30. Roomies
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There was already a big grin on my face when I woke up ten minutes before my alarm could go off. I felt fantastic. I was full of energy, I wanted to dance and move and do something fun. I knew what my happy energetic mood meant, but I didn't let that bother me anymore. I made my peace with that over the summer.

By now I'd actually lost count of how many times it happened since Lily and I formed our pact. I was pretty shook up about it the first time, and I had a lot of mixed emotions about sending Lily after my dad, but that was a more subdued experience. Not a proper feeding, more of a light snack.

The second time she had a proper meal I spent a day or two reading the news and the obituaries. I was trying to guess which evil dead person might have been her most-recent meal. That turned out to be an exercise in futility and depression, simply because there were so many to choose from.

Was it the callous landlord who evicted people last winter? The cop who shot that unarmed guy a few years back, but never faced charges? Or that scummy politician who talked up LGBT issues during the election then once he got in office threw the queers under the bus? Or was it any of a hundred other people who's evil deeds never made the news? It sort of hit me, there could be a dozen Lilys feasting every night and they still probably wouldn't run out of food.

So I came to terms with it. I figured it was a pretty simple equation. Don't be evil and you won't get eaten by a sexy hungry demon. And if you were evil and did get eaten, well your loss was the rest of the world's gain. Not to mention it literally made my day, with a huge mood and energy boost.

And it was one of those days today. I had a huge grin and felt like dancing as I sat up and glanced at the clock. Half past six in the morning, Thursday October tenth. Yesterday had been another great day, also thanks to Lily. But not because of her dietary requirements.

Yesterday was my four-month 'Mara-versary'. It was four whole months since Lily brought me back from the dead and gave me this cute sexy body. And not a day went by that I wasn't grateful for it.

I practically leapt up out of bed onto my feet as I whispered, "Good morning Lily! How are you today?"

She sounded tired but happy as she replied, "I'm very well today Mara. I think I'll be taking a nap soon, so I'll trust you to stay out of trouble while I'm resting."

I sort of bounced naked out of my bedroom and giggled, "No promises! Have a nice nap Lily, I'll try not to wake you."

As I entered the little kitchen I pictured her rolling her eyes and shaking her head, but she was smiling as she receded from my awareness. I put a couple slices in the toaster then poured myself a glass of juice.

While I waited for the toast, I wound up dancing around the small kitchen. I tried to keep quiet as I danced and hummed, but a minute later I heard some movement as my best friend got up out of bed.

Melissa still looked half asleep as she stopped in the kitchen doorway. She was wearing a cute pink nightshirt covered in red hearts and white unicorns.

She yawned and rubbed her eyes, then after watching me for a few moments she shook her head and smiled.

"Uh-oh, Mara's dancing naked around the apartment at half-past six in the morning again."

I danced over to her and stretched up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then I danced back to the toaster when it popped. "Sorry cutie, I hope I didn't wake you."

"Nah," she yawned again. "My alarm got me up."

I had too much energy to sit down for breakfast, so I kept dancing and moving around the kitchen while I ate my toast. Melissa stepped past me and got the coffee machine going as she yawned again.

"You should see a doctor or something Mara. It's not normal to be so chipper this early in the morning."

I just giggled as I finished my toast, then grabbed my juice.

Melissa didn't know what made me so happy and gave me so much energy, she only knew it tended to happen every two or three weeks. And even though she sometimes teased me about it or pretended to complain about me being too cheery, I knew she secretly enjoyed it.

Ever since she figured out the excess energy and joy tended to make me a little extra horny, my super-happy-energy days tended to make her a little happier too.

She stood leaning against the counter watching me as she waited for her coffee. After a few moments she pouted, "It's not fair that you're in one of your moods on a day we have early classes. I won't be able to take advantage of you before it wears off."

I smirked and teased, "If you didn't take so long to get ready for school we'd have plenty of time. Skip the shower, forget about make-up, and don't bother with your hair. That'll give us two hours to mess around, fifteen minutes to get dressed, fifteen minutes to get to class."

Melissa made a face at me, "If we both show up with messy hair and no make-up everyone in class will know what we were up to."

"So what?" I giggled and danced over to her so I was almost touching her. "It'll just make half of them jealous, and the rest already hate us so who cares what they think?"

Melissa rolled her eyes as she watched me and waited for the coffee machine.

The two of us still weren't girlfriends, as far as I knew. We were best friends with significant benefits. We lived together, regularly slept together, and had semi-frequent sex. Actually maybe we were girlfriends after all? I certainly wasn't an expert on the subject, I'd never had a girlfriend before.

