4. “Why are people so good looking in this world?”
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A few miles away from where Arima met the elves.


Lifa was currently fighting with a pack of big gray wolves. She was wrapped in a sort of shield made out of wind magic and was fighting by casting wind blades like the ones she used against Arima. Occasionally, she would also make a sword out of wind and counter-attack. She was clearly moving quite casually during the whole combat.


The difference in strength was obvious but the wolves still appeared quite strong with fire burning at their feet. Lifa soon subjugated the last wolf and relaxed a bit but then hurriedly looked up at the sky. The spirits were telling her that something was approaching and she took cover.


The more she waited, the more Lifa could see what was approaching. After a minute, she already looked dumbfounded. The two creatures, flying with four children on their back stunned her. She recognized the elves, and one girl in particular.


"Layra?" Lifa pronounced a name and got out of her cover.


"Princess!" The same girl spotted Lifa and shouted.


The griffins landed a minute later and the elves stood on the ground. Lifa rushed to one of the girls and hugged her. "Layra! You're okay? What happened? And what are they?" Lifa asked the older girl and pointed at the griffins.


"Princess! We have been saved by a human before they could sell us.” She answered with a brightened expression, “These magic beasts are his work."


"What? Who was it?" Lifa thought of something and asked. The girl named Layra hastily explained her encounter with Arima.


"He talked about me? Then, he must be…!" Lifa was interrupted by the entrance of a small bird that flew beside them and landed on the head of a griffin. It was a falcon.


"Layra, is this also the act of that man?"


Layra nodded, "Yes, he said he used it to find you."


"As she said." Someone's voice suddenly resounded and Lifa looked around her with widened eyes.


The voice laughed, "It's me, over here"


Lifa looked at the falcon, "It's you? Arimane?"


"Arimane?" Layra mumbled.


"Yeah, I'm talking to you through this bird. I'll make it quick. Are those the kids you asked me to save?"


"Yes… it is. And I certainly have to thank you for freeing them. I never expected you to find them so quickly."


"It was just a coincidence. This apart, I am more surprised by your statute.”


"Oh, yes. I didn't tell you. It's not really something I would tell someone I just met, please excuse me."


"No, it's nothing. I understand this. What I would want to know is why a princess like you is here trying to find kidnapped children alone. But it's not my business anyway. I'll let you go now."


"I see, then let's meet again. I owe you. If you ever come to the Alliance you will be welcomed." Lifa said and smiled.


"Sure, see you. [Dispello] (Dispel)." Arima released his magic and the griffins vanished along with the bird in beautiful black sparks.


"This kind of magic, I've never seen it before. It’s not that easy to summon magic beasts… but these seem to be made purely out of elemental magic…who is he?" Lifa looked attentively at the vanishing beasts and couldn't help but wonder


What would she think if she knew that he learned that magic an hour after he met her?




Arimane had arrived at the city which was in his head thanks to the god. He was waiting his turn for entering the city, Ridia. His turn soon came. A middle-aged soldier spoke to him.


"If you have papers to attest your identity then go, if you don't, pay five silvers." Arima instantly took out five silver coins and gave them to the guard.


Based on the knowledge he received, this world’s currency could be referenced like this:

10 coppers –> 1 silver = 1 $;

100 silver –> 1 gold = 100 $;

100 gold –> 1 white-silver = 10 000 $;

100 white-silver –> 1 shining-gold = 1 000 000 $;


The white-silvers and shining-golds are commonly used by nobles. Almost every commoner would never see a white silver in his lifetime.


At that time, Arima possessed, without the jewels and precious stones, 38 coppers, 376 silvers, and 20 gold and you can say it is equivalent to 2 379 dollars and 80 cents "(It seems that those bandits did some pillaging along with kidnapping, were they actually somewhat strong? Or maybe that mage used some kind of concealing magic…)" Arima thought.


He wandered in the streets while observing his surroundings.


"(It's an old design but it's clean. The order is good too. It would correspond to the medieval period but in contrast, it's peaceful and safer here. Perhaps magic makes it more likable and comfortable and pushes aside science. Pretty classic.)"


The first thing Arima would like to do is register at the guild. The ‘renowned’ organization. In fact, it's just a gathering of mercenaries. All sort of people gives tasks to the guild in exchange for money. It can be hunting, killing, cleaning, gathering, and helping with anything.


The good thing is that the more a mercenary is strong or famous, the bigger his notoriety would be. So, it means that more tasks will be given personally to him, and generally, good ones. Usually, they're only called mercs, there is nothing as ‘adventurer’ or ‘quests’. After all, this is real, it's not a novel, right?


Arima wanted to register to assure his status in this world. It's also what Azes proposed him to do.


While he was walking in the streets, he kept looking around. It was lively. But the more he looked the more Arima's expression darkened. "(Why are people so good looking in this world?)" The people there, whether it was a man or a woman, looked good. When he found someone more or less normal, in the thousand or so people he observed, he sighed in relief.


And so, after a bit of difficulty, Arima finally found the guild branch of this city. Around where the guild was situated, one could find all sorts of shops: Inn's, weapon shops, blacksmith's, armor shops, clothing shops…


Arima entered the guild and found himself in a hall filled with receptions. Strangely, there wasn't a lot of people. Just a few persons who were calmly conversing at the receptions. But Arima could hear a great number of people on the second floor.


