19. Intimates
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I stared wide-eyed at Melissa and my heart was racing. "Holy crap you came out to your folks this morning? So what did they say? Or do?"

She grimaced, "Nothing really? They both just stared at me in shock. Like I think they were both sort of in denial, but at the same time I think they suddenly realized what was happening to me. And like, I've been wearing a lot of pink lately, and I guess my mannerisms and stuff have been changing a little too? Like all the stuff I'm not bothering to hide or suppress any more."

She shrugged, "So yeah. They both just stared at me. Then I said I was going out, and that's where we left off. I guess I'll find out tonight or tomorrow what they're going to do."

I sighed, "Wow... Ok but now I'm worried about you. Like I don't know, what if they freak out on you when you go home tonight? Or tomorrow morning when they get up?"

Melissa shook her head "I guess I'll just have to deal with it when it happens."

"Maybe you should stay here tonight?" I suggested. "Then I can go back to your place with you in the morning, just to make sure everything's all right?"

"Maybe," she shrugged. "We'll see how it goes."

Another thought crossed my mind, "What about work? They're going to notice too right?"

"Nah," she made a face, "I got fired on Thursday."

"What?!" I stared at her. "What happened?"

She shrugged again, "So I guess I've lost enough muscle mass, I can't lift stuff like I used to? And this customer was being a total dick, he wanted something that was up in a bin? I got the ladder but couldn't lift the damn thing so I had to get another guy to come and get it for me. So the customer got mad that he had to wait another two minutes. He called me a few homophobic slurs because I was wearing a pink top and couldn't lift this big box. So I called him an ignorant fuckwad and told him to pick it up himself if he was in such a hurry. So the whiney shit complained to my manager and the manager canned me."

I just stared at her as she talked. She didn't sound the least bit upset about any of it, apart from being angry with the customer. I finally asked, "What are you going to do for work?"

"No idea?" she shrugged again. "I've got some savings, like I saved a lot of what I made over the past two years? And there's money my folks gave me, I have that put away too. But I figure there's no point looking for work until the magic's finished. I mean, it'd be weird if I went to an interview in 'guy mode' then a week later showed up for my first shift in 'girl mode'?"

I nodded slowly, then finally smiled at her. "Now that I'm over the shock, and kind of putting my worries about your folks on the back-burner, I have to say you look amazing. And uh, I don't think 'guy mode' is going to be an option for much longer. I mean, put some lipstick on and you'd pass just fine right now."

She blushed but smiled back, "Thanks Mara. And yeah, it's pretty wild when I realize how much has changed in only ten days. I've been checking the mirror and taking a selfie every morning. And at first it was really subtle, but every morning there's more changes, and every morning it's sped up a little more."

"Do you already know what you're going to look like when it's over?" I asked. "I had no idea for me. I didn't even know I was going to be a girl when I woke up, so it was all a big surprise."

She nodded, "Mostly? Sort of. Like I kind of know what to expect overall, but I don't know exactly how it'll turn out if you know what I mean? Like I guess, I know what to expect for the 'big picture' stuff, but not the little details."

I thought about that for a bit then smiled "That's kind of exciting right? Like you know you're getting what you want, but at the same time there's still some mystery. You can still be surprised, but you know it'll be good surprises."

"Yeah!" she grinned. Then she got a little more serious and asked, "Anyways enough of my stuff. How have you been? How's your mom?"

She still didn't know about the lottery thing, so that was my big news. Melissa nearly fell over when I told her mom was a millionaire now. I was a little surprised at her squeal of excitement, she really had the 'teen girl' thing down pat already.

"Aaaaaaa! Holy crap Mara that's amazing! So what are you two going to do? Did your mom quit work? Are you going to move?"

I grinned as I filled her in our plans and stuff. We still hadn't decided where we were moving to, but mom was looking at houses again on her laptop this morning. Wherever we ended up, it wouldn't be too far away since mom wanted me to be able to go to college, and now she wanted to go back to school too.

Then I told Melissa I'd been looking at photography programs, and asked "Are you looking at going into drama or whatever? What are your plans now? I was thinking, it'd be cool if we both went to the same college. Even if we weren't in the same classes, we could still hang out and see each other and stuff."

"Aww," she smiled. "That'd be awesome!"

A moment later her expression shifted to a frown, "I don't know if I can afford it though. Like my savings won't be enough to cover a full program? And now I'm not working. And I doubt my folks will help out. They might even kick me out of the house."

I sighed, "Well you're still welcome to stay with us. And once we move, you won't have to worry about sleeping on the sofa. Mom's looking at four-bedroom homes, so you'll have your own space and everything. And I'm like, eighty-percent sure she'd help you with tuition too. Or if not, there's enough money in my education fund to cover tuition for both of us for a couple years. We'll make it work, one way or another."

Melissa leaned forward and gave me a hug, "Mara you're the best. You and your mom, you're both so kind and generous."

"It's what friends are for," I replied as I hugged her back.

After a few moments she straightened up again and smirked at me, "Are you seriously looking at a photography course, just so you can take better nude selfies?"

