c1- A lucky man
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Let's cut to the chase. I am Osato Yugino, your typical high school boy, and as of now, I'm in heaven; I think some of you might be confused so let me rewind what happened this morning.


I am about to go home with my childhood friend from class, her name is Mei Fukiji, and while we're walking, I ask her if she can study with me, so she's going to my house right now. Wait, wait, wait, calm down, man of cultures. I know what is in your head right now, but it's nothing like that, ok? Though I did say that we're just going to study, I have a hidden motive, and that is to get closer to her so I could confess, but I don't think I can do it as of now, so I'm just going to play safe.

When we got home, we quickly studied.


"Hey, are you really listening?"

"Wh-at? oh, sorry, I'm just thinking about you."

"Yeah yeah, just study."


Did she blush now? Did she fall fo- Nah, maybe I'm overthinking it? I am not dense because my face will be surely become crimson from embarrassment if she did the same to me.


After that she went home, telling her that I'm going to guide her to her house; But I remembered quickly, Mei's house is next to my house so after that I go to my room and sleep.


 I woke up to a bright foggy place, and there is an old man not quite far from me.

ah shit, I know where this situation going to go,


  1. I died in my sleep and going to get reincarnated.
  2. I'm going to be a spider and going to be thrown in a dungeon
  3. die naturally


For now, let’s approach the old man.


"uuh, I died, didn't I?"

" no, you didn't. I'm going to explain it, so pay attention to what I am about to say. Firstly I am the God of creation, and I chose a random name in 7billion+ people in your world, and the name that I grabbed is you."

 "I see... if it's like this, I should have confessed to her that time."

" Calm down. I am not finished talking. Now I will continue; I'm having trouble managing every single world that I created at. First, I thought it was fun, but it not like that when the time went on, it got more troublesome, and you are a god from now on so you can go to your world and come back here by the way which typ-"

"Medieval fantasy."

"hou so you already have an answer, huh, I see then... are you ok with this world?

{ Ehispea

Magic: yes

Races: 9

Monsters: yes}


Let's see. I think this is nice; let's go with this.

" Yes, I want this"

" I see, then it's yours. You can do everything now what you want now. However, please do not abuse it too much because when this world got destroyed, you're going to die because you connected with it. Now then, please enjoy your power moderately."

Just like that the old man disapeared

And this is why I am in heaven. I'm too shocked when he said that I can do anything now, so I am dumbfounded.


Is there a chant or something? Oh, what's that?

I saw a pc in and a chair behind me.


" Why is there a pc in here in all places?"


I turned it on.


"Is this the planet I am going to manage now?"


A planet similar to earth with two moons and a ring on it is displayed on the monitor.


"The blue moon is more significant than the Red moon, there's also a ring on it, and it's so cool. Hm? what's this?


 I noticed that there are letters and a number on the corner of the monitor.


{ Fate points: 0}


"Don't tell me I can't go back without points?"


" I want to go back already!"

The moment I said that, I came back to my bed.

" What the fuck is that just now? It is a dream after all, huh? What a strange dream."


"Fuaaaa. I'm so thirsty I want water."

A glass filled with water appeared in my hands.

"eh? EEHHHHHH!!!!!"