the current measurement ever invented-

And before she could even finish her second answer, Grim buttted-in due to his intense curiosity and asked her.

"By the way," With his eyes squinted he continued.

 "How old are- you?"

In his mind he was saying. Hundred years old, but since she had been doing this stuff for a while now, maybe a thousand years or so? But then she said she was personally created by the supposed creator, Gaia, and Gaia wouldn't had just created them recently right? He bet she wouldn't be older than a thousand years old lady. That would just be impossible as she would sound like an old nanny if that's the case. 

But then the answer came a little bit colder than expected.

[By any means I could not either provide a specific number for that as it is categorized as semi-confidential.]

And Grim was just as confused as hell. Well he couldn't blame himself with that. He was just not an expert when it comes to these things. In fact, ha hadn't dated any women in his past life!

[I am hundreds of millions of years old. To be exact, I am three hundred twelve million four hundred fifty-five thousand four hundred thirty-eight years old.]

Comes a much much colder tone of voice.

[Today.] The cold voice added.

Then it suddenly clicked on him. 'Can she read my mind?' Well, surprisingly enough the answer was no. The Dominions were not allowed and we're even restricted by the mother to interfere or even read the minds of all creatures. But Grim didn't probably know that his thoughts was all too clear to even read. Not to mention that the entity was probably a god. Even though he was still an embryo.

"Umm. . . . Gene?" He asked as gently as he could, and no one answered. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He was just honestly curious! He didn't either expected that this kind of entity would've had inherited those attitude of wrenched women in his past life! He just prayed that mother Gaia would spare his most insignificant life at this point.

Since there was no response, he thought he just have to let her mind to cool down a little bit and ask her his inquiries later. Heturned his focus in his front and gaze upon the other stats and names listed. Then he started complaining.

'Snake specie? And Merslth race? What kind of shit is this? Is this some kind of Pokemon parallel pit or something? But as far as I could remember, there's not even a single Pokemon shit with this racial name even on the latest version of the game!'

He deeply sighed, and if someone could have only gaze him outside of his shell with see through ability, one could see his blurry embryonic face with eyes closed, head down and furrowed in deep helplessness. Poor guy.

To add from his dramatic action. He somehow looked slowly upon the heavens and sighed again.

'Oh bless me, I just wish my brother is doing well.'