Chapter 11: Neil Always Keeps His Word
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Before I entered the toy store, I had already called my driver to come to pick me up. However, it turned out that I bought too many items for Steven, and I knew that they would not fit in his mother's car. Thus, I ended up calling for another driver during the shopping spree and decided to have the first driver I called to drop off all of the things I bought at Steven's house. Flaunting my money around like this was normal, well it was normal enough, for the son of a captain of industry. I had spent more money on weekend trips overseas and gifting lavish jewels and to heiresses. Therefore, buying 1/4th of the toy store did not even put a dent in my wallet, and I considered the wad of 100 dollar bills in my pockets to be nothing more than chump change.

Steven then walked over to his mom and excitedly swayed her hand back and forth and said,

"Mom, this guy is so cool. He bought me action figures, video games, and he even got the flat screen tv you wanted."

Steven's mom then asked Steven to go into her car and wait for her, upon hearing the news about the gifts. Steven complied, but he only did so with pouting lips and puffed up cheeks. After Steven went into the car, the remaining three of us just stood there in awkward silence, unaware of how to proceed.

Between the sight of the limousine and the news she had just heard, Steven's mom didn't know how to react.

Then with flushed cheeks and a flustered voice, she said, "W-we c-can't accept all of this."

I knew this situation might happen because after all, nothing is ever free in life. To her, this situation might seem like it was too good to be true like there was a catch to it. It wasn't because she was a commoner, but as long as anyone was human, trust was always hard to come by. There was always a reason, for humans to good deeds for one another, and this situation was no different. I promised Steven that I would buy him anything he wanted to save my own life, and now I was just keeping up with my end of the deal.

I then walked over to the limousine door and opened it, displaying to her all of the items I purchased. I knew it was one thing for her to hear about it, but if she saw it, I don't think she would be able to resist. After all, it was human nature always to want more. The minute her eyes came into contact with the flat screen tv, her brown irises sparkled, and her mouth started to salivate.

I saw the way her hand trembled in excitement, and I knew that I had already won her over. Now all I had to was to convince her to take the tv and the rest of the items.

"Don't worry about the money. The Dameson Corporation has already been starting charities for underprivileged and abused kids. When I saw Steven's situation with his father, I couldn't help by want to ease the pain that he's been through."

Bree then shot me a smirk that implied,

And whose partially responsible for that abuse?

I knew that it was somewhat my fault for firing Steven's dad, but the fact that she had to rub it in was really annoying.

Putting my own feelings of irritation aside, I then went back to paying attention to the topic on hand. Steven's mom's body shook with a sudden jolt upon hearing the Dameson name.

"You can't mean 'The Dameson Corporation?' The single most influential company in the whole world."

I politely nodded my head and said,

"I'm sorry for the late introductions, but my name is Neil Dameson, The son of Thaddeus Dameson, and I am next in line for the position of CEO."

She then was about to say something, but it was easy to predict what it was. After all, commoners were simple folk. I practically always had them in the palm of my hands, as seen earlier when I got all of them to turn on Steven. Therefore, I already knew what she was going to say was,

Oh, what a good thing for the Damesons to do, and you are such a kind young man for thinking of others

There was absolutely no way that she was going to say anything else besides that.

Then it hit...

"Sorry, but my answer is still the same as before. I can't take any of your gifts."

I didn't know what type of face I was making, but in my head, I was thinking,


I tried to compose my inner emotions and then with a charming grin I asked,

"May I know the reason for your refusal?"

Compared to how flustered and nervous she was before, Steven's said this in a straight forward manner,

"Well for starters, I don't even know you. It was nice enough that you managed to help Steven regarding the situation with my ex-husband, but the gifts are another matter. Although it is tempting to take you up on your offer, there is nothing I can do to repay you."

Ahh, so this the reason for her refusal. Even though these gifts did not mean much to me, I underestimated the level of the pride of commoners. It was true that she would not be able to repay me for these gifts, so I had to think a way that she could. I wracked my brain, and in the spur of the moment, I had come up with a perfect idea.

"Well how about, we don't think of the items of gifts, but rather as incentives? Starting right now, I would like to have Steven enrolled in our companies scholarship program. We'll put him in the best schools on the conditions that he keeps his grades up. Then when he gets older, he can work for us as an intern. Eventually, after graduation from college, we'll give him a job in our company depending on the field he's chosen. The Dameson corporation focuses on many fields, from medicine to electronics, to entertainment. Therefore it's perfect for Steven future. So please take these gifts and take my offer to give Steven a better life."

If my rich status was not enough to make her take these gifts, then the next best thing was to convince her, by giving her a son an offer that she couldn't refuse. There was so much effort that was going into just giving her and Steven's these gifts, but I had to do whatever it took to keep my word to Steven. I have never broken a promise with anyone in this lifetime, and I didn't intend to start now. So please for the love of god just hurry up and take my offers lady!

Steven's mom then said,

"You have a point. However, Before I give you an answer, though, who is that girl with you? She's been rather quiet this entire time?"

That in itself was an excellent question because I didn't know how Bree was related to me either. Was I suppose to tell her that she was an Angel from another world?

Before I could give my response, Bree chimed in and said,

"Oh, me and him are just 'buddies.'"

Steven's mom then heaved a sigh and looked at me with a pitiful expression

"Even rich boys get friend zoned, huh? Young miss, if you go on a date with him, then I'll gladly take Neil's offer. As far as I can tell Neil's a great young man, and you should give him a chance."

Upon hearing Steven's mom's words, I was both dismayed and appalled. A date with this imbecile, I would much rather save the lives of humans with red life spans all day long. Sure Bree was pretty, but she was also pretty crazy. I had enough to deal with on my plate, and I didn't need Bree to make my life any harder than it was at the moment.

I was about to inject and raise my voice, but Bree beat me to the punch and responded with a triumphant,

"Yes, I would love to!"

Steven's mom then smiled and then went over to the driver seat of the limousine and handed the driver a slip of paper. The slip of paper most likely had the address for their home, but I was still feeling defeated at this moment.

Before Steven's mom went to her own car, she told me,

"Well, Neil, I guess we have a deal. Oh, and about my ex-husband, I'll head over to the police station later, so there's nothing left for you to worry about."

She then gave me a wink and then drove away with my white limousine tailing behind her.

Me and Bree then stood there in the cross breeze of the southern night. There was nothing for us to hear, but the sounds of the crickets and the flickering of the old streets lights. Bree then broke this peaceful atmosphere and asked me the question I was dreading the most.

She was standing in front of me, and with both hands behind her back and leaned closer to my face. My eyes met with her crimsons ones and with the most cheeky smile she asked,

"Where should we go on our date?"