Arima neared one of the receptions and the woman behind greeted him with a smile.


"Welcome to the guild, for what purpose are you here?"


"To register."


"Sure, please fill this document." The receptionist handed a document and Arima eyed the content.


"(As I thought, even the words are in English, maybe a gift from the old man)" He took a pen and filled the questions. The document comported a lot of miscellaneous questions, but the important ones were these:


Name: Arimane Blade

Age: 25

Combat techniques: Magic Swordsman

Experience in a fight or any type of subjugation: Yes


Arima handed back the file to the receptionist and she read it quickly. About his age, of course, he couldn't write his real one, so he wrote an age matching more or less his actual body.


"Good, Arimane is it? Do you want to pass the rank test?" She asked.


"Yeah, I'll do that."


"Then follow me please." The woman left the reception and headed to a door in the side of the hall with Arima behind her. When they passed the door, they stepped inside a big training area. The whole area was at least 250 square meters and the roof was high up to around five meters.


"Space magic?" Arima let out unconsciously. He had felt a similar impression with his storage magic and clearly, the place was too big.


"Yes, you noticed well. This room was enlarged with a spatial magic-tool created by one of the founders of the guild." She explained.


"I see…" He looked around and spotted a dozen of people training and sparring. The receptionist called one of the men training and the latter rushed toward them.


"You called me, Maria?"


"Yes, I want you to test this person." She pointed at Arima. "His name is Arimane Blade. And Arimane, this person is Jeil, he is a B-rank merc." Maria presented them to each other with a smile.


"Nice to meet you" Jeil greeted.


"Likewise," Arima responded.


"Then let's go. You will fight with Jeil to determine your rank. If you lose, then Jeil will decide your rank. If it's a draw then you'll be ranked B, and if you win then it will either be A or B, depending on your performance." Maria explained.


"I understand." Arima followed Jeil to the center of the training area and stood ten meters apart from each other.


"Ready?" Jeil prompted while taking out his one-handed sword.


"Yes." Arima took out Karma out of nowhere which surprised a bit his opponent.


Maria observed the two. "Then ready~? Go!" She announced the beginning of the match.


Jeil kicked the ground. "[Acceleration, hardening]." In less than one second, he had already closed in by more than five meters. In contrast, Arima was still standing motionless, stance less, his sheathed katana in his left hand.


"(He won't move?)" Jeil wondered and when he was two meters away from his opponent, he started to swing his sword. Arima chanted a magic at that exact moment.


"[Columna Ignis] (Fire pillar)." A big pillar of dark fire emerged from the ground, enveloping Arima and sending Jeil flying away after blocking his blade.


"(What?!)" Jeil didn't take much damage but was surprised by the knockback. Arima didn't stop there.


"[Deinde – Eruptio] (Next – Eruption)." The pillar of fire divided himself into ten fireballs, static in the air. Arima flicked his fingers and the fireballs flew towards Jeil.


"Seriously? [Acceleration, Second Tier Reinforcing]." Jeil buffed himself and tried to slash the fireballs. He was moving extremely quickly to defend against the ten attacks at the same time, his sword left after images each time he moved. In the end, he cut nine out of ten and was propelled even more into the air by the last one.


"[Propero et Lunam gradus] (Speed up -and- Moon step)." Arima finally moved and jumped, leaving a blurry image behind him. Two sounds like wind being generated followed. One could see the air distort at certain places, with a few sparks in addition. That was where Arima was stepping to advance.


He used a neutral body enhancing magic to boost his speed, and then lightning magic to create footholds using as a base the principle of electromagnetism. Arima’s knowledge was quite deep and he realized that with a good understanding, not only you could use magic better but you could even surpass what modern science can do. His imagination was quite impressive as well, was undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of magic. A calm and clear mindset.


And so, Arima appeared above Jeil in mid-air, he grabbed his katana and unsheathed it only to half before striking Jeil in the abdomen with the handle.


Jeil was sent flying and crashed on the ground.


"Tch." Jeil clicked his tongue and stood in a second. At that moment, Arima attacked from above and struck him with Karma. Jeil parred the strike with his sword with one of his hands on the blade. That clash dispersed the cloud of dust formed by Jeil’s fall.


"[Strengthening. Physical charge, Volc]!" He shouted while Arima continued to attack him with combos. His sword gained a red luster and skin turned rocky and flushed. The two exchanged blows for ten seconds. Fire was blowing at every clash, with sparks flying around and the sound of steel vibrating.


At some point, Arima used his scabbard to stop a strike and disperse the fire. He took his katana in a reverse grip and instantly placed his blade in front of Jeil's neck. That last move was incredibly fast.


Jeil looked at the silver blade pressing against his throat and relaxed his body as a matter of fact.


"Game’s set."


"I admit defeat." Jeil said while raising his hands.


Arima snickered and sheathed his sword. He oddly dropped the katana and it vanished to return inside his soul. He then looked around and realized that the fight had attracted the people training here. Even though the match only took around forty seconds, they still had seen enough to be in awe of Arima's prowess.


In truth, Arima wasn't serious. He just wanted to judge the strength of the people in this world. He didn't even use his strongest displacement magic until now, 'Wild Spark'. If he did fight seriously, he would have won in a few seconds.


Arima walked to Maria, and then the latter woke up from her trance and forced a cough. "Then I'll register you as an early A rank magic-swordsman, follow me back to the hall. I'll make your member card."