Though if we were girlfriends, it was definitely an open relationship. Both of us still flirted with other people, Melissa was going out on dates with other people all the time, and there wasn't any jealousy or anything between us.

Not that it really mattered anyways, whatever word people used to describe us didn't change who we were to ourselves and each other. All I cared about was we were both happy.

When the coffee was ready my not-girlfriend turned around and poured herself a cup, then added her sugar and cream. I'd finished my juice by that point and left the glass in the sink then I followed her out to our cosy living-room. Melissa sat on the sofa and sipped her coffee, and continued watching me as I danced naked in front of her.

I smirked and made a show of it, since I had an audience. I pretended I had a pole to dance around, and supplied my own sexy music. Though it probably wasn't all that sexy considering I was just humming it.

After another minute or two she commented "The worst thing is, nobody ever believes me when I tell them you get like this."

I giggled again and pointed out, "You could be filming this you know? I bet folks would pay a couple dollars for a video of silly naked dancing."

Melissa made a face, "Maybe if you didn't get this way so damn early in the morning I would? But it always happens when I'm too sleepy to mess around with camera settings."

After we moved in here, one of the first things I did was set up some lights and stuff in my bedroom so I could do nude pictures and sexy videos. Melissa held out for about two weeks before she did the same. We both made some money doing that every week, and like I figured it was a lot of fun. And of course we did some shoots and videos together, which were really popular.

Actually the way things turned out for both me and Melissa, I couldn't help wonder if maybe some of those legends Lily mentioned about herself were perhaps a little more true than she wanted to admit. Of course it could just be coincidence, but it seemed kind of interesting that I'd wind up doing online sex work for fun while my best friend turned out to enjoy looking like a porn star.

I wouldn't ask or tease Lily about it though, I knew the topic got her flustered. And for that matter I still didn't know anything about the deal she and Melissa made. I had no idea what Lily got out of that arrangement, and I never asked Melissa any specifics either. All I knew was my two best friends were happy with the outcome, which was all that really mattered.

While I continued trying to impress her with my sexy dance skills, Melissa slowly enjoyed her coffee.

Her mind was obviously not on me or my performance though, as she asked "Are we still going to your mom's place for the weekend?"

I pouted at her disinterest, but nodded "Yeah. She said we'll do the big dinner thing on Sunday, that way we're not rushing on Monday night to get back here? Like we can head back home early Monday afternoon or whatever."

It was thanksgiving weekend, and it felt like for the first time in ages we all had a bunch of stuff to be thankful for. Mom had a beautiful big house just under an hour north-west of the city. It was everything she dreamed of, with a huge yard and lots of mature trees, and even though the house was big it was still kind of cosy.

Her new place had four bedrooms and a garage. I thought compared to our little two bedroom bungalow it was like moving to a mansion. Me and Melissa each had our own room there which was really nice, and mom had a huge bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and everything. There was a comfy den and a nice dining room, and the kitchen was big and beautiful and I loved to cook when we visited. I was excited about getting to cook the big thanksgiving dinner this year.

I worried at first about mom being lonely, with me and Melissa living two hours away on the opposite side of the city and her having that huge house to herself. She got herself two cats and a dog though, and they seemed to be enough to keep her happy. They were all super adorable but the cats kept getting into trouble and the dog demanded loads of attention. Mom teased that the three of them did a pretty good job of filling in for me.

She was also really happy with the program she was taking at school. All three of us had only been in college for about five weeks now, but it was enough to get a feel for things.

Mom was studying psychology, she said it was something she'd been interested in for a while. She wasn't sure if she'd actually become a therapist or whatever, but now that she finally had the time and money she was excited to learn something useful. As for me and Melissa, we both loved our photography program, and the drama classes were fun too.

Eventually Melissa finished her coffee. She left the cup on the table by the sofa as she stood up and stretched once more. Then she said "Ok I'm going to have a shower. You try and keep out of trouble."

I flashed her a naughty grin and offered, "How about I join you? We can save some time if we shower together. Do something dirty and get clean at the same time?"

She gave me a look and for a moment I thought she was going to dismiss the idea. Then she smiled back at me and replied, "You know what? Yeah let's do that. It might help you burn off some of that energy and settle down before we have to get to class."

"Yay!" I did a little victory dance then hurried into the bathroom while she pulled off her nightshirt then followed me in.


~ End of Book 1 ~


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