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I stared across the desert. The sun was starting to set, and Rusty’s heat vision was finally being useful. I’d have to find a place to slow down. There were some rocks ahead that looked decent. A small outcrop that would keep us in the shade for a little longer.

Nothing too fancy, but serviceable.

Looking for a place to stop for the night, focusing on moving Rusty along at a slow and even pace, it wasn’t much, but it was distracting me.

I had a problem. What my mother had once described to me as a “lady issue” and not the unpleasant messy sort. I shifted, eyes darting away from the desert ahead.

I heard Clin shuffle behind me, and made the mistake of twisting around to look at him. Moving my hips meant rubbing up against the saddle seat I was perched on. My pants rode up and rubbed at my core and sent the faintest tingle of teasing warmth up my spine.

Gritting my teeth, I tried to stay focused, but by the gods, I was a grown woman, and I had some serious urges at times. Usually, I was alone in Rusty’s cabin. Just me, my twenty-ton friend, and a lot of lonely deserts. A girl could get a lot done in an hour-long pause with her fingers and a few conveniently shaped tools.

Now I had Clin.

He was a client, of sorts. A friend, sure, but still a client, and it wouldn’t be professional to do anything of that sort with him. If he was even willing.

The bigger issue was that my little problem wasn’t new. I couldn’t pin when it’d started, but there was a growing warmth in my core that had been gnawing and burning hotter for a couple of days now. It would subside and return with a vengeance every time I thought it had passed.

There was no way for me to find a quiet moment to myself either. Rusty's cabin was smaller than some closets, and our breaks weren’t all that long.

Not that I hadn’t tried. The night before. Or maybe that morning. While lying down on Rusty’s hand, Clin’s soft breathing just a few metres away. It didn’t amount to much, just more frustration before I buckled my pants back up and tried to sleep.

I thought that might’ve been the end of it, but right then, the need, the hunger was so strong I felt like I was moments away from starving.

“Clin,” I said.

“Hmm?” the elf asked.

I paused, licking my lips to wet them. How in the world was I supposed to work up to asking something like that? Just ask Clin to give me an hour alone in the mecha? That would be long enough for me, I figured, and if he commented on anything after, I could always shoot him.

Still, I might’ve been a blunt sort of woman, but I had some pride and under that a lingering bit of shame. “How does... sex work for elves?”

Not exactly what I meant to ask, but I could work up to it. Clin wasn’t too knowledgeable, maybe I could pass off needing some woman-alone-time as a purely natural, human thing.

“I... would assume it’s mostly the same as with humans. At least mechanically. The gestation period is a little longer. Pregnancy lasts about a year, more or less.”

“Right, right,” I said.

“Why the question?” he asked.

Of course he’d ask. “Is it taboo for an elf to fuck a human?”

“I don’t think we’d use that particular word to describe the act of lovemaking, but no, it’s not entirely taboo.” Clin shifted. “Are you well, Charlie?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said.

I walked Rusty a bit harder and a bit faster, the heavy thumps of the mecha’s legs blunting out any conversation for a few minutes.

If I expected the rush of blood to my cheeks to help anything, then I was a fidiot. The heat was worse than before. I could feel the wetness shifting with every motion of my legs. I thought maybe bringing Rusty to a stop in a nice, secured spot would help. Unplugging myself from the mecha’s controls sent that all too familiar wave of dizziness through me.

That didn’t help either. I couldn’t believe that I was feeling both dizzy and hornier than a sandwyrm in spring.

“Charlie?” Clin asked.

I pulled my hands out of the control gauntlets, then pushed the ring interface off of my head. “Clin, I’mma give you two options here,” I said. “You either step out of the mecha and give me a couple of quiet hours to take care of a few things, or you help me get off.”

“Get off? You mean intercourse?”

“We don’t call what I plan on doing intercourse. Rutting, fucking, plowing, but not that. Maybe, if someone is particularly good at it, I’d call it lovemaking, but I’ve never rightly experienced that myself,” I said.

