Chapter 3- The Gathering
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Heya! So guys, as what I have been saying, I apologize for some (or many grammatical errs) you may find in the story. Sorry for the late updates, I am so busy this past 2 days as we are celebrating a local Feast in our Town. Enjoy Guys!!

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

'wha-whaaatt!? Whe-where am I?' he thought. He looked left and right and tried to move his limbs. But there was something that's just not right. Just. . .

'What!!?, What's happening, why can't I walk?!' he was just as panicked as flabbergasted of what's going on. He didn't know where he was or what happened. The only thing he remembered was him trying all his might to hold onto his brother's left hand when all the riot and commotion begun at the University. After that one, he blackout, and he didn't have a single idea of what happened afterwards. Well, to be honest it was all a shock, who wouldn't be? The best thing to do at this point of time was to observe. Yes, so observe he did.

'Looking up,nope, nothing creepy. Looking at my side, yep, nothing out of the ordinary. Now looking at the other side, hmm huh, nothing either.'

He sighed.

He looked under him. And slowly. Just as slowly as he could, his eyes almost popped out of his sockets.


What he was looking at was definitely not ordinary. It was, if he could describe it, was otherworldly.

Four tiny feline-like paws, with no hands, just feet, and a little protruding pointed joint that looks a lot like a small tail waving in a slow pace. It does seemed like the place he was in was actually not filled with air but-- liquid?

'what is this?' he thought. He tried waving his hands, which practically functioned as his feet also, and noticed that it was much slower that an actual air was.

'Amazing. . .' Merge said in wonder. He had already forgotten everything else. That's him in the past, and he couldn't really change anything else in a snap of a finger. Unlike his twin brother Grim. Then. . .

Host Name: Merge

Age: (by year)
  Universal: 1
  PBA (Orginal Body Age): 27
  Soul Age: 14


Specie: Fox (Embryo)

Race: Foxinghum

Bloodline: Mixed/Blurred

Lvl: 0

Wisdom: 0.4

Orbal Energy: 0/10

Innate Abilities:

Acquired Abilities:


[Due to the host being selected as one of the last souls distributed within this era, age identification has been improved .  .  .  .  .  .  . other means to increase once soul age aside from natural yearly growth. Kindly explore it in your steed.]

Merge was shown the same data analysis as his twin. And without even having second thoughts. The voice, Gene, introduce herself, to him and fill him up with pretty much everything she said to Grim. It's just that, this time, the voice seemed a bit distant and cold while Merge having no idea what happened at the other end.

'Oh, wow, that is amazing, now that I thought of it. Um, would you be willing enough to tell me how to raise my wisdom. Because honestly, I could tell that I would be having no idea of what to do while I am inside this thing.'

Unfortunately, there was no response.

'Gene?', He asked the lady. This time, although he was pretty much blind- technically. He did his best to act cute, with imaginary big wobbly eyes, small foxy posture *yes, inside the egg, mind you*, and everything cute he could probably think of.

And when he thought he failed in his attempt. There seemed to be a very-very, faint sound of sigh. Almost indecipherable that he thought he had just imagined it.

With her usual voice she said, but this time much more gentle.

[Yes, you are actually more intelligent than the recent one I had guided, at this point, since you wouldn't be able to do much most of the time, the only available you have will be wisdom. There is not really a specific way to increase it. It is invariably a relative thought regarding ones knowledge and intelligence. You might have also noticed that you have regained most of your memories. As you had already owned those things, it will be calculated as your wisdom, all you need to do is recollect and recall those information, knowledge, understanding, and of different concepts of intelligence to add an exact amount to your wisdom. Now as your wisdom increases, it will also give you a higher probability of acquiring good bloodlines, abilities, skills with different tiers. Just -- it is probably everything that you need to focus at this point of time. But to let you know, wisdom is indeed one of the many significant part of ones good progression, but-- of course it is not everything as their are other ways to improve oneself, but then again, as what I've said, since you don't have anything to do anyways, it would be best to increase your wisdom as you stay here.]

'. .' - Merge.

['. .'] - Gene.

