Book 1: Act I Scene 50 Rule
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Scene 50




Hellbeasts drinking weird beverages by the bar and some sitting on the benches, just chilling out having their own leisure time. This would look like it's was a fine thing to do outside or while they were in vacation, but it was rather unfitting act because they were in enemy's territory. Kaori moved here and there to treat them nicely bringing them dessert too. On the other hand, one Hellbeast got caught up in her emotion and ended up fighting a Mage. That Hellbeast name was Kyondame. and Mage who was fighting with her was Yuri. She tried to swing her blade once again to kill her this time, but Kyondame's reaction was fast. She changed her arm into something that looked like a saw. At the same time, they clashed their weapon constantly trying to land a strike. The scene fifty will discuss the rules of Empty World.


"Hey, c'mon, stop doing that, will ya?"


Sonya put both of her hands back of her head spoke. She yawned not long after. She was bored to see two brats fighting over nothing. Kyondame's revenge will not be accomplished because she would be fighting against the whole Mages and it was not quite true that Empty World was responsible for the disaster, it was actually initiation of Hellbeasts. As for Yuri, fighting Hellbeasts won't bring Takashi back. Hence, it was just meaningless fight.


"You shouldn't fight, Seruea Del Kyondame, I understand what you are feeling, but you have no right to behave like that in here. In every guild, there are rules, even your guild has a rule, no?"


Kyondame turned her face to talking hat who called her by full name. When she caught her attention, he went on.


"This guild has a rule that they would not fight someone who are not in full condition. Of course, you should know this because you too was in the war trying to fight along side with struggling Hellbeasts who stumbled upon members from Empty World."




Yuri calmed down putting down the blade as Kyondame lowered her hand. This time she walked toward talking hat staring directly at him. She raised her voice as though she was still irritated by something,


"So, what is your story, Satou? Why are you here in this infamous guild? Looks of it, Ran got injured by someone and you were going to beg for your life. How pathetic."


When she finished analyzing what was going on, Satou wiggled few times to show that she wasn't quite right. He raised a voice to tell what he really was going to do.


"You might be half right. I was asking them if Ran could join this guild actually."


"What?! Have you finally gone mad? They killed thousands of us. And trusting them to join? That is begging for your life to the devil. Have you no shame? I'll rather kill Ran then see her joining in this filthy guild."


This was even shock for those who were at the bar. They were so shocked when hearing what Satou said, they spout out all the liquids in their mouth. Shinji finally suggested an idea as he rubbed under his chin if the suggestion he was going to give was a right thing to do.


"Hmm, let me think. I do have something to ask with this girl and liked to have her in my guild, I mean first Hellbeast to join the Mage's guild would be cool. How about this? We'll do five matches and if we win, we'll take this girl, but if we lose you can kill this girl and we'll let you escape Erlias without other Mages knowing."


"What! That's insane, we'll never take that...."


Before she could finish the sentence, Velloke was behind her tapping her shoulder. Then he looked at Shinji to speak about the offer.


"That's a risky suggestion, don't you think? Or rather vague. I get the gist of what you are talking about, but you didn't tell us what happens to us if we lose."


Yuri interfered out of the sudden.


"Of course you'll be killed by us, what do you think?"


However, Shinji cleared up the answer.


"Nah, we won't kill him. we will just let you go, how about that? You guys are too young to die."


Velloke had more questions, but before he could bring up more of his complicated questions, Shinji turned back on him. He swayed his hand back and forth telling him to go form a team without saying anything. This seemed weird to Velloke because every single one in his members could probably beat them. He questioned himself why he would go so far to extend the fight time. Kyondame was still grumpy hearing what they agreed to.


"Why should we follow his rule? Who does he think he is?"


She murmured as they finally reached where their comrades were. Kaori who was there in the first place, instead of serving them beverages and dessert, she approached them putting arms around Velloke and Kyondame and raised her voice. Her voice was so loud, it could be heard from other side.


"So, so! are we going to have a match? How many matches are we going to have? Who are going in?"


"Umm, aren't you suppose to on the other side with those guys?"


When Velloke spoke with despondent face, Kaori shook her head showing that she wanted to go. She started to sniff at them againAnd as she sniffed, she went to where Kyondame was.


Sniff* Sniff* Sniff*


"Hmm, interesting, my I knew instinct was correct. your odor is extraordinary. I smell Calla lily. Purplish flower, I love it."


Kyondame tried to hit her, but she was pretty docile. She hastily moved backward to avoid her attack. She yelled at her when she avoided her attack like nothing. She was rather irritated than mad.


"What the hell is up with you! You hag!"


"Ehh, Hag? Seriously? Now that's rude, I am only lived one third of my life ye know!"


With that said they discussed about the matches. Thankfully, Kyondame finally pushed Kaori away so they could talk privately. She tried to butt in to hear what they were saying, but about time when she git there, their talk was already over. They finally lined up in the center waiting for them to make a decision. Then few minutes later they lined up face to face getting ready to fight.