I didn’t dare look back. I don’t know why. Clin’s face hardly ever showed any emotion, and it wasn’t like his rejection would rightly hurt.

“Well, I’ve... I’m honoured? I’ve... never done it with a human woman before.”

I blinked. “But you’ve fucked a man before?”

“Pardon? No, no, I’ve... no humans,” he said.

I pushed the gauntlets up. It didn’t make much more room, but it was some more. “So,” I said, cutting across to the crux of the matter. I stood up, or at least did the best I could in the bit of space I had in the cabin. My pants almost had to be peeled off the seat.

Fuck, I could hardly think straight. I was like a water-starved fool who knew that an oasis was just around the corner.

“I... suppose I don’t mind?” Clin said. “It would be an experience, at least.”

“Oh, good,” I said. The surge of relief was a little unexpected, like cool waters flowing down my back. I turned and found that Clin was pulling himself to his feet as well. “Right, stay right there,” I said as I fell to my knees.

“Pardon?” Clin asked. He moved back, pressing himself against the rear of the cabin as I reached over and grabbed at his belt and started to fiddle with the latch. “Oh, oh, I see,” he said.

I tugged his belt until it came undone, then fiddled with the buttons at the front of his pants. For all that Clin was acting a little demure about it, I could feel his pressing against the inside of his pants.

Then I tugged his trousers down, underwear and all. His erection bounced up, and I stared at it for a moment.

“Is everything... well?” Clin asked. He sounded a little tense.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, just wasn’t sure what to expect. Never saw an elf dick before,” I said. It wasn’t too unusual. Longer than I’d seen, but thinner. The head was less flared, more... streamlined?

I snorted to myself, and the dick twitched. “Oh, don’t worry,” I said. “This’ll do just fine.”

“Thank youuu—” his words stretched out as I leaned forwards and took his head in with a swipe of my tongue. There was wetness there. Nothing too terrible. I’d had some... interesting experiences before, but Clin kept himself clean, even with all the adventures we’d been having.

His cock hardened as I ran my tongue along the bottom of the shaft. Then I brought my free hand up and started to stroke it. Carefully, forwards and back. No actual sucking, no touching with the teeth. I wasn’t some artisan or two-bit whore who could get a man off with five strokes and a kiss, but I knew more or less what I was doing.

“W-why did you, ah, start this way?” Clin asked.

I tilted my head back a bit, eyeing him up with one eyebrow raised. I pulled my head back, letting go of the tip with a wet pop. “Ain’t that what men want?” I asked.

“I... suppose?” he said, uncertain.

“Look, I ain’t no blushing virgin. I’ve fucked my share of beaus with silver tongues. I’ve made some mistakes, like all women do before they learn better.” I’d been with some good lays, some worse. A few had thought a few punches or a couple of hard pinches were alright. Those were the sort of men I left with regrets and missing limbs the next morning. I’d been taken rough a time or two, and it wasn’t always unenjoyable.

Had to find my pleasure where I could out in the wastes. Had to look out for myself too. I was a pragmatist first and foremost.

“Oh, that seems, well, I suppose if that’s how you enjoy it?”

I barked a laugh. Hardly, but that’s how it worked.

I got back to work, head bobbing back and forth. Clin was too damned big to take all the way in, not unless I wanted to choke myself, so I did what I could with my tongue and hands, stroking evenly and carefully, licking for all I was worth. Clin didn’t speak a word, but his breathing, and his constant hitches were enough to tell me I was doing things right.

I hadn’t noticed him taking care of his own business over the last couple of days; he had to be nearly as pent up as I was. Or maybe being a prudish elf made it so that sort of thing didn’t matter to him?

Then I felt it—the first big twitch, his balls bouncing up, his breath cutting off for a moment. “C-Charlie,” he breathed.

I’d never truly enjoyed giving head. It was just one of the steps along the way. Some women described it as a moment of control, of power. I didn’t get it. Control was being in power, not having a dick shoved down your throat while some grabby guy tugged on your hair.

