2. “Yeah…of course.”
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Meanwhile, under a forest, Arimane was standing in front of a lake and wore a blank expression as if he was exasperated of something.

A woman was bathing in the lake, and glaring at him with obvious killing intent. That woman had a mesmerizing body, one that could make men fantasize, along with long blond hair and dazing blue eyes glooming in the dark. But at that moment, Arimane was not admiring her looks at all.

"(Yeah... of course... I'm feeling the urge to hit that damn old guy. Seriously, I'm sure he knew when he sent me here… And when I think of his façade, it makes me angrier.)"

The truth is that Arimane felt something was amiss with Azes's attitude. He had met a lot of different types of people in his life, and when he saw the old god, the only word that came to him was 'overbearing'. He seemed dreadful despite his cheerful and childish way of speaking, which really triggered Arimane. There was also the fact that he lied. His attitude in front of Arimane may have been unimportant but the fact that he didn't give Arimane any clear reason for his transmigration wasn't.

Since the moment Azes said that he could have just reincarnated, Arimane was sure that he was hiding the true reason why his soul was retrieved.

Just before leaving that place, he wanted to punch that 'god' in the face just because he was infuriated. Furthermore, there was another lie.

In the first place, who would believe something as stupid as killing a human while playing a game with other gods. When you think about it, a bolt of lightning strong enough to kill him in his house would have to be on a scale the world has never seen before. Still, Arimane didn't think that a God would kill him on purpose, so he kind of let it slide. As a matter of fact, either way, he was dead.

"[I call upon you, the blowing spirits. Jade Blow]." Suddenly the woman's voice disrupted Arima's thoughts.

"(A chant?)" This quickly shifted Arimane's attention back to the situation in hand. He knew what he was facing though, thanks to the knowledge he received upon his arrival. The transfer was very off-putting, but when he heard the chant, he instantly lost any discomfort. He was aware of the threat now.

Without any hesitation, he jumped and rolled to the right and the magic sent by the woman cut a tree behind him. The attack was nearly transparent. If it weren't for Arimane's instincts and the experience he had built throughout his entire life, he would have been cut in half.

"(Compressed wind… is it? I know that women can be easily enraged when they feel exposed but that's a little bit too much right there.)" He sighed and turned his head toward the woman. She already had retreated to the shore and was trying to hide her body with some clothes.

"(Wait, that magic, if I'm not mistaken… interesting?)" Arimane realized something as he analyzed his newly found knowledge.

"Hey…!" He raised his voice to call her but gasped just after. He had been surprised by his brand-new voice. It was young. Much different from when he was still alive. He shook his head and resumed.

"I apologize for this incident, but neither you nor I wanted this. So please don't try to kill me, that would help a lot." He said calmly as if nothing had happened. He was trying to be as much friendly as possible.

At first startled, the woman asked cautiously, "Why should I believe you?"

"Simple," Arimane spread his arms open. "Because if I wanted to, you would already be on the ground." Arimane coldly and slowly said with the same expression. He wasn't bluffing. Although he didn't know much yet about this world, he trusted his abilities and even if he were to be unable to fight this girl head on, he could still assassinate her. In fact, Arimane would never appear like this in front of her if he wanted to harm her.

The woman couldn't help but take a step back. She felt terrified as she sensed the sudden danger. She didn't say anything and began to observe Arimane head to toe. He was approximately 1.9 meters tall and had a sturdy body. He was wearing a long black coat and had, in fact, only plain black clothes on him. But that outfit seemed to be more than just a casual one. His face was neatly arranged, with sharp silver eyes and combed black hair. He seemed to be around twenty-five years old.

"(Although I don't want to admit it, he's handsome. Now the problem is… what do I do? I doubt that what he said earlier is biased arrogance, I can feel a terrifying aura around him. The ominous kind. He said he doesn't want to fight me, but I can't trust him so easily. I'd be dead if I had trusted people so easily in my life. So, do I flee, fight or believe him?)"

"You're an elf, right?" Arima asked out of the blue.

