Chapter 1: Neil Dameson, The Most Arrogant Ceo In Training
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"Sir, we urge you to reconsider your decision."

"If you buy all these stocks now, hundreds if not thousands of workers will lose their jobs."

My financial advisers were of the atypical type. Normally, shouldn't a company's goal be to promote its own success? Having a heart for other companies would be the biggest weakness for anyone in the field of business.

"What's your point? All I wanted to know was who here disagrees with me?"

One hand slowly rose up, shaking and trembling.

I looked at this daring adviser dead in the eye and said, "Wrong choice. I guess now I got to fire you. Go collect your belongings, you're nothing but an eyesore."

"But sir, he was just stating his opinion." The other adviser came in to defend him; probably because he wanted to protect their camaraderie.

I drew my mind to a blank and tapped my pen on the table, to make it seem like I actually put some effort into thinking about it.

"You're right. I can't fire such an excellent helper, so I'll fire you instead. Get out."

He just sat there in silence with his lips glued and tongue speechless. It took me by surprise, but the first adviser who disagreed with me spoke up and said, "Sir, with all due respect, we can't perform our duties without the other."

How should I respond to this? I mean I already fired the first guy and now his friend is coming in to defend him. It'll probably be easier to fire them both since I have better things to do than be in an endless squabble for the rest of the day.

This was my favorite part about this job: I got to fire people as I pleased. To me, they were just ants that I could squash at any time. I looked at both them straight in the eyes, making sure that my gaze pierced their soul and put fear into their hearts.

"You're both fired. I can't spare any more of my energy on worthless lots like yourself"

It's not like I wanted to fire them. They were more competent than the previous employees, but they disagreed with me and I was on a race against the clock. My father, the CEO of the Dameson Financial group, gave me ten million dollars for my 18th birthday. The only condition was that I return the same amount to him the following year. He was most likely trying to test my ability to see what I would do, being ten million dollars in debt. This was no big deal, for someone as esteemed as me. After all, I was going to be the next CEO so if I couldn't take care of this problem then I wouldn't be worthy of the Dameson name.

I spent my days after school in one of the company's extra rooms learning the family business. The main agenda today was to manage the small companies I purchased large portions of. I didn't own them completely of course, but I bought just enough stocks in every small company to become a majority shareholder. This meant I had the ability to influence the company from directly within and I could even take it over if it came to that.

The advisers then grabbed the signed documents I placed on the table and left the room. They both had a look of frustration on their face with their eyebrows twitching and their faces turning red, fuming with anger. That didn't matter to me though, because now I was left alone to bask in the glory of my amazing decision making. A smirk came about on my face as I sat on the CEO chair. I rested my hands behind my neck and stretched my legs on the table.

"In only one week, I managed to make more than double of what I owed to my father. Man, this feels great."

The process was a fairly simple one. All I did was use my voting rights to replace people with machines where it could be done. Then I made some of the board of directors vote with me to sell unnecessary assets in the company and split the profits. 

Finally, I used my family's connections and convinced the board of directors vote to sell the company to a bigger corporation, so we could pocket the money. The end result of this was that many were going to lose their jobs, but the only thing that mattered to me were numbers and how much I could earn.

Looking at the signature on the copies of the contract, I was practically ready to pump my fists in the air, but that would be undignified for a brilliant individual such as myself. I mean, I expected nothing other than success. School, sports, music, and art, there was almost nothing that I didn't excel in. I earned the right to be arrogant, not because of my wealth or status, but because life was a trivial game of chess where I had no equal in terms of skill.

Meeting with my advisers was the final duty I had for the day, so I decided to pack up all of my things. After placing my copies of the contract into my backpack, I walked out of the business room and out to the main entrance of the company building. I always took the stairs down, even though they were damp, dark, and cramped. Something about elevators just never sat right with me. The idea of being stuck in one was unpleasant.

I walked out of the building and the summer heat came, engulfing me in its scorching blanket. Moving from an air-conditioned room to the extreme southern humidity was something that I could never get used to. Life in the country was hard to adjust to as well since there was only one main city. The commute from the city to the school dormitories was at least thirty minutes to an hour.

I had no choice in this matter, considering I had to change schools due to a scandal. Apparently, sleeping with your teacher was not appropriate and is an act deemed inexcusable by the school. At an all-boys school like that, how could I not have gone for it? Especially when she was a 10/10 model. When all was said and done, the school really does know how to pick them. I guess charming her up was a challenge, but when you're a millionaire anything was possible. 

It goes without saying that what I did should be severely punished, but I was let off with a mild warning.

 With the Dameson Family name, I was untouchable, or so I thought. Before I knew it, my father sent me down here into hillbilly territory. He thought that being in the country would shape me into a better person.

I made it just as far as the town bridge before my school uniform started sticking to my sweaty body and my dry throat was yearning for a glass of water.

I looked at the scenery around me, and everything annoyed me. I hated how humid this town was, I hated how small it was, and most importantly I hated how nothing ever happens here. I hung my hands over the bridge railing and heaved a long sigh, as I said,

"I only have a couple more months in this remote town before I finally graduate and leave."