25. Moved
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Content warning: mention of transmisia, unsupportive family

We all had a nice evening, me and Melissa and mom ate in the living-room and watched a movie together. I told her we'd picked a college and asked if it was ok if I shared my education money with Melissa, if her parents cut her off.

Mom acted a little surprised and a little weird about that but it turned out she was just confused why I wasn't asking her to help Melissa directly since there was so much money from the lottery. I knew she didn't want to get too crazy with it though which is why I figured I could just share what she'd already given me.

In the end mom said she was proud of me for being thoughtful and generous and stuff, and she told Melissa that we'd help her if her folks cut her off. Melissa cried a bit and we all hugged and it was kind of nice. In a way it felt like mom was welcoming Melissa into our family. Except I wasn't going to think of her as a sister or anything like that because I still kind of wanted to sleep with her again.

That didn't happen though, after mom went to bed me and Melissa watched another movie and talked more, then she crashed on the sofa and I went to bed by myself.

We all slept in a bit, but I was the first one up in the morning. I kept quiet as I pulled on a nightshirt and went into the kitchen to get myself some juice.

Melissa must have heard me though, or maybe she was already awake after all. She sat up and stretched, then softly greeted me "Good morning Mara."

I poured her a glass of juice as well then joined her in the living-room. She was laying on the sofa, her pants and shirt were on the floor next to her.

I put her juice on the coffee table in front of her then sat down in the chair across from her. When she sat up the blanket wound up at her waist and I tried not to stare. It was hard though.

After a few moments I whispered, "Uh Melissa? You might want to put on your shirt, or pull up the blanket?"

She was obviously still half asleep as she looked at me a little confused, "Huh?"

I grinned, "You've got boobs."

Her eyes went wide and her face turned pink. She quickly pulled the blanket up, but dropped it again a moment later to look down at herself.

They were small, especially on her tall frame. But they weren't there Saturday night, or Sunday morning. Her t-shirt was really loose on her so I couldn't say if they were there yesterday, but from her reaction I figured this was a new development.

She finally pulled the blanket up again and tucked it under her arms. She was still blushing, but she was grinning now too. She looked really excited as she half-whispered "It's still a few days to a week before everything's done... The next couple days are going to be pretty wild I think."

I smiled back at her, "I'm super happy for you Melissa, and I'm excited too! I'm still really curious how you're going to look when it's all done."

Her hair was longer again this morning, it almost reached her shoulders now. It was still a rich golden blonde, and this morning it had a slight waviness to it. From what I could see she was still losing weight, and her face and maybe her bones and stuff were still slowly realigning. It was hard to be sure but I had a feeling her voice had gone up slightly again in pitch.

One thing I was certain of, 'boy mode' was no longer an option for her. Make-up or not she looked completely feminine already.

After the juice I went back to my room and got dressed while Melissa dressed in the living-room. I went with jeans and a t-shirt again since I figured I'd be helping my best friend move today.

Melissa's old clothes looked totally wrong on her now, it looked like she was wearing her brother's clothes or something. About the only thing that hadn't changed on her yet was her height. At this point I realized that might not change at all, maybe she was just going to be a tall girl.

When mom got up I put on the coffee machine and started making breakfast for the three of us. I didn't do anything fancy, just bacon and eggs and toast. Mom and Melissa both had coffee while I had another glass of juice.

After breakfast I did the dishes and tidied the kitchen while mom and Melissa talked a bit. By the time I joined them, my friend had made up her mind.

"Mara, would you come with me to my folks' place? To help me pack and stuff?"

I nodded, "Of course!"

Mom told us both to be careful, and to call her if anything went wrong.

I was pretty confident Lily wouldn't let Melissa's parents hurt her, and I knew she wouldn't let anyone hurt me, but I just nodded "Sure thing mom."

Me and Melissa got in her car, and a few minutes later we were in the driveway outside her place.

"Dad'll be at work now," she said quietly. I could tell she was anxious about this. "Mom's probably home though. I have no idea how she'll react."

I nodded, "I'm here to help, however you need me. So what's the plan?"

Melissa thought for a few moments then grimaced, "I don't really see the point in bringing a lot of clothes. None of it fits anymore. Unless we find the girl-clothes I bought. Uh, so mostly I want to grab my computer stuff, my books, and there's some other stuff I'd like to keep as well."

She added, "I have a bunch of boxes in the trunk, I picked those up last week since I knew I might have to move at some point."

"Ok," I nodded. Then I asked, "Lily, can you do anything to help? With any of this stuff?"

Lily replied, "If you encounter Mrs. Perry, I can find out what she did with Melissa's clothes. And of course I will protect you and Melissa."

"Thanks Lily," I smiled, then relayed that to my best friend.

Melissa nodded, then we got out of the car. She had about a dozen flattened boxes in the trunk, we each took half then she unlocked the front door and the two of us headed straight up the stairs to her bedroom.

