Chapter 10: Neil and The Toy Store at Last
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I was a man of my word, as I was taught that at a young age by my father.

His motto was, "If you're going to say something, you better do something about it."

Reluctantly keeping his words to heart, I never made many promises in life. However, the life or death situation today had tied my hands. I realized since I had to keep my word, I may as well keep it in the best way possible. Earlier, Steven asked me if he could buy anything, so I decided to do him one better and bought him everything.

Throughout the whole shopping spree at the toy store, Steven was ecstatic as he pointed to each item he wanted. Whether it was an action figure, the latest video console, or trading cards, I bought him any object that he desired. For Steven, it was probably the best day of his life, but for me, it was a struggle. I tried my best to ignore the lifespans on top of all the other customers' head, but the numbers were flying about and giving me a migraine. 

I thought to myself, If this was what dyslexia was like, then I'm going to start a charity  for it right away when I get home

On the bright side, there were no red numbers, so no one was about to die an unusual death. Thus, no lives needed saving. I rested easy during the shopping spree and heaved a sigh of relief. The only issue I had now was that none of my butlers or "the help," as some would call them was here. I had never gone shopping on my own, and when I went with "the help," they were the ones doing the heavy lifting.

Therefore, I had no other choice, but to settle for the next best thing, which was Bree. I couldn't lower myself to the standards of a commoner and actually pick up the items on the shelves. Instead, I had Bree do most of the work. The process went a little something like this,

Steven would point, I would clap my hands twice, say "Chop, Chop" and Bree would obediently pick up an item and put in the cart. Bree did this with a smile because Steven was here, but she would purposely try to trip me in every aisle we visited. Luckily, I was a master of keeping balance, and her attempts were nothing more than failures. After each time she tried to trip me, she would walk a few steps behind us. I smiled a bit when I heard her click her tongue in frustration each time she failed.

Steven then pointed at a 65-inch flat screen tv that he wanted. Steven's sense of money ethics went out the window earlier when I pulled out a wad of 100 dollar bills from my pocket. It might be a dangerous large sum of cash to carry, but I was never too wary of people robbing me. If it came to it, I would just give them the money and remember their faces. Then I would use my families' private police to hunt them down, convict them, and hire the best legal team in the world to make sure they stay behind bars for a long time. 

In any case, I then signaled Bree to grab the tv box. When Bree was trying to put the 65-inch tv box into the cart, the large box fell on top of her and almost crushed her. For a moment, I stood there and laughed at her expense. This was revenge for all that she put me through today. 

Though eventually I decided to be a saint and lent her a hand. I was just full of good deeds today, but Bree didn't seem to think that way. When she got off the box, her smile was gone, and her lips were pouting. She tilted her head to one side in a huff, and said,

"You could have helped me sooner, you know?"

I then flicked her forehead and said,

"I could say the same to you. Some help you were today. I almost died, because of you and this stupid bracelet."

"Yeow," She then let out a soft whimper of pain and rubbed her forehead.

I didn't mean to flick that hard, but I guess it was going to take some time getting used to the super strength that this bracelet gave me.

While continuing to rub her forehead, she said,

"But you didn't, so you should just let bygones be bygones."

I was appalled by her lack of consideration for my mortality, but I knew arguing with her would be a lost cause. I then continued the shopping spree ignoring her and her attempts to annoy me.

After paying for all of the items, that filled up four carts, we met up with Steven's mom at the store entrance. You could tell the passage of time had done its toll on her, but she was not ugly by any means. For an Asian lady in her mid 30's, she could be quite the looker with some makeup on. Her skin was pale, but not as pale as Bree's and only the beginnings of wrinkles and crows feet were starting to appear on her face. The streets lights shining on us helped highlight her glossy black hair, but it was hard to gauge how beautiful it could be since it was tied up into a bun. On the first glace, it was apparent that she had just finished her shift at work. She came to pick up Steven in the attire of a patissier, and the aroma of freshly baked pies wafted through the air.

Just as I assumed, since Bree had not taken the bracelet off me, I saw numbers floating on top of her head. These numbers indicated her remaining life span, and I was quite relieved to see that the number was white. If there were no unexpected events in her life, she would live for another 50 years. To be honest, I was more relieved at the color of the number, rather than the number itself. I had too much excitement for one day, and if her number was red, I was ready to curse out her entire family. If she was going to die an unnatural death, I did not mind as long as it was far, far away from me.

As expected of a commoner, she had quite the reaction of seeing a long white limousine parked alongside the narrow street. Her eyes blinked twice in disbelief, as her mouth was agape and wide enough for a fly to come through. When she first met up with us at the hood of the luxury automobile, I think she forgot how to breathe for a moment. She stood there listless, and I had to shake her to bring her out of her trance. If seeing one limousine did this to her, I wondered how she would react if she knew a second limousine was on the way...