'Wow' Merge said with his big round eyes.



was a lot. And what I mean a lot was, it's amazing and . . . . . COOL! Yeah!'


In any case I would like to remind you that outside of this small world lies a rather more exquisite and unpredictable life. So be careful. If you have any other questions you just had to think of it in your head and it will be shown in your tabs, just follow what I thought you earlier and you'll be good. Goodbye.]

'Wha-wait!!' He shouted but as expected there was no response. Gene was gone, or was she?

In an almost whispery voice Merge heard something.

[Really, really different, the other one is emotionally malnourished but practical and attentive while the other is a little bit too innocent for his thoughts but jovially active . . . interesting, they really complement each other. . . . . . . . . I hadn't have any fun for these past few centuries. . .]

She said as dramatically slowly as she can and as if she was walking in a distant place her voice got fainter and fainter until there was no more. Never did she thought in a million years that her petty thoughts was heard by an equally confused fox.

'who was that?'

He just got Goosebumps all of a sudden. But as time passed by, muddled with so many things to organize in his mind, he had forgotten about the voice he thought he just heard in his mind. 

A few hours later he fell asleep. 

With a gentle breeze of night, two moons and small circles that suspiciously looked a tad like planets hanging in the starry sky of Fanasythy, as lights of gentle sky blue and fiery red mingled with silvery white orbs quietly intruded the private space of the two nestling innocent eggs. Gently, gently, as these lights of wonder slowly fleeted their way down to these unsuspecting little ones and their innocence being protectively shaded along with the many others by the Silver Limbia of Agar.

Looking from afar, in a night full of darkness, one could see a huge clearing, but compared to the entirety of the Southern part of Silvermoon forest, In the North of Agar, it was considered small. At this remote Limbia, resting at the center of this sanctuary was a huge tree dwarfing all the surrounding ones as if it was a king, and the rest as it's subjects. But if one could just scrutinize enough, they would realize the truth that it was way different than what they were thinking. It was just an old old tree of a thousand years time. Gently enveloping the place it was tasked to protect, as this one mighty looking tree, that glowed in a gentle light green hue, was just a small part of a branch that fell into this place when a legend passed by millennia ago. For in truth, far far away it was just an insignificant twig of a thousands of meters high tall tree, with barks of millennia old, and leaves of mansions length, and with roots as deep as the Congulla Trench, and as wide as three cities equivalent of Angular Brood.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Grim was really-really freaking frustrated right now. He had already tried everything he could.  He tried everything in his arsenal to plead forgiveness including him acting cute, for hours and hours but to no avail. He just wanted to die! It was already getting dark, as he had noticed due to the changes to the hue of his surrounding as it was getting darker blue and lighter blue, as he had calculated would probably be the timeframe of this world but- GENE WAS NOT RESPONDING TO HIM AT ALL!

'D-E-E-P B-R-E-A-T-H!!!, Grim, compose, be calm, collected and relax. And slowly go on with what you want to say.'

'Gene, please, what should I do?! I couldn't even think of any other methods to appease you, so tell me what to do- Ok-technically you won't say anything at all this time but, wouldn't you at least whisper me what had gone wrong?. . . .

Well, scratch that,

I probably-

No, I mean I definitely know what happened, while it is absolutely not my faul- !

I mean my intention to offend you, especially that your a---y---d--g-. . .'








That, he didn't know how to respond in this occasion. He even didn't know how to react at that not so familiar voice that he missed so dearly of the not so desirable owner.

[Now listen as I won't repeat myself. . .]

With this the telltale started anew.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

'Right, so, respectively a race is different from a specie. Basically a specie is a group of races coming from a single/similar ancestor/s that by time, with various phenomenon and circumstances had created different branches of varying shapes, sizes, and evolved, acquired and developed distinct abilities of their own. While a race, as what is said here, is a group of normal animals, monsters, and beasts that had their distinct differences from the other species of their same race.'

'This is a strange way of putting it together. But, somehow I can understand its own principles.'

