Chapter 13 – Shizuka Hiratsuka 1
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Waking up, I bumped into something while heading to the toilet. With a loud thump, the stack of manga I had piled up had collapsed and scattered all over the floor. The manga I bought was delivered at night, and I was reading it last night.

I love reading manga, such a nostalgic feeling after reading manga that I knew before. The manga I read was still stacked near my bed.

Last night, Yukino must have been in a bad mood since not only she didn't make dinner for me. She also took my dessert tribute without talking to me at all. It seems my mistake this time was quite big.

Well, if you think about it… You went out with a fiance, he left you alone, and after not answering or message for a while. You find out he was with another girl in a coffee shop. Of course, you would be outraged. At least, your feelings were hurt.

After Yukino knew about my part-time job, she always made me breakfast. So after I finished my morning routine, she prepared my breakfast… a bowl of rice and soup miso without any other side dish. I could have just prepared my own breakfast. Still, I chose to take Yukino's breakfast. She was still in a bad mood. Maybe I tried another dessert tribute.

It was not that bad for breakfast.

The start of the school bell resounded and was heard from a long distance. The time for students was probably giving it their all to study within the classroom, or there maybe a couple of those students who would drift off to sleep in the middle of class.

I was different. I was looking up to my system. There were four features that I could use, which were Map, Event, Quest, and Status. But I didn't think I could use any of this. Status more likely was information about the girl. I couldn't see any status other than the girls.

While the event and quest were about something that happened before and the quest was I doing it, which was 'Ichika the Famous Actress.' but there was something different today

"I sometimes feel someone staring at me frequently today."

Yeah, I could feel it. Sometimes they take a peek at me, the quintuplet. Maybe, because of what happened yesterday. About what happened yesterday, I thought of how to make Ichika famous, but there was something I wanted to do before. I needed to take care of those guys who tried to scam Ichika. I didn't want to let go of them so easily.

As for Ichika, it was most important to introduce her to a good agency or manager since, in this world, she still didn't have a manager or agency.

I glance over at Ichika.


Our eyes met. She quickly averted her gaze and took her note once again. Ichika's face was blushing. She hung her head on her note.

Hm… Honestly, that was freaking adorable.


As soon as lunch break rang, Ichika came to me and invited us to eat together. Once again, I ate together with the quintuplet. That was what I thought, but this time just the two of us. When I went together with Ichika, I could feel Yukino's eyes staring at me.

But, there was no way I could reject Ichika's invitation. I meant the food was delicious in that canteen even though a bit pricey than an ordinary canteen. Also, I could see the maid. I didn't know if this fate or just a coincidence, but the maid that came was the same as the last I came here, Miyuki Kujou.

Her movement was elegant and could captivate people by it. Miyuki took our order and came back with our order. She put the food at the table with a graceful and swift movement. This time I was ordered curry rice with katsu. Once again, the food was delicious.

"Thank you so much for yesterday."

A very grateful smile appeared on Ichika's face. Her big shimmering eyes stared at me longingly. I gulped when I saw that. I mean, I never had another person staring at me like this. I nearly said something.

"...Well, You flatter me too much. I just helped you a little."

"Maybe you did a little, but for me, you are doing a lot. After all, you saved for something really nasty."

"That's true."

I weakly nodded, and Ichika smiled cutely. This cute short-haired girl had a very gentle smile on her face. On the one hand, she had a drink, and on the other hand, she was playing straw and mixed the drink very well.

This girl was very adorable. I still was not close enough with other quintuplets, but as far as I know. Ichika had the combination of both innocence and girlish manner than any of her other sisters.

"I wanted to talk about you becoming an actress."

"Oh, you want to talk about that."

"That's right. I think the best way for you to get a good agency or manager. Do you have someone in your mind?"

Ichika shook her head.

"I don't think so."

Well, I guess this would happen.

"So we need to find one, huh…"

I had several ways to search for a good agency or manager. The easiest way was asking help from Sae-sensei or Mr. Yukinoshita.

"So you have someone in mind."

Ichika sipped her drink and said, smiling…

"Yes, of course. There is someone that might be known about this."

"Impressive, just as I expected."

There was confidence, admiration, or trust in her eyes that looked at me.

"Well, you can trust me for this."