But as pent up as I was.. I could feel the juices pooling in my underthings. My breasts felt hard and raw in my blouse, and when I brought a hand up to grab one it hurt in the best way.

Then I lowered that same hand and pressed it down the length of my mons and between my legs. It was warm down there, warm and humid, and just the simple act of pressing let me feel the wetness through the cloth of my pants.

I was so distracted by my own core burning that I almost choked when the first little spurt of cum spilled out of Clin’s dick.

Pulling my head back, I aimed his shaft to the side and gave it a couple more pumps while working my tongue over my lips. Salty and... sweet. Sweeter than any man I’d been with, at least.

Clin doubled over, eyes closed, his expression twisted in a way I’d never seen before. He grabbed himself, his hand incredibly warm over my own, and with both our hands together, he finished himself off.

“I, I... thank you,” he said.

I laughed. I’d only ever been thanked a few times for this, always by some poor boy that I figured was good enough for the evening, the sort who had a few hairs on their chin and more gusto than common sense.

“Yeah, you’re welcome,” I said.

I’d need to clean off the floor later. Nothing a bit of sand wouldn’t rub off.

Pressing a hand against the cabin’s wall, I rose awkwardly until I was standing next to Clin. “You going to need long?” I asked.

“Long for what?” he asked.

“If you don’t give me a good dicking after I busted my knees, I will be severely disappointed,” I said.

“Oh,” he replied. “Yes, I should be, ah.” He glanced down, and I followed his gaze. It seemed as though elves were good for more than one go.

I nodded, then reached over to one of the panels in the cabin wall and pulled a metal bottle from it. I took a pull, swished it around my mouth, then spat it to the side before swallowing a few mouthfuls of water. “Here,” I said as I passed it over to him.

“Thank you,” he said as he took it.

I turned around as best I could in the small cabin, then I reached down the front of my pants and undid the buckle there. The moment I pulled my trousers down, there was a distinct smell in the air, one that had some blood rushing to my cheeks. I didn’t know if it was something Clin would even recognize.

I bent forwards a little, taking in the front of my underthings with the large wet stain down their middle. I was more than a little ready.

Reaching down, I pulled my pants up again, then lowered both the trousers and panties in one go. I’d admit to myself that there was a bit of shame there. Don’t rightly know why it was that us women folk weren’t meant to feel good about it, but the shame lingered anyway.

I bent down and shifted my legs as wide as they’d go, then I closed my eyes. “Alright,” I said. “If you’re gonna stick it in my rear, at least do my pussy first.”

“Um pardon?” Clin asked.

I opened my eyes and looked back. Clin was standing there, crooked to avoid banging his head on the ceiling, and dick in hand. I nodded my head back, towards my rear. “Come on, fuck me already.”

“I... see. Is this how you usually do it?” he asked.

“Yes? Sometimes on a bed. Some men like it when the woman’s face is against the mattress, others don’t mind you being on all fours.”

“You haven’t had the most gentle of experiences, have you?” Clin asked. There was a tiny hint of pity there.

I glared. “If you want to wait outside instead, that’s an option too,” I said.

Clin sighed. I stiffened as his hand pressed against my back, then slid down until it was over one hip, warm and tingly through the coarse material of my blouse.

“Need me to guide you in?” I asked. I didn’t want it to sound as breathy as it did, but it was too late for that.

His other hand pressed down over my hips, then he leaned in over me. I closed my eyes, expecting the press, the push, the penetration. He was taller than I was, broader at the shoulder and so much bigger.

His hand slid down under my shirt, then around and over the taut muscles of my stomach.

“What are you—” I started to ask.

His hand moved down, fingers brushing past my sex. They became instantly wet.

His long middle finger slid down, slow and gentle, until it was barely touching my hole. His other fingers started to move, a slow, undulating motion that spread and opened and let me go over and over again. He was matching my breathing, increasingly frantic as it was. “Is this how you want it?” he asked.

“J-just fuck me, already,” I growled even as he moulded himself to me. His breath tickled the hair by the back of my neck.