Host Name: Merge

Age: (by year)
  Universal: 1
  PBA (Orginal Body Age): 27
  Soul Age: 14


Specie: Fox (Embryo)

Race: Foxinghum

Bloodline: Mixed/Blurred

Lvl: 0

Wisdom: 2.5

Orbal Energy: 0/10

Innate Abilities:
•Remembrance (1.32%) - ability to recall past life
•Eargamic (0.23%)- ability to hear random thoughts, feelings, and intents of other people - cannot be controlled

Acquired Abilities:


'Hmmmm, so my specie is a fox. *I wonder if it's final* and my race is Foxingham. As the description says of my specie, fox had a great varieties of innate abilities, they have a keen sense of almost all kinds of danger, they are alert and attentive, and they tend to put full focus on their prey-wait. . . Isn't it that this was just basically everything a fox had in my past life? What kind of dumb explanation is thi--- '

*goosebumps and chills*

He sensed some kind of piercing glare at his back and suddenly he kind of wish that he never had that second ability, or rather have an ability that dampens all senses. As if that would help him.

*cough* *cough*

'I-I think it wasn't that bad, at least I won't be as clueless as I venture the wilds in the future. Yah! Correct, correct, this kind of information is really really helpful'. He justifiably said while talking in his mind with a rigid -and if ever a- face full of sweat.

Miraculously, that sense of danger, as if he was about to be skinned and boiled alive vanished into thin air. 

In this way, Merge had begun his life of recollecting his pasts, all he had done, had studied, encountered, and experienced. Sometimes his wisdom would go up tremendously in a day, and sometimes there were moments that only zero point one would be the increase within two and a half days. Time passed by and as these two egglings trained themselves for their unpredictable future.

A sinister energy started manifesting at the South.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Miles away from the simple abode of the sanctuary, a brewing sinister group begging for power were slowly being cooked and prepared. Six people encircling some kind of ritual in a remote location of Wick forests. With unknown symbols, old and ominous. A cloud of wailing souls and screaming banshees emerged from within. And as it slowly floated, upwards it came and into their heads stopped. The screaming stopped, and the wailing wavered in momentum. 

They slowly raised their hands and spoke in an incoherent language lost to mankind. And as their voice slowly faded away, a single bead glistening in hue of black and red floated 
In front of each of them. As they stopped all movements and sound, so begun another sort of evillry. As countless sounds of animals, monster and beasts alike one by one wailed and screamed just outside their hut hidden within a small crevice of a cliff.

Their sacrifice was done, and they could only do so as it would be detrimental to their task to sacrifice people, as lovely as that sounds would be.

The next phase started.

Clouds after clouds swirl at the center of the formation and a few seconds later, it entered the beads as it slowly ate the vitality it absorbs from their willing sacrifice.

Afterwards, these beads slowly entered each of their foreheads hidden inside their hooded face, with their bodies cloaked in a dark and wavy structure of an enchanted skin of Leafian Unicorns of the South.

The ritual was done.

If a person could only see, one might have probably noticed that one of the figure had a different structure of cloak, though it was practically the same as the other, it had a distinct Aura and majesty. Though the cloak itself was practically encased in some kind of dark and sinister aura, there were still some lingering attachment, not of resentment but of a gentle breeze of light, wood, and wind elements. These three types of elements battled with the dark energy, but as they were no longer as powerful as they were part of the lost entity, the power they ones hold was diminished to such an extent they seemed so powerless in front of the might of this intrusive energy. Even then, though how mighty the other either, it still weren't able to fully engulf and assimilate the three remaining attachments of the entity's lingering powers. But as if toyed by their great failure, it wouldn't take long for the dark one to take over the power within.

It was made out of a skin of the king of the Leafian Unicorns. Their majesty, their royalty, were killed and massacred for such a cruel and selfish reason. It was then that this once magnificent and majestic race was pushed into the brink of extinction.

The figure wearing this cloak slowly raised his head, and beneath the hood was a fiery red eyes.

"Let us begin."

He said in a guttural and hoarse voice.

He walked, breaking the formation.

And in each step he took.


Was a sound of pit and pat.

"To the North of Agar,"

And a smell of death and darkness.




And within that hood emerged a row of white teeth with a very sinister smile.