Elves. They happen to be very present in fiction books, back in Arimane's old world. But as of now, he was basing his judgment on the knowledge the god gave him. The elves constitute a strong race. Both women and men are specialists in green magic and additionally, they are the only race who can freely use spiritual magic because they are born and loved by nature.

In the past, humans began to feel envious but also afraid of them. Ultimately, the humans chose to do what they're so talented with; war. They attacked and killed more than three-quarters of the elves. Despite elves being stronger than humans, they were very outnumbered and lost the battle.

And so, the elves became despised and looked down upon and began to be enslaved. Because in addition to their power, elves also are all beautiful, men and women alike. Thus, increasing their value as slaves, particularly for women. However, it's important to know that in this world, elves look exactly like humans. They don't have the long and pointy ears. Right now, Arimane concluded that she was an elf because of the magic she cast, and more precisely, her chant. Also, because most elves do have colorful (or bright) hair such as blue or green, along with blue eyes. The natives of this world can recognize an elf by sensing the spirits around them. But Arimane wasn't used to magic sense so he could only guess.

After Arimane's question, the elven woman looked even more suspiciously at him.

Arimane smiled, "Well, don't mind me too much. I don't want anything from you. I just want you to know that I am not your enemy. So, can you please relax a little? And you're not fully dressed by the way."

The elf rolled her eyes and looked at herself. Embarrassment and anger appeared on her face and she rushed silently behind a big tree to hide. She didn't say anything for a few seconds, then her voice came out from behind the tree.

"…Tell me your name."

Arima laughed and sat on a nearby rock.

"I am Arimane Blade, you can call me Arima. Well… I came here to travel and coincidentally met you." Arima responded.

"I see," The elf appeared beside the tree, fully dressed in a charming green set, staring at Arima. "I'm cautious but … as an elf, I consider myself to be good at judging people. I think you are not so bad, so I'll trust you for now. My name is Lifa Drein."

Arima smiled, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lifa"

"Me too, Arimane." She said courteously. "The spirits probed you and it seems that they trust you. Looks like you have a good soul." Lifa seemed to be a bit more relaxed but remained careful. "I thought humans were only lustful bastards." She didn't hold back her words.

Arima laughed lightly. "Who am I to deny that. Well, I'll admit that you are pretty attractive but it's not like I am some beast and I know how to control myself. Well, if I'd really want to, then I'd have you make the first move."

She blushed. "You're skipping politesse."

Arima laughed and stoop up. "Just a joke. I'm really not that kind of man, and I mean it."

"(Seriously;)" Arima thought. "(I've lived long enough to get past that… and I don't even know if my libido came back with this new body.)"

"Well, I think it's time for me to go," He said.

Lifa sighed and shook her head. "Alright. If we meet again, we should get to know each other. You appear to be someone I can get along with. My sister always encourages interaction with good humans, you see." She seemed to have let her guard down and smiled. Even she was shocked by her own behavior. She perfectly knows that she is not the kind to trust people easily, especially humans. It's not like what she said about her sister was wrong, but she usually is on guards when speaking to any human. But strangely, she almost felt like she should build a connection with that man. Arima turned his back but at that moment, Lifa suddenly thought of something.

"Wait, please." She hailed him.

Arima turned around. "What is it?"

"Uhm, sorry but, can I ask you a favor?"

Arima was a bit surprised. "(Why would she ask me a favor all of a sudden?)" He looked at her for a moment "What kind?"

"I'm actually in the human territory because some elven children were kidnapped and I'm here to bring them back. One of them is a close friend. I would like to ask you; if you find them, would you please save them? That's the favor. Of course, I'll make sure to reward you."

Arima stared silently at her for a few seconds. And she trembled a bit. It was an earnest request, and she had nothing to lose by only asking him.

"Fine, I can do that. You don't need any reward. Don't worry, if I happen to find them, I'll help them. I myself, despise slavery so it'd be an honor to help. And more importantly, we ought to be kind to children, don't we?" He smiled.

Lifa smiled cheerfully too. "Thank you very much." She bowed slightly.

"Yeah, well then," He turned around and waved his hand. He soon disappeared in the forest.