I started opening up the boxes and getting them ready for her while she loaded stuff into them. The first box had all her computer stuff, except the tower and the monitors. They wouldn't fit in a box so we'd have to take them out separately. Her phone charger and some other odds and ends wound up in that box too.

The next couple boxes got loaded with books, then she started emptying her desk drawers into a few more boxes. She had about a half dozen boxes packed before her mom finally came to see what was going on.

Mrs. Perry stood in the bedroom doorway with an angry look on her face. She called Melissa by her deadname and demanded "Just what do you think you're doing?!"

Melissa ignored her, and I turned and stated, "There's nobody here by that name."

When I was looking at her, Lily must have somehow read the woman's mind or something. She said in an apologetic tone, "The missing clothing has been destroyed and disposed of."

Mrs. Perry gave me an angry look and stated "You get out of my house, you harlot! You're to blame for all this! You corrupted my son!"

I almost wanted to laugh, it was so ridiculous. Instead I looked at my friend and said "Sorry Melissa, Lily says your folks destroyed the clothes they stole from you."

Melissa was ignoring her mom completely as she continued to pack, but she scowled a little. "Not surprised, but thanks for letting me know."

Her mom continued to stand at the bedroom door and just glared at us both for another minute or so, then she turned and stalked away.

"She's going to call her husband and ask him to come home and intervene." Lily warned me.

I passed that on to Melissa, and she sighed.

"It'll take dad fifteen minutes to get here, assuming he can drop everything and leave right away. I guess we better start moving this stuff out to the car."

It took us a few trips to get the boxes into her car. The computer stuff went first, then the books, then the stuff from her desk. We filled up the trunk and the back-seat with boxes, then she locked the car again and we went back up to her room so she could finish packing.

Melissa stuffed her bedsheets and blankets into one box and put her pillows ontop, then loaded some of her clothes into another two boxes. Even if they didn't fit anymore she still needed a few things, at least until she could get herself some more girl clothes.

There were a couple empty boxes left, but she wasn't sure there was anything else she wanted or needed. I waited by the door while she took one last look around.

"I guess that's it?" she asked.

She sounded kind of sad, and I couldn't blame her. This was her room, the place she grew up and everything. I figured she would miss it, even if she was forced out because her folks were being jerks. And it wasn't like she was going to a new place of her own just yet. She was giving up her own private room for a sofa in our living-room, or maybe sharing my bedroom occasionally.

Still, even if the new accommodations sucked at least she'd be in a friendly loving caring environment. She wouldn't have to be constantly afraid of her parents.

Melissa took one box of clothes and the box with her bedding, I took the other box of clothes and her pillows. It would be our last trip, and the two of us headed down the stairs and out to her car.

As I followed her out the front door my heart sank.

Her dad had just got home, and instead of parking in the driveway he stayed on the street but pulled his big black pick-up directly behind Melissa's car so she was blocked in.

We quickly put the last of her things in her car as her dad emerged from his. He used her dead-name as he stalked around the front of his truck towards us and demanded, "Just where the hell do you think you're going?!"

Melissa sighed and glanced at me. She looked nervous, maybe even a little scared but she was trying not to show it.

Mr. Perry was a big, imposing kind of guy. I was kind of scared of him back when I thought I was a guy and he wasn't that much bigger than me. Now I was smaller and weaker, and her dad was that much more intimidating. He was almost a full foot taller than me at around six-foot-two. He was muscular, and always looked vaguely angry. Except now instead of just vaguely angry, he looked actually angry.

I was nervous too, even though I was positive Lily wouldn't let him hurt us. I whispered softly, "Lily? Can you help?"

Suddenly I was in the back seat again. Lily leaned closer to Melissa and whispered, "I can take care of this Melissa, with your permission. Either quietly and subtly, or I can make it a more impressive demonstration."

My best friend's eyes widened slightly as she glanced at us. She whispered back "Impressive please."

I had no idea what Lily meant by those options but I was excited to find out. I hoped I'd finally get to see some swirling lights and special effects, but I was disappointed again. Only partially though.

There weren't any swirling lights, but there were some special effects after all.

Both Melissa and her dad jumped and ducked at the sudden deafening noise of crunching metal and breaking glass.

Her dad's pick-up was knocked backwards about five meters as the grill and engine compartment caved in and all the windows shattered. It was as if the thing had just been hit by an invisible dump truck. Like a huge massive car accident happened right in front of us, except there was no second car.

The pick-up was a complete write-off, and bits of glass and plastic and metal were thrown all around us. Nothing hit any of us though, not even Mr. Perry was touched by any of the debris.

Lily said to Melissa, "Let's go."

We climbed into her car and Melissa started it up, then quickly pulled out of the driveway. Her dad just stood there stunned, staring at his totalled pick-up as we drove away.

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