Chapter 3: What? Neil Has a New Friend?
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"Let's be friends."

A strange girl appeared in front of me today offering companionship, but I couldn't care less about trivial things like friendship, especially since just a moment ago, she was a walking death machine. I stared at her with contempt, a little taken back from her sudden question. The summer sunset had painted the skylight pink, with the sun just halfway across the horizon. More bystanders passed by through the town road, on their way home and the sort. We stood on the town bridge that connected the neighboring houses to the main city and she smiled as she waited for my response. Her pale cheeks turning red from the heat of the sun.

"Hold up. I can't just become friends with just anyone, it would hurt my family's reputation."

The girl then formed her fingers into the shape of a gun and pretended to shoot me,

"Bang. It feels like a shot to the heart when you say stuff like that, Neil".

Neil, that's my name, but how did she find out? Was she a stalker? A billion questions raced through my mind as I stood there half-pissed and half-enthralled. I wanted to know how much information she had on me.

"So you got my name, huh. That's nothing but common knowledge, I mean what else could you possibly know about me?"

I wish I hadn't asked because she started to run her mouth nonstop, like a dog that didn't know how to stop yapping.

"Currently enrolled at Larkson Academy, Neil Dameson, born Neil Vu. You were adopted from Vietnam at the age of 5 and then made into the sole heir of the Dameson Financial group. You weighed 5 pounds and 6 ounces at birth, your blood type is O+, and when you were 7, you couldn't hold in your bladder at Wisney Land and -----".

"That's enough."

That was where I interjected, I couldn't have the world know about my embarrassing childhood memories. This girl was an S Class stalker. Sure she would have known my name and school if she did a simple google search on my father and his company, but to find out about my embarrassing childhood would be impossible.

"Well, you've certainly done your research, you stalker."

"Well, I guess I'm a bit of stalker. I've read everything I need to know about you from your profile"

This girl was shameless. Who in their right minds would admit to the person that they were stalking that they were stalking him? This girl sounded like a bit of an airhead, but I had more important issues on my mind.

"My profile? How and where would you get a hold of something like that?"

With a sigh, the girl snapped her finger and made a folder appear in her hands, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I wasn't sure of what to be astonished about more: the fact that there was a thick folder containing all my life details or the fact that she made the folder appear out of thin air.

"That's a magic trick, right? I'm not seeing things?"

"It is magic, but it's no trick. My name used to be La Brier Stellar, but now you can just call me Bree. Nice to make your acquaintance"

"Uh, that's a unique name."

Inside my mind though, I couldn't help but laugh. I had never heard of such a stupid name before. I know rich people had ridiculous last names, but this is one is just sad.

"Good grief, it's not nice to insult people's names, Neil. I can read minds too you know, my magic can do more than a thing or two."

This girl was getting more strange by the second. Was she a real magician? If so, does that mean magic is real? And if magic was real, does that mean she's really human? My mind was spinning in circles trying to make some sense out of this situation. I started to be consumed with unanswered questions, and I didn't even notice when she took off her gold bracelet and placed it on my wrist.

"Wait, why the hell did you give me this cheap piece of jewelry?"

I tried to take it off, but it felt like it was glued on. The engravings on it looked foreign, and I couldn't tell what type of language it was as it appeared to be a cross between Japanese Kanji and Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

"This commoner trash won't come off, what the hell is it made of?"

"I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but what you're wearing is not 'commoner trash'. It's made of Angelic Gold, one of the most powerful magical substances in the realm, Radina"

Radina? Usually realm meant another world, so was this crazy girl actually from another world? I couldn't shake this feeling of uneasiness away, something about this situation was about to turn sour, and as if by fate, my instincts told me that my life would never be the same after meeting this girl.

A ringing sound came into my eardrums, followed by a jolt to my brain. This was one of the worst headaches I had ever come across. I slammed my palm up to my forehead and gripped my hair, waiting for the pain to subside. My vision blurred and I saw myself unexplainably tearing away from my physical body. A white light then surrounded my astral projection and it started to drag up me up. I had no choice in the matter, considering I couldn't even move my body.

Through the clouds, through the stars, and finally at the edge of the universe, I was moving at a speed that was insurmountable. The beauty of the universe was breathtaking. All my life I thought of stars as tiny dots, but now I see that they were almost as glistening and beautiful as me. I drifted within that backlit scenery for what seemed like an eternity. Even though the pace that I was traveling across the universe was great, the vastness of space seemed to stretched towards infinity. I thought that I was stuck in an endless loop until, finally, in the distance I could see a big white door. It was creaking as it opened and the closer I got to the doors, the more spread out the doors became. It was for a mere moment, but when my transparent form shot through the door as a beam of light I experienced visions of the past, of the future, of other worlds, of answers to any question I could think of, all the while hearing a soft murmuring in the background.

"You will pay the cost with your life"

I didn't know what happened next, as I blacked out from all the knowledge being pushed into my mind. Everything around me was enveloped in darkness, I was alone in a world devoid of any light. This feeling of emptiness felt strange. For once I had nothing on my mind; I was at peace. I didn't want to leave this world, but my left hand then started to illuminate the darkness, the bracelet that Bree placed on me, started to bring color back into this empty void. I then saw myself disappearing from the bottom up, my body dissipating into specks of dust. The next thing I knew, I was standing on the town bridge again.

"What the? D-Did I just Die?"