Chapter 9: Neil’s Tutorial Level, Cleared!
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I wondered just how long would my divine oracle ability be out of commission for, but it was better this way. The inside of my skull was throbbing and pulsating every second, and if the ability had worked, I guess my head would explode because of knowledge. I guess any question I had, Bree could answer or try to at least.

Her eyes glimmered as she licked her lips and glanced down at my hands. As if second nature I hid them behind my back. Putting my hands behind my back didn't seem to work though. Her eyes just trailed to where she thought my hands would be.

"Hey, Hey, my eyes are up here, what am I? just a piece of meat to you?"

"My bad, my bad I just couldn't resist, but all you have to do to get rid of the numbers is to take the bracelet off. It's pretty simple."

Maybe it was simple to her, but the stupid thing wouldn't come off no matter how hard I tugged on it. Perhaps there was some sort of password or key term. Though that seemed to be unlikely Damn, am I going to be stuck seeing these numbers forever.

Reluctantly I held out the hand with the bracelet on it and shot Bree a glare.

"Take it off for me. Just know if you try anything, I'm going to smack you."

Bree's eyes glistened once again, and she licked her lips

"Well if you insist. I'll indulge myself a little."

This seemed to be a bad idea, but it was the only thing I could think of. I mean who better to take off a supposedly magical item than a girl who was supposedly an angel. The quicker this thing was off, the faster I can get some normalcy in my life. Ah yes, by tomorrow I'll be back in my office chair.

Just then the prospect of any sense of normalcy faded away. I felt my hand was about to be torn off.

A jolt shook my entire arm, as Bree tried to pry the bracelet off. Her cheeks were puffed up as she used all of her strength to try to help me. Though to say that it helped was a bit of a stretch.

"Hey lay off will you, I actually intend to go home with both hands today."

Bree stopped tugging for a moment, placed a finger on her lips and eyed me with a devilish stare. Her lips began to arch up in a smirk as if she had just thought of something fiendish.

"Well if I ripped off your hand, you'd get the bracelet off, and I'd get an arm to cuddle with. It's a win-win don't you think?"

When she said she had a hand fetish earlier, I didn't think she was actually serious...

Needless to say, I didn't think it was a win-win situation. Seeing how determined she was to gain an arm at my own expense, I shook her off and placed my hands behind my back again. I thought she said the bracelet was easy to take off, but I guess she overestimated herself a bit. Even so, I wanted the damn thing off, and I was reaching the end of my patience.

The townspeople watched the scene unfold before them and didn't know whether we were a romantic couple or just a couple of idiots. With the way, she's acting it was probably the latter. Steven then walked towards me and nudged my side.

I glanced over to the floor, and his father was still cold asleep. Wow, could I even have punched that hard? I looked at the gold bracelet and realized that it was probably its effect. The powers of an angel were genuinely devastating. I guess I could worry about taking it off at another time.

Thanks to Steven I remembered that I had to take care of the business of Steven's father. I had to separate them, to save Steven's life. At that moment the only idea I could think of turning over Steven to another family member.

"Hey Kid, you got any other family members, besides your dad."

"I got a mom, but I haven't seen her ever since my parents got a divorce."

My reaction to hearing Steven say that was how in the world did the court give custody of Steven over to his father. The man lying limp less on the floor was the opposite of caring. He tried to hurt Steven, not just a mere 5 minutes ago.

I placed my hand on Steven's hair and ruffled it,

"Well, the good news is I'll try to find a way for you to be with your mom again."

Steven grinned when he heard that, I told him to wait a while as I called the cops to detain his father, for public intoxication. After calling the police, I used my family connections and dug up information about Steven's father and found the contact information of his Ex-wife. I then called her and explained Steven's entire abusive situation, to which she said she would be coming down in an instant. Over the phone, I could hear her trembling a little, but her tone was a happy one. She must not have been able to see Steven for a long time.

Since things were dying down the townspeople started to go back to their daily lives, and that was for the best. The town must have really been boring, because every time something happened today, the townspeople were the first to eavesdrop. In my opinion, they were no better than the paparazzi that hounds my father whenever he goes out into public.

With the remaining time, we had left I decided I had to make good on the promise I made with Steven. Bree then shot me sideways glance and signaling me that she knew what I was up to. I need to find a way to close my thoughts because having a lack of privacy might come back to bite me in the butt one day.

As I stood beside Steven, Bree tiptoed towards my ear, cupped one of her hands and whispered,

"You're really a softie inside aren't ya? Don't worry your secret's safe with me."

Steven tilted his head and asked, "What are you guys talking about?"

Bree then went back to her normal posture and winked. She then placed one finger on her chin and asked,

"I wonder? What did we talk about Neil?"

She was cheeky, and the whole situation caught me off guard. I could do nothing but scowl with a flushed face. I then looked at Steven with one hand scratching the back of my head and grumbled,

"I-I made a promise with you earlier right? Let's go before your mom gets here. I've always been a man of my word."

Steven then flashed a wide grin and responded with a triumphant

"Let's Go!"

His red zero becoming a white 75 on top of his head, made me just a little bit happy inside. This whole ordeal wasn't all that too exciting. However, it proved to be stressful none the less. The life of a Death Watcher seemed pretty difficult, and I'm sure that there will be more troubling situations to come. The golden bracelet strapped to my wrist had changed my world forever, and the Angel who had given to me was the one responsible.

The golden sunset had become a night sky littered with stars, and as I walked with both Bree and Steven at my sides, I decided to leave all my worries behind for now. Our footsteps echoed amidst the town sidewalks as we walked to the toy store underneath the street lights. The night breeze of the countryside felt refreshing after an exhausting day, and it was the only redeeming quality of this quiet and dull town.

Even though Bree didn't tell me who had sent her to me, I already had a clear picture as to who it could be. His reason for doing so was a bit too extreme though, and where he met this angel was beyond me. The only man to have ever cared enough to make me a better person could only be my father.

CEO Thaddeus Crececento Dameson

I knew that I needed to have a long talk with my father about Bree, the angels, and the Death Watchers, but for now, I should congratulate myself on a job well done.

This entire situation today felt like the beginning of a video game, except with a tough boss to beat. This was the start of many more trials to come, and maybe the normalcy I wished for wouldn't be granted. Even so, I saved a life today. It wasn't too shabby for a CEO in training and in the wake of the evening I muttered under my breath,

"Tutorial level cleared."