"No!" I blushed. "I mean, that's not the only reason. I mean, I could take pictures of other people too?"

She blushed as well, "Oh my God Mara are we going to wind up doing nude pictures together?"

This time I smirked at her "You don't actually sound all that upset about the idea, Melissa. It's a little hard to tell if you're protesting or volunteering?"

Her face went bright red and she mumbled "No comment."

I giggled, "Relax, I'm teasing. I don't even have a camera yet, apart from the one in my phone. And for all my talk, I haven't even taken any selfies, nude or otherwise. It's just a silly fantasy right now."

She nodded slowly, and after a few moments her blush started to fade. She gave me a sly, almost flirty look and commented "Y'know, when your mom's at work tonight we could get out our phones and try it out? Like, to see if you actually enjoy taking pictures and stuff?"

I stared at her for a second, like I couldn't tell if she was teasing or joking, or if she was serious. My heart rate jumped and I suddenly found myself getting excited at the thought. I just wasn't sure which part of that had me breathing quicker, the thought of doing some naughty selfies, or the thought of doing that with my best friend.

After a couple seconds I looked down at the bed as I felt my cheeks going pink, "Uh... yeah maybe? That's not a bad idea..."

Melissa didn't giggle or laugh or dismiss it as a joke, she just stayed quiet for a few moments too.

Eventually I got up and asked, "Can I grab you a drink or something?"

"Sure," she stood up as well and we went to the kitchen together.

I pulled a bottle of spring water out of the fridge, Melissa grabbed a can of cola.

Then we went back to my room, and the two of us ended up at the computer. I wanted to show her the different photography programs I'd been investigating, from colleges all around the area.

She looked at each one, then checked out the other courses each college offered. She looked into the drama classes, as well as their other arts-related programs.

We ended up spending most of the afternoon at that. It was kind of fun and even a little exciting. She seemed to like the idea of us both going to the same school together, she even suggested we could be roomies if we wound up somewhere too far to commute from home.

Later in the afternoon mom let us know she was heading out to work. I wished her a good evening and a quiet shift, and she bid us both good night. Then we ordered a pizza and wound up in the living-room watching a movie while we ate.

Afterwards, Melissa watched me wash our plates and teased "Only three weeks in and you're such a good girl, so clean and neat and tidy. Are you sure photography's your thing? You'd make a really good maid."

I stuck my tongue out at her and put away the dishes after they were dried off. Then I grabbed her hand and dragged her back to my room as I said, "C'mon! I want to try something!"

Melissa didn't resist, and I sat her down on my chair by the desk then got out my modest collection of make-up. I usually went for a slightly 'goth' look for myself, but I already knew that wouldn't work for her. Instead of the darker subdued shades I preferred, I figured her bright blonde hair and fair complexion would work with brighter, happier tones.

I didn't have a lot of experience, but I'd been learning from videos over the last couple weeks. It took me about fifteen minutes, but when I was done I was happy and I hoped Melissa would be too.

I took her to the bathroom mirror, and she stared wide-eyed at herself.

After a few seconds she whispered, "Mara, you made me look hot!"

"Nah," I grinned. "You already looked hot. I just highlighted your natural beauty."

I'd gone with a sort of cute-sexy look for her and based on my friend's reaction, I was pretty sure I'd pulled it off.

She blushed, but she had a wide smile on her face.

Then she dug her phone out, "I have to get some pictures of this!"

"Haven't you done any experimenting with make-up yet?" I asked.

"No," she pouted, "My folks don't respect my privacy, remember?"

I frowned, "Oh right."

We went back into my bedroom and she took a few selfies, then she grinned and started taking pictures of me.

"Aaa no!" I protested as I hid my face, "No candid pictures!"

Melissa asked, "Why not?"

I blushed, "My make-up's smudged. Either let me touch it up, or take it off."

She laughed, "Touch it up! I want pictures of both of us looking hot."

A couple minutes later I was ready, and I got my phone out too. It started out fairly innocent as we took some selfies together, and some pictures of each other. Then we got a little silly as we took turns posing for each other. Of course we both swore not to share or post any of these pictures, this was just for our own fun together.

Before long, silly turned into slightly naughty when I got the idea to try some amateur lingerie modelling. Not that I had any lingerie but my black cotton panties and plain black bra were good enough.

I was enjoying myself, Melissa seemed to be having fun, and it didn't take long for me to get carried away. In my defence she's the one who suggested it this afternoon, and also in my defence I never heard a certain voice in my head telling me not to. So it wasn't much longer before things went from slightly naughty to full nudity.

Melissa was more self-conscious than me, but she eventually got naked too. She was embarrassed of how she looked, she said she was sort of in a weird halfway place between masc and femme, but I thought she looked beautiful regardless.

We both took a few more pictures of each other and of the two of us together, then gradually forgot about the photography as we both got more comfortable around each other. Neither of us planned it, but in the end it almost seemed inevitable when we both wound up together in my bed. And the fact that we were each other's first time seemed almost like it was fated.

We were both a little nervous, a little awkward, and even a little silly. But in the end it was perfect and amazing, and afterwards we drifted off to sleep cuddled up in each other's arms.

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