Prologue Part 4: A Scene out of Hell
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"Life, Spirit, and Soul. These three elements make up both humans and angels. Though it is what makes up our being, it is also the reason why our pain exists."

Brier heard these words in Master Zatark's voice, as she stood in a plaza and viewed the carnage that was laid before her eyes. Bodies of dead angels and puddles of blood littered the ground. Swords, daggers, and knives were impaled into their limp figures, and their eyeballs were pure white. Their mouths were agape, and just by looking at them, it would seem that you could hear their final agonizing screams. The walls of the homes were dyed red from blood, and the stench of burning flesh lingered in the air. In the distance, the night sky was pitch black due to the rampaging fire smoking up the entire plaza. Brier had her both hands over her mouth, and her eyes were unable to blink in the face of sheer suffering.

Brier was only simply observing a memory, but everything felt real. The heat of the fire brushed against her snow-white skin, and she could feel her leather boots making contact with the puddles of blood. When Brier tried to remove an impaled weapon out of a carcass, her fingers went right through the hilt of the weapon. It turned out her body was transparent as a ghost, as she looked at the hilt of an ax extending out of her palm. Brier then stumbled backward as she became aware of her inability to help those who suffer at this time. When Master Zatark started the memory transferring ritual by placing his index finger on her head, Brier wasn't expecting this to be the memory. Her master's actions were too sudden and had caught her off guard. However, Brier did have an idea as to why her master wanted her to see this memory though.

"I-Is this what Master wanted to show me? Is this the night of the Arch Massacre?"


Brier heard a blood-curdling scream in the distance and then sprinted towards its direction. She navigated past the mutilated bodies of men, women, and even children. No one was spared in this hellish scene. Coming into her line of sight was the view of a teenage Master Zatark. There was a spear lodged into his shoulder, and his knees were trembling from the pain. Standing adjacent from him was a young man with similar features to Zatark. The only key difference was their hair color. Zatark had wavy black hair, while the other man had brunette hair.

"Either join with me brother or die where you stand."

"Have you gone mad Zarak? We're supposed to keep the balance, not destroy it."

"Times are changing. Our God has done nothing for us except enslave us."

Zatark then heaved and then pulled the bloodied spear from his shoulder. He pointed it at Zarak and said,

"I may not be as strong or as skilled as you, but I will never join you. As long as blood still runs through these veins, I will stop you."

Zarak then smirked and laughed mechanically.

"How? I already took the lifespan of my first human. I have transcended beyond what you lowly slaves are capable of. After I'm done here with you, I'll go back down to earth, take my place as Earth's ruler and finally be free."

"You talk about freedom, but did you even give those humans the freedom to choose whether to live or die? You are nothing, but a thief and a hypocrite Zarak. You broke the ultimate taboo and stole a human's life span. That is a sin that even our God won't forgive."

"I have no god", said Zarak.

Zarak then clenched his fist and blinked. His irises changed color and became pure black. Black transparent wings sprouted from his back, and he was shrouded in an aura of dark energy. His fingers nails had sharpened into claws, and his teeth had become rough and jagged.

Brier watched the transformation half in awe and half in fear.

"Is this the power of an Overshadow? I-I-It's overwhelming."

Brier knew that if this was what was waiting for her on earth, she would have to train even harder. As much as she wanted to jump in and help her master, her transparent hands reminded her that she was nothing more than an observer in a memory.

Zarak's speed was incredible and was at least ten times faster than Brier's own. The only thing that could be seen were Zarak's after images. Zatark took blow after blow and was getting beaten down from almost every direction. He didn't even have the opportunity to protect himself. There was blood dripping out of his lips, nose, and even his ears. Zatark was outclassed in every way. Zarak then grabbed Zatark by the collar of the shirt and threw him through an abandoned home. In the rubble, Zatark tried to get back up, but Zarak swiftly flew to him and kicked him back down. Zarak then noticed the spear Zatark dropped and grabbed it.

"Didn't you say you would stop me? Where's that fight in you from a few minutes ago?"

Zarak then pointed the bloodied tip of the spear between Zatark's eyes and said,

"Well brother, I gave you an option because of our familial ties, but it seems there really is no other choice now than to kill you."

Zatark was on the ground, numb from the pain and his eyes were half shut from exhaustion. His body had been battered and bruised to their limits. The bones in his body had been shattered, and he could feel the jagged fragments rubbing against his inner skin. With the sharp tip of a spear dangling in front of his eyes, Zatark wished that the killing blow would be fast and swift. More then anything though, he hoped that the people he loved would be safe. 

Brier was breathless as she watched the scene unfold. The destruction of the world around her disappeared and became a field of white. The only people that existed in her mind now were Zatark, Zarak, and herself.


Before her body even realized it, her legs had already sprinted. Even though this was a memory, the second Zarak began to thrust his spear, Brier ran. She placed herself in front of the jagged bloodied tip and spread out her entire body as a shield. Brier closed her eyes because she didn't want to see what was about to happen. She was powerless to stop anything, and she knew it. Even though she was expecting a painful scream, what she heard instead was a soft grunt. Defying her expectations, she opened her eyes and noticed that her transparent spread out body had overlapped with another figure.

Zatark was still on the ground, but his eyes were wide as he noticed the tip of the spear extending out the body of a male angel, who had taken the blow for him. The blood that flowed out stained an academy uniform that was meant to train warrior angels.

Zarak was a bit startled, at the sudden arrival of this new angel and said,

"What the? You were supposed to be killed during the academy invasion."

The mysterious newcomer with a spear lodged in his gut just smirked and then yelled.


In the rubble of an abandoned home, two more figures appeared behind Zarak and thrust-ed their swords into where his lungs would be.

Brier watched as Zarak's blood dripped and then mixed with the blood of the mysterious angel's.

Time was at a standstill, and then Zarak fell to his knees.

In the wake of the night, a victor had finally been decided.