6. “I’ll stay here for one month.”
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When he found the library, Arima realized why he was told that he couldn't miss it. The building was incredibly huge. It wasn't very tall compared to the buildings in his world but it was very wide.

He entered while appreciating the decorations of the extern walls and when he stepped in, he immediately noticed that only the sound of the pages flipping was reaching his ears. "(I can't hear the noise outside anymore… is it some kind of soundproof barrier?)" He wondered. He walked to the front desk just after.

"Hello, is it the first time you come to our library?" The woman seated behind the reception asked in a quiet and calm voice

"Yes, I would like to inform myself on a few subjects." Arima followed the rhythm. He felt like he was obliged to speak slowly and quietly in this kind of atmosphere.

"I understand. Here is a map which will help you find the books you're looking for, and there is a fee of one gold, I hope you'll understand." The receptionist explained.

"Yes." Arima gave away one gold without any problem. After all, it was a library made for the sake of people learning, and the books were expensive. If there was no fee, then this place couldn't sustain its service. Arima received the map and thanked the receptionist. He began to look for what he wanted. He looked for history, geography, magic, almanacs, and other things that he could be interested in.

After reading for a few hours, Arima already learned a few important things. He began with geography and actualities. He learned that this planet was at least four times bigger than Earth. He searched for the continent he was in and got the information pretty easily.

On this continent, there were only four countries sharing four million square kilometers; there was the Empire in the north, and the Kingdom of Terses in the east. The latter is the territory Arima was in at the moment. The last two countries were the Republic and their market in the south, and finally, the Alliance in the west.

Arima learned that The Empire and the Kingdom were on bad terms. The Alliance was a country created by demi-humans to protect their lives. All kind of people lived there: therianthropes, elves, spirits, half-breed, demons… Of course, the Alliance is constantly cautious against humans.

The Republic is a colony of another continent. A country which specializes in marketing. They are also one of the guild's founders, which is considered as a neutral organization. The guild is everywhere on the continent but no country has the right to order the guild around. For instance, there's even a guild in the Alliance's land. It seems that the Republic doesn't allow slavery and even trade with the demi-humans peacefully.

The other important thing Arima learned about was the monsters in this world. First of all, you could find the classic 'monsters', the 'magic monsters', the 'beasts', and the 'magic beasts'. The monsters are beings like orcs, goblins, zombies, golems…

Beasts are wild animals who evolved and became stronger like; lions, tigers, wolves, snakes, and of course, the appearance of beings like dragons, griffins, and others.

Next, there's their ranking. Beasts and monsters alike, their strength can be measured in 10 levels. For example, one beast could be level one, two, and three, until ten. Each level has three classes, low, middle and high.

For example, a level one, lower class monster, would be as strong as a normal soldier, and at high class, his strength would be sufficient to beat ten normal soldiers.

So, it's like this:

1: Normal soldier defeated
Level one: 1 to 10
Level two: 15 to 50
Level three: 60 to 100
Level four: 110 to 150
Level five: 160 to 300
Level six: 310 to 500 + Magic
Level seven: 520 to 1000 + //
Level eight: 1100 to 2000 + //
Level nine: 2200 to 5000 + //
Level ten: >5000 + //

The beasts and monsters of level nine or ten are considered extremely rare on this continent.

After level five, monsters and beasts begin to transform into magic beings, who are not only strong physically but can also use magic which make them even more terrifying. As a matter of fact, the numbers given here are just the physical ability. For example, a level eight monster could beat 1500 soldiers with his physical ability, but he could also beat 5000 more with his magic. And there is also a lot of different beasts and monsters, there are also variants with troublesome magic and aptitudes like poison or a good defense.

That scale of strength is also used to measure the strength of humanity in general. The only difference is that humans possess the ability to use magic from the very beginning.

In this world, there's what we call the life force. It's the overall power you detain in your body. The one you built by training yourself to no limits. It's similar to the cultivation in eastern legends. That's why, in this world, the power levels are measured based on the life force.

For example, since Arima was still a newcomer in this world and his body was getting used to the new environment; his life force should around the fifth level at the moment.

Arima also found out something else. Apparently, this continent is pretty much peaceful in regards to monsters and beasts. Of course, there's still a good amount of them and that's why there are mercenaries. But because this continent is almost fully explored and exploited, big gatherings of monsters are very rare and can't really be threatening for a country. At worst, there would be some casualties among the small villages.

Arima kept reading until dusk, he left the library and began to search for an Inn. He wandered a bit and found one not too far from the library. He entered and stumbled upon the restaurant of the Inn, people were chatting and eating loudly. Most of them were mercs. Arima walked to the counter, and from behind it, came a woman who had spotted Arima when he stepped inside.

"Excuse me, I would like to rent a room for one month." Arima requested.

"Hello, for a rent of one month it will be two golds." She smiled courteously and kindly responded.

"Then I will take one room." Arima gave the money and the owner gave him the key and the number of the room. He went upstairs and found his it. It was simple. One bed and a desk. It was also quite clean.

"Not bad, I've seen places worse than this," He muttered and laid on the bed. He closed his eyes and began to think of what he will do from now on.

"Well… for the time being, I'll stay in this city for a month or so to learn about this world and wait for my body to stabilize. After that, I'll try to visit all the places on this continent… I suppose." He sighed, "It's not like I have something else to do as an otherworlder… The royal capital is a must. Maybe there are some fun things to do there." Arima quickly decided what to do and closed his eyes. "Nothing is better than sleeping."