Prologue Part 2: The Twisted Tempests
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With a flap of her wings, Brier flew in every direction possible to distract her opponent, as she readied her crossbows and imbued them with her magic.

"Elemento Formé Firo," Brier chanted that under her breath, as soft as a mother's lullaby.

A red magic circle with the sigil of a flame then appeared above the crossbows. The crossbow had changed from white to red as the magic circle traversed down. It was as if the gun was stained by the red blood of Brier's enemies, but it still retained the beautiful golden accents and trigger.

"Why did she use fire elemental magic? Against my rain and lightning, it seems quite problematic for her."

Master Zatark pondered the thought of such illogical decisions, but he kept a poker face for Brier to not gain an advantage during his lapse of curiosity and uncertainty.

Brier then pointed her bow guns towards the sky and pulled the trigger, while chanting.

"Fi-né Firo Finalé!"

Comparable to a flame thrower, Brier's fire magic took the form of 1000 oriental dragons as her flames descended from the skies and began to leave everything in ruins. The grasslands were scorched, and the fire was incinerating everything in its wake as it ran along the ground. An updraft of heat then formed from the burning of old age wood and the destruction of nature. If Master Zatark's clouds painted the sky gray, then the smoke from Brier's fire painted the atmosphere pitch black.

If it weren't for both of Zatark's and Bree's glowing eyes, they would not be able to continue this epic battle. Perhaps, it was a form of night vision, but their eyes allowed them to fight even in the murkiest and darkest of places.

All of Brier's efforts would prove useless though because, amidst the smoke, Master Zatark formed a protective white aura around himself that nullified all magic. Brier was heaving after expanding so much of her mana on a single attack.

Even so, she didn't even bat an eye after seeing Master Zatark survive unscathed. Instead, she just smirked and regained her composure for the imminent attacks of Master Zatark. There was no fear in her eyes, but maybe that was because she was just an idiot. Even though it looked liked like she was facing something beyond her ability, she didn't want to give up. That was perhaps her greatest strength and yet her greatest weakness.

"Wow, You're really good Master Zatark, I didn't expect you actually to come out in one piece. I guess you're stronger than you look Heh-heh."

She said that with one of her hands scratching the back of her head.

In response to that Master Zatark said,

"I have to say I'm disappointed with the amount of output that final attack of yours had. I don't think this fight will be challenging after all."

Contrary to what he just said, Master Zatark was really enjoying this exam. The way he wielded his spear lacked the brutality and ruthlessness that he showed to his enemies. Yet, his spear had not lost its ferocity nor hunger that it had towards battle. Even if this was not a fight to the death, Master Zatark didn't want to lose. His heart was burning with pure passion as he raised his trident and then commanded the clouds to burst. Rain then started to drip from the sky and drowned out the carnivorous fire eating away at the meat of the land. Steam formed from the remaining dying embers and joined along with the smoke. The environment turned into a mixture of black, white, and gray.

Brier hovered in the air, as the rain bounced off her protective armor. Her gold hair was drenched, but she had no time to worry about small inconveniences. Master Zatark was firing lightning bolts from the clouds consecutively, not even giving a second for Brier to catch her breath. The mana pool that he was capable of wielding was on an entirely different level than Brier's. The minute she air hopped backward to avoid a lightning bolt; another one was waiting for her. Quick footwork was needed to avoid a lethal strike, and sometimes she even had to do air maneuvers to protect herself. From flying backflips to sharp turns, Brier was at a disadvantage always being on the defensive. Even her weapons of choice were not ideal, as she didn't have time to concentrate and aim her fire imbued spirit arrows.

Brier was flapping her transparent wings of light and dodged each lightning strike swiftly, trying her best to ignore the roaring thunder behind her. While fighting with a blade, Brier felt that the two were evenly matched, but now that magic was involved Brier could see why the person before her was granted the title of master.

Hovering in the middle of the air, Master Zatark was like a powerful chess master. The clouds that ate the sky were his pieces, and it allowed him to stay from the sidelines and fight without breaking a sweat. Physical prowess wasn't needed, and instead, Master Zatark's fighting style was depended on one's mental strength. He needed to concentrate on his mana to keep all the clouds in place, while simultaneously analyzing the battlefield.

He had to summon his lightning in ways that would cause his opponent to react to it, in the way he predicted them too. In other words, Master Zatark had to anticipate his opponent's future moves for his lightning to be viable. This was not an issue though, because Master Zatark had honed and perfected this technique in the many millennia he had lived. He had the utmost confidence in his perfected technique and knew that this was not only the ultimate defense, but it was also the ultimate offense too. His opponent couldn't get near enough to him to hurt him, and if a lightning bolt struck then the match would over in an instant.

Even so with this technique in place, Master Zatark was not even fighting at his full power. This was a rite of passage exam, so the only objective was to gauge the candidate's overall abilities. Brier was the latest candidate to face the rite of passage, and Zatark knew that if she could find a way to overcome his lightning, she would too be granted the title of master herself.

Though as it looked in the moment, Brier was far from meeting Zatark's expectations. In the many millennia that Zatark administered this test, the candidates found a way to either nullify the lightning or outspeed it. In Zatark's eyes, Brier was capable of neither. She was not adept in defensive magic, and her speed was draining quickly from dodging all of the lightning bolts. However, In an otherwise unforeseen turn of events, Master Zatark watched as Brier shouted,

"Elemento Formé Vénto!"

A green magic circle with the sigil of wind in it then traversed down her crossbows and turned it gold and green, like the shade of a spring leaf with golden accents.

"First Fire Magic then Wind Magic, what is this girl thinking? Fire and Wind against my rain and lightning. What is she trying to accomplish with such impudence?"

Master Zatark couldn't comprehend what was going on, but he had a hunch Brier was up to something. Zatark knew better than anyone that even though Brier was clumsy and ditsy, there was no way that Brier would fail on purpose. Even if the fire magic was a slip-up, there was no way Brier was going to mess up twice in such an important exam. Then, at last, something went off in Zantark's head, and he could only respond with,

"You sly little girl."

The realization came too late, and as Brier shot her wind imbued spirit arrows into the clouds. The clouds started to twist and turn until they became tornadoes. Master Zatark no longer held control of the clouds, as their form was now too wild to be contained. The mana in the clouds was so unstable that Master Zatark couldn't even de-cast his incantation. The tornadoes wreaked havoc on the already charred land pulling dirt from the ground and decimating everything in the vicinity. Though this was an issue, and Zatark knew that a mountain of paperwork detailing all the damage done was waiting for him, he couldn't help but be proud. Master Zatark looked in front of him at the women that Brier had become while remembering all those years prior when she was still just a little girl playing pranks in his classes. Though unprecedented and unconventional, this method of turning the clouds into tornadoes did qualify as a mark of mastery.

Against the raging gusts of wind and twisted tempests, Master Zatark declared then and there,

"From this day henceforth, La Brier Stellar, you are a 'Death Watcher'"