His other hand reached up, no longer staying by my hip. It moved under my shirt. Both arms under there made the entire thing ride up along my sides with a slow scrape that drove me mad. The hand settled over a breast, and ever so gently, he squeezed.

The muscles of my torso twitched, my head fell forwards, and I had to tighten my grip to the chair to stop myself from falling as my legs wobbled. “F-fuck,” I swore. I could feel a long drop of my juices flowing down the inside of my thigh, down to my knees where my pants were.

Then Clin moved up. I felt the head of his dick push into my quivering pussy. I almost told him not to, told him to wait. But that’d never amounted to much before.

He pushed in, and I shut my eyes as everything popped.

I felt him moving, a hot spear pushing into my core and making me feel so hot.

He was slow, methodical. His fingers never stopped their little undulating motion, sending shivers up my spine the entire time. Then he bottomed out, and I gasped involuntarily. “There,” he said, a whisper at the back of my neck.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Are you, uh, gonna start?” I asked.

“Start?” he replied.

“Fucking me, dammit,” I said.

Clin sighed. “I suppose. Like this?”

He shifted back, dick dragging out of me like a slow piston, then back in, just as carefully.

“No, no, not like that,” I said. It was good, gentle, and... nice. Not something I’d ever call a fucking. Fucking was good in the sense that it left me feeling full and sore in a good way, and I didn’t need to worry about that need for a while, but it wasn’t nice.

“Then how?” he asked.

“Harder,” I explained.

He pulled out, not all the way out, but nearly, then he shifted his hands back to my hips. “Like this?” he asked before plowing into me.

I wasn’t entirely ready, my guard having slipped, my hands in the wrong place. I stumbled forwards half a step, legs caught in my trousers. I nearly fell onto my control chair, but I clung on while Clin pulled out.

That had been a lot. It might have hurt in that good way a fucking did if I wasn’t dripping as I was. “Yeah.” I said.

He rammed into me again, fingers digging into the flesh around my hips, cock going in deep enough that it hurt when he bottomed out, a sharp, distant pain lost in all the unbelievable pleasure.

The fucking continued. A minute, then two, then more. Clin’s breathing became laboured, letting out the occasional grunt of effort as he continued to ram into me over and over again. The heat built in my core until it spilled over. It was harder than the last, but I was hanging off my throne and Clin never stopped even as my pussy twitched around him.

Clin only slowed down some time later. “I’m about to,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Inside?” he asked.

I shrugged. What did it matter?

Clin groaned and pushed into me one last time. I felt him twitching deep inside. He fell onto me, hard breathing tickling the back of my neck. “That was,” he said.

“Yeah,” I replied. I’d gotten off too, which was nice. Didn’t happen every time. Or even most of the time.

Clin let out a deep breath, and I felt his hips shift before his shaft pulled out of me. The damned thing was going hard again. It flopped out, and with it came a familiar wetness that leaked down the insides of my thighs. That would be annoying for a while, I knew.

“Turn around?” he asked.

“What?” I replied.

“Just... sit on your bench, facing me,” he said before standing as best he could in the cramped interior.

It was a good thing it was trending towards nightfall and the temperature outside was dipping, otherwise the warmth in the cabin would have been just plain dangerous. “What, you’re not done?” I asked.

“Well,” he said.

I stood, more juices leaking out of me and down to my knees where I knew they’d soil my pants. A glance down revealed that he was already at half mast again, and getting larger. “Damn,” I muttered. I hesitated. I was going to be sore for the rest of the day as it was already. Then again, I’d started all of this. “Just plug it in my rear,” I said before turning back around and bending over again.

“Sit, please?” he asked.

I didn’t know what he wanted. To fuck me on my control seat? Was it some sort of power play, to take me in the place where I was at my strongest? “Fine,” I muttered. I moved over to my seat and sat myself down on the edge of it. “Happy?” I asked.

Clin came over, then to my surprise, he dropped to his knees.

“What are you,” I began.

