Chapter 132: Start Of A Nightmare-3
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Farah's POV

-Farah, How long the barrier will last? (Lecia)

I use my mana and to examine the current state of the barrier.

-If the tree monster keeps exploding at this rate, the barrier will go down in one hour. (Farah)

-That doesn't sound good. Can you establish another barrier, Farah? (Lecia)

-I can. But this barrier needs to be broken first to activate an additional barrier. (Farah)

-Hmm, how long the new barrier will last then? (Lecia)

-Since I have more time to prepare for the barrier. It will last approximately four hours, even if those tree monsters keep exploding aggressively. (Farah)

Lecia seems to lose in her thought.

-Hmm! What's the best solution for now? (Lecia)

It takes a while for her to become normal.

-Farah? (Lecia)

-Yes? (Farah)

-I require your help on this after you finish setting up the next barrier. (Lecia)

Lecia places her hand on my shoulder and says.

-I need you to go with me to the South Camp after you finish setting up the barrier. (Lecia)

-Eh, we won't go back to our camp? (Farah)

Lecia shakes her head.

-We won't. Since the leader of the South camp was killed, I think the South camp will be in chaos now because of no one leading them. Additionally, many innocent people would die in that camp because of this monster wave. (Lecia)

-But is it dangerous to leave our group here and move on our own? (Farah)

-Don't worry, Farah. As long as we have your barrier and Nina leads them while I'm gone, then it will be fine. (aecia)

I make up my mind and tell her.

-I will go with you then! (Farah)

Lecia caresses my head.

-You did well when you fought against those men. You should take a break since we will head out in one hour. (Lecia)

-Uhm! (Farah)

After that, I go to the place where people in our group are resting. I can see Nina is going around and check up on people there.

-Oh, Farah! Are you here to take a rest? (Nina)

-Lecia tells me to take a rest since we head out in one hour. (Farah)

-Is that so? It's really like her. She must worry about the people in the South camp. (Nina)

I look around the area and see many people are resting beside me.

-Has everyone become normal yet, Nina? (Farah)

Nina looks at people who are resting.

-It takes a while for them to calm down. (Nina)

In the first hour, the tree has targeted people with the weak mentality and attacked them. After that, the tree monsters continue to grow and gradually affect more people.

-Nina! Are you going to take a break too? (Farah)

Nina declines my offer.

-I still have something to do. I can't rest now, Farah. (Nina)

-Uhm. (Farah)

After taking a rest and finish setting up the barrier, Lecia and I finally decide to head out.

-I will leave these girls in your hand, Nina. (Lecia)

-Leave it to me, sister! (Nina)

-Let's go, Farah. (Lecia)

-Yes! (Farah)

We go outside of the barrier and head straight to the South Camp.

After one hour, Lecia and I have finally reached the South Camp.

-Lecia! (Farah)

-Yes. (Lecia)

Lecia bites her lips when she witnesses the scene in front of her eyes. The place in front of me looks more like ruins instead of places for people to live.

-Tchh! I hope we can find a survivor. (Lecia)

Lecia turns to me and asks.

-Do you have any way of finding survivor Farah? (Lecia)

-Let me try! Transform! (Farah)

Once again, I have transformed into the daughter of mist form.

-You are in that form again. (Lecia)

-My sense is temporarily enhanced in this form. It will be exceedingly easier to find a survivor in this way. (Farah)

I close my eyes and start detecting the sounds nearby.

-I found it!  (Farah)

-Hum? (Lecia)

-I can hear sounds come from the two directions in front of us. (Farah)

Lecia's face becomes bright when I said that.

-Really? (Lecia)

-Yes! (Farah)

Lecia instantly commands me.

-Farah, you take the left direction. I will go in the right direction. We need to save as many people as possible. (Lecia)

-Uhm! (Farah)

I follow her commands and run in the left direction where the sound comes.

-Hmm, where is it? (Farah)

I look at my surroundings and find an enormous pile of rubble.

-It seems to be underneath here. (Farah)

I destroy the rubble with my hands and discover a door leading to the underground. I open the door and look inside.

-Is there anyone here? (Farah)

-We are over here! 

I instantly discover a group of kids and women underground.

-I come to rescue you guys. (Farah)

-Thanks, goddess!

The group cries after I said that.

-But I need you guys to stay here first! (Farah)

-Eh, you are going to leave us here?

I try reassuring them.

-I need to regroup with my friend to see if we find other survivors' groups. I will construct a barrier to ensure your safety before I leave. (Farah)

The woman who looks like the leader of the group stops me from leaving.

-There are four more shelters underground like this. (Group Leader)

She takes a map from her pocket and marks it on the map.

-You can easily find another shelter with this! (Group Leader)

I take a map and read it.

-Hmm. (Farah)

It seems we go in the right direction. There are two shelters on Lecia's side and three shelters on my side.

-Thanks a lot! I will go now. (Farah)

The woman says with a sincere tone.

-Please save everyone else! (Group Leader)

I smile and reply to her.

-Don't worry! Leave it to me. (Farah)

I wonder why everyone's face turning red after I said that.


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