I told Ichika to believe in me at this. So after I finished my lunch, I went to a guidance counselor room where Sae-sensei was. I entered the room alone and saw Sae-sensei at her table. Sometimes I wondered why her in this school before I realized that there were several members of TSSD in this school.

This world was really crazy that young people have the power to be included in this government organization.

She just took a peek when I entered the room, and she back focused on her work.

"Hm, do you need something?" Sae-sensei asked me without looking at me.

"Can I destroy these people?" I asked Sae-sensei, whose hand stopped and glanced at me. I threw a business card from Ichika that she got from that bastard.

"Huh… What are you talking ab… Fuh…" Sae-sensei sighed deeply after saw my face. She changed her talks, "What happened?"

"Well, they tried to scam my friend, and I heard some bad rumors about them."

"Is that so…"

Sae-sensei took the business card, looking at it. She thought something before letting the business card go.

"Why not… If you can do it, just do it. But tell me before you do something crazy."

"I was surprised you gave permission."

"Well, these companies don't really matter much after all… also…"

Sae-sensei didn't continue her talk, but she just smirked happily. When I saw that, I knew she hid something for me. Also, she found this amusing.

Of course, I wanted to know what she was thinking, but right now, that was not really important. Since I have permission, I would do it fast.

"Ah… Do you have any acquaintances with agencies or managers?" I nearly forgot about this.

"Ah… Your friend wants to be an actress. I know someone. She was once an idol, though, but she started work as a manager after graduation this year. I will give you her number tomorrow. Just wait, okay…"

I nodded my head and left the guidance counselor's room and went back to the classroom.


"Yamada and Yukinoshita could come to the teacher's room after school, right?"

Shizuka Hiratsuka called me out when her class was over. Her face was quite serious, so the two of us didn't say anything to rebuke her. So after school Yukino and I went to the teacher lounge.

In the chair, Shizuka-sensei glared at me so hard that maybe I could hear the sound of her gaze. She wasn't half bad looking, so her glare had an unusually powerful effect. I was kinda overwhelmed.

"Did you know that someone has been making my work difficult?" She said with such sarcastic sound.

"Is that so."

The corners of her mouth twitched upward. "Yeah, someone has been sleeping in the class, and several teachers have complained to me."

"Ah… that's me." I resigned myself to her immediately.

"It's not that I'm mad at you, but… I hope you are more responsible since you are a smart student after all ." Shizuka-sensei's face didn't seem upset anymore.

"Well, I tried my best."

"You haven't tried joining any clubs, have you?"


"You don't have any thought to join any, right?"


"Just as I thought, I could tell…" Shizuka-sensei beamed with motivation. She nodded to herself, satisfied before she looked at me. "But still, your attitude toward the teacher or class needed to be fixed. So I'm ordering you to do some community service."

"What!? Community service? What do you want me to do?"

"Come with me." She ordered me. "You too, Yukinoshita."

Oh, I forgot she was in here too.

"But, I don't see what I need here." Yukino told Shizuka-sensei.

"No, you too. Okay…"

We flustered by her glare and furrowed brows, Yukino and I followed her.

We followed Shizuka-sensei until we arrived at the classroom with nothing written on the nameplate by the door. Desk and chairs were stacked up casually in one corner of the classroom. In the middle, there were two tables and several chairs.

"This is our clubroom. I want two of you to join this club."

"Eh, what do you mean, sensei?"

"This is your punishment. You will have to participate in this club's activities. I won't accept any arguments, disagreements, objections, questions, or backtalk. Think about what you did and repent it."

"What about me?" Yukino was still wondering why she was still in this place.

"I need you to straighten him and help this pitiful and lonely soul." Shizuka sensei said it exaggeratedly manner.

Yukino showed a bitter face but didn't say anything else.

"Welcome to the Service Club. We're happy to have you… two."

Shizuka-sensei welcomed us at her club.

"This is the club that helps students with their problems, and two of you are the members of this club."


You get an Important Quest

Thrive The Service Club

Helped as many students in Seiai Gakuen


I got a quest, and to my surprise, I could see Shizuka's status. This made me wonder how this system worked.


Name                  : Shizuka Hiratsuka

Age                      : 25 - Teacher of Seaia Gakuen

Likes                   : Ramen, Manga, watching anime, and Motorbike Riding

Relationship     : Student - Teacher

Affection           : Normal 10