The elf leaned forwards and pressed the flat of his tongue over my pussy.

“Oh, oh,” I said. I sat up straighter, hips bucking forwards almost involuntarily to give him better access even as I struggled to pull a leg out of my pants. Clin helped by placing a knee in the seat of my trousers so I could tug my foot out.

I spread myself wide for him, and... let him do what he was doing.

This wasn’t a first for me, but it was a damned rarity.

He pressed his head in between my thighs, and I found myself rocking with the licks. “You’re... pretty good at this,” I said.

“Thanks,” he replied. Then he shoulders my thighs up, and licked across my rear. I felt the muscle there tightening against the sudden invasion, and I only just managed to hold back a gasp.

Clin alternated, keeping me on my toes as he split his attention above and below. That, right there, really was a first. He brought a hand up and around, pushing the front of my shirt away when it got in the way.

I started to unbutton it. It was, I figured, the least I could do. Also, it was warm in the cabin, so hot I could feel beads of sweat kissing my stomach as they rolled off of me. The fresh air across my chest helped.

Clin stood, his shoulders stuck out so that I could hook my knees onto them, and with a slight forward bend, he brought his shaft closer. “Uh, how do... I’ve never done this.”

“Anal?” I asked. “Just, go slowly. It’s better that way.”

I’d been with some folk that didn’t understand that well enough. “Alright,” he said. The head of his cock hovered down, and for a moment, I could see the appeal of being where I was.

He pressed in, and I held back a wince at the initial pain of everything opening up, but Clin was slow, slow and careful.

I reached down and started to rub at my nub with my thumb, my forefingers soaking in some of my wetness. Reaching down, I grabbed at his shaft and wetted it a little.

Something clicked inside me. The growing warmth, the attention my nub had been getting, the almost-pleasant soreness, and that push in my rear. It spilled over, the world going hazy for a moment even as I let out a moan that I truly didn’t want to let escape.

Clin bottomed outup, then pulled back while I was still in the throes of it. “I, this is enjoyable,” Clin said.

“Yeah,” I breathed.

“I don’t know if I can last all that long,” he continued, “not after, after the last two.”

“Just, go for it,” I said.

He started to fuck me in earnest, little grunts every time his hips connected with mine and his balls tapped the edge of my seat. The elf fell forwards, and I slid my knees off of his shoulders while keeping my legs as spread as they would go.

I.... hugged him. I didn’t know what took me, but he was right there before me, face nearly pressed into the crook of my neck. It felt right, and I likely wasn’t thinking all that straight.

Clin started fucking me faster, wild, disjointed pumps, like a man on the very edge... and then he stopped, and I felt him shivering in my grasp. “Ah,” was all he said as he pulled out.

He stayed in the hug for a moment, panting. “Thanks,” I said as I let go. Likely some part of my brain finally kicking in as I sat up a little straighter.

Clin leaned in closer and pressed his lips to mine.

I moved into the kiss, mouth opening, tongue reaching out, eyes closing—

I pushed Clin back. “We need to get things done,” I said. Firm, decisive.

Bending forwards, I noted that one boot had fallen off, my pant leg was reversed, and my inner leg was a mess. I dressed while Clin shifted, awkwardly, a step away from me.

“Got a lot to do, and not much light left to do it in,” I explained. I stood up, pulling my pants up with me. There was the familiar wetness of soiled clothes brought tight against equally soiled skin. I’d be leaking all damned night, I knew. “You know how it is. This was just... a needed thing.”

“Right, yes,” Clin replied as he started to tuck his junk away and smooth out his clothes. “I... understand.”

I opened Rusty’s cabin and stepped out.

I was a woman with simple needs, and they’d been more than fulfilled. That was it. I was good for a long while, I told myself.

Still, I couldn’t help but think of that kiss at the end.



I'm still very new at writing sexier things, so forgive me if the quality is lacking! I hope you enjoyed this! It took a couple of weeks to write, and I had a lot of help from more experienced writers along the way! Much <3 to them!