Chapter 12: Neil’s Unexpected Guest
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The second limousine had arrived to pick me up, and after rejecting Bree's suggestion for a date, she told me she had some other business to attend to.

With a wink, she waved goodbye to me and sprouted translucent wings of light. Luckily no one was in the vicinity. If a regular person saw a teenage girl sprout wings, I think they would faint from sheer shock.

As she flew off the towards the moonlit night sky, she flashed a grin and said,

"I don't know when I'll see you again, but I'll find you where ever you are. We still have a date to go on hehe."

That was the last thing that I was worried about because I certainly don't have time to think about dates. After all the bracelet Bree gave me was still strapped to my wrist. My life was in constant danger since I was still obligated to do my Death Watcher duties.

Though at this moment, I was able to let out a long sigh at least. Bree's fluttering golden hair was out of sight, and I was able to get a sense of relief at last. Too many things happened today, and I was just happy I was still in one piece. However, now that my actions indeed did affect my life, I needed to be more cautious about what I did to others.

"I guess, I'll rehire the employee that wasn't Steven's father," I muttered this into the silence of the southern night.

After a peaceful car ride, I was now standing in front of a luxurious apartment complex. With the amount of money that my family possessed, purchasing a small house was certainly in the realm of possibility. However, since I was only a high school student in his senior year, I opted to buy out the entire top floor of this complex instead. It was more efficient this way, and it would be easier on the maids when they came to clean it.

After walking up the way to the tenth floor, I decided to catch my breath before sliding my key into the lock. It was fickle of me, but I hated the thoughts of elevators. Where the distaste came from, I do not know, but I would instead make the trek up ten flights of stairs then spend even a single minute in an elevator.

As I twisted the doorknob, I noticed something out of the ordinary. The lights in my apartment were on. This was very odd since the maids were done cleaning earlier during the day. They also never left the electricity on, so this could have only meant one thing.

Something or someone was in my apartment

No one should have the key except my family and the servants. It was way past their working hours, so who could it possibly be? My father was out of the question since he was preparing for an important board of directors meeting.

I took off my dress shoes and placed them on the shoe rack. I then tiptoed across the hardwood flooring in nothing, but my socks. If the intruder couldn't hear me, then I would have the element of surprise on my side. I then reached my hand for the closest weapon that I could find, which was, a green lightsaber that I hung up on the wall...

Sure it wasn't the most threating of weapons, but I was sure that it would get the job done. Also, with my augmented strength from the bracelet, the intruder should be the worried person. If I wasn't careful, I might accidentally kill whoever this person was.

As I tiptoed cautiously farther and farther into my apartment, I could hear the faint sound of running water. It seemed to be coming from my restroom, and I was thinking to myself.

Who the hell takes a bath in the house they're trying to rob

I then carefully made my way towards the closed restroom door. I then slightly twisted the door handle, but as expected, it was locked. I guess I had no choice, but to assault the home intruder the moment they opened the door. Whoever he was, I was going to teach him a lesson about robbing from the Damesons.

The sound of running water then stopped, and I could hear the subtle sounds of footsteps coming towards the door. The apartment complex was equipped with the latest technology, so the lights were clap activated. I then clapped my hands twice to turn off all the lights. If the intruder couldn't see me, then I had a better chance of fending him off. The final step for me to do was to turn on my lightsaber because I needed a source of light.

"Pssshhew," the lightsaber then ignited into a neon green, and now I was ready to take on this foul beast.

I hear could the doorknob twisting in the darkness, and when the door opened, I didn't hesitate to swing as fast as I could. Though mid swing I came to two conclusions.

The first was that the person behind the door was not a "he."

The second was that I made a horrible mistake choosing a lightsaber as my weapon

The feminine figure reflexively dodged my strike and then grabbed my arm. She then flung me across the apartment, with immense strength. Luckily I managed to land on the couch, but If she wanted to kill me, she certainly could. Fearing for my life, I knew that I had to settle the issues with words and not violence. I then clapped my trembling hands twice to turn the lights on and said,

"Even though you broke into my house, I think we can settle our differences. I won't press any charges, so why don't we just settle down."

After getting off of the couch, my eyes met with the eyes of the stranger, but they were eyes that I had already seen before. It was rare for anyone to possess crimson red eyes, and I knew that they could only belong to Bree.

"Bree? Is that you?" I said.

"N-N-Neil?" Bree stuttered.

She was the one who was surprising me all day today, so it felt a little satisfying to see her a bit shaken up.

She stood there in the middle of the restroom doorway, amidst the steam from the hot bath and she had nothing but a lavender bath towel wrapped around her. The scent of shampoo wafted through the air, and it was quite pleasant. She stood there with her cheeks reddened, though I could not tell whether it was because of the steam or because of sheer embarrassment.

Sure she was brash enough to kiss me in the middle of a crowd, but I bet even she had her limits. I could see the cleavage of her firm breasts pushing against the fabric of the bath towel. I had stumbled across a sight that had burned itself into my mind. She looked so defenseless at this moment, and I knew that her usual cheeky and foxy demeanor was broken.

Or so I thought...

Bree was trembling, but it wasn't out of fear. I could see by the gleam in her eyes that she was excited.

WAIT, WHY WAS SHE EXCITED? I thought to myself.

She then gave a sly grin and did the unthinkable.

She released her hand that was holding the bath towel, and the piece of lavender fabric dropped to the floor with a soft thud.

At the same time, my jaw dropped, and the green lightsaber banged on the hardwood floor.

In front of me, I saw Bree's snow white skin in its full glory. The bath water was still running across her delicate skin, and the scent of shampoo was suddenly alluring. Though the steam from the restroom covered her nipples and genitalia, I was able to see the curves of her waist and her long slender legs. Her supple breasts could fill my entire hand, but it was nothing compared to her voluptuous rear. She may have looked petite, but she certainly had the ideal body parts that any female would die for.

I was in a daze, and my heart was racing at this sight. I thought that this was all the surprises she had for me today, but her next words managed to stop my already pounding heart.

"Hurry and get your clothes off, Neil."