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Hey everyone,

This is just a place for me to post any art, fanart, and maps made in relation to Lever Action.

If you have any art you want to share (it would make me immensely proud to display it!) just PM me and I'll post it with the latest chapter, as well as on this page! That is, after I shower you with many hugs as thanks!

Hope you enjoy!

Official Artwork:

Art by Oleg Tsoy

Typography by RavensDagger


Map by RavensDagger

Mountain and forest Assets by AoA on Cartography Assets

Map by RavensDagger

Mountain Assets by AoC on Campain Cartographer

Maps made in Wonderdraft using Gimp for details and Krita for any custom assets. Cities made using Watabou's Fantasy City Generator, then Gimp 2.0 to modify the generated city so that it can be used as a map asset. If you have any questions, ask away!

Links to assets and online programs used below!

Oleg Tsoy's Artstation: LINK

AoA's asset storefront: LINK

Watabou: LINK