Prologue Part 1: The Beginning of the End
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In the air, sparks flew, as two silhouetted blades struck each other, pulled back and struck each other again. It looked as if it was an intricate dance of shadows as the sounds of metal clanking on metal echoed throughout the grass fields. The rhythm of the strikes and the heat of battle turned the otherwise peaceful area into a bloodthirsty gladiator arena. Against the setting sun and marigold backdrop, the two figures were fighting as equals with no one letting up. The blades were blocked, parried, and deflected. No strike was getting through each other's impenetrable defenses.

The moment a sword was swung, the receiving party already moved to intercept it. The speed of which these two were capable of was remarkable. In other words, it was inhuman. In the span of not even a second at least five strikes drowned out the heavy winds that blew across the area.

Both fighters had considerable skill in swordsmanship, and even if they were inhuman, it looked like they still were held back by their stamina. Though they were moving fast enough only to be a shadowy blur, their movements were starting to become irregularly sloppy. Instead of the clean, concise swings, the shadows were beginning to tremble and waver. It was only a matter of time before one of the two figures met their fate by their opponent's hand.

After one last flurry of strikes, both figures pulled back and decided to partake in a standstill. A long blonde haired crimson eyed girl who looked to be in her teenage years was heaving as sweat trailed off her forehead and fell towards the grass fields. She hovered in the air with glowing transparent wings protruding from her backside. She clutched onto a sword with her right hand, and in her left, she wore a gold bracelet with a red gem embedded into it.

Meanwhile, the other figure was a man who looked to be in his 20's. He hovered opposite and gripped his blade with both hands. He had chiseled features and the face of a handsome man with beautiful flowing black hair to boot. His gray eyes were only focused on one thing at the moment, and that was the sword-wielding girl in front of him. Sparkling Transparent wings were also protruding from his backside, and he smiled as he noticed the sweat running along his face.

"You've come a long way, Brier. I didn't think I'd have so much trouble. You might pass the rite of passage on the first try."

"That's what I'm trying to do. It's better than being stuck in this world all day I guess", said Brier with a charming smirk.

"We're in the final bout of this fight. How about we give up our swords and use our specialties", said the man.

The man then threw his sword towards the ground, and the gem on his ears started to glow gray. The gem on the earrings sported some similarities to the gem on Brier's bracelet, and the only essential difference was the color.

"Xeroso Lumina Artosh"

A bright beam of light came out from within his body, and in a matter of seconds, it formed into a gold trident that could have been the embodiment of the sun itself. It was shining in such a way that there was no doubt the trident was not his best weapon. The man then clutched it with both hands and spun it around, before making a finishing pose with the sharp tips directed at Brier.

Brier was not in the least intimidated and instead she just arched her lips into a smirk and threw her blade towards the ground. She then propped out her considerably sized chest, and with her hands behind her back she said,

"I've worked up quite a sweat with the foreplay. I was wondering when you would whip out that big boy weapon of yours, Master Zatark."

Perhaps this was one way to lower her opponent's guard, or rather Brier knew that although Zatark was a master in the art of combat, he had little experience when it came to women. Zatark didn't look much older than Brier, but this was probably due to their inhuman like attributes. His features didn't portray his actual age, but rather it was the way he spoke and the way he carried himself.

With flushed cheeks Master Zatark said,

"What blasphemy are you speaking of during such an important test, young candidate. Are you even taking this challenge seriously?"

Even though this was an important test, Bree knew that in her heart, this might have also been one of the final times she would ever see her master again. This was more than just a test to her; this was her graduation exam from being a student. Bree had known Master Zatark ever since she was a little girl and thus she knew him inside and out. She knew that he was very wise, but she also knew that he was very innocent and that would be his downfall one day. If she passed this exam, their relationship would be to respect each other as equals, so she wanted to act as his student one last time.

With a grin, Bree then winked and said,

"Tee-Hee, Looks like I got you a bit worked up Master Zatark. Don't be too rough on me now ok?"

Brier then chanted out the incantation, "Xeroso Lumina Artosh."

Master Zantark unaware of Brier's true feelings towards him, had no time to be self-conscious. Even if his opponent was a conniving, manipulative, and devious woman, Master Zantark had to carry on with dignity. Instead of being flustered by Brier's words and actions, he stood there still eyed and readied his trident. He was still the master after all, and there was no way he was going to let a student get the better of him.

"Thunderaga," said Master Zantark.

The orange of the sunset lit backdrop then turned into a bleak gray as the clouds enveloped the whole sky. No rain was dropping from the clouds, but they were quaking and rumbling. At the command of Master Zantark, they were ready to explode at any moment. Flashes of light could be seen within the clouds, showing that the lightning stored within it could kill on a single strike. 

The red gem on her bracelet glowed, and a beam of light came out of Brier's body. Two crossbows then formed from the light. The crossbows were white with golden accents and a golden trigger. There were various unknown characters etched on to the bow itself. Brier then grabbed onto the two crossbows, placed her index finger on the trigger and with that the final battle truly has begun.