Chapter 109 – Roots
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"You look...different," Tsunade curiously looked at Jay.

"Yeah? Different how?"

Konan sat on the sofa beside Tsunade, untwisting her body as Jay walked over, "I've seen this before. You look more alive."

Jay scratched his cheeks, sitting down beside her, smiling, "Hm, maybe I am. By the way, it's time to take you back to prison."

Konan hugged him from the side, closing her eyes, "yeah, I get it."

Jay kissed her forehead, "it won't be for long."

Konan nodded, without saying anything when Jay glanced towards Tsunade, "I'll be back."

He and Konan changed into scarlet mist, disappearing, making Tsunade blink for a moment.

She raised her eyebrow before raising her hands, stretching her body, "now...what to do? There is nothing to do at home."


Jay walked out of the cell after tying Konan back in her place. As much as he wanted to release her now, he would need permission for the act.

He walked to the end of the passageway, looking at Anko sitting on the chair, with her head on the table, sleeping.

He smiled, moving his hands towards her to stroke her head when Anko held his hand, looking up, "Oh, Sensei."

She raised her body, "you are late."

Jay walked over, sitting down on the desk in front of her. He pulled the chair closer with his feet, "Yes, sorry about that. I did leave a nice illusion for just in case scenario, didn't I?"

Anko put her head on his thigh, closing her eyes, "yeah. Sleepy."

Jay stroked her head, smiling, "then sleep."

"Stay here...for a while?"

"Yeah." He stayed for an hour before the next shift came. Since she couldn't leave without Konan back, she had to take the night shift too.

But now, it was time was her morning shift, which she had to do too.

When there was time for the shift change, another ninja came over to change but didn't find Jay sitting.

It was as if he couldn't see Jay sitting at the table or walk by him. He walked out towards the village.

The sunken ground had been raised, the debris had been cleared, and the things had been salvaged.

Most of the place was filled with tents, and the others were working, creating a new foundation for the village.

He walked over to the center, where the Hokage building used to be. There was a much larger tent and not much decoration inside as he stepped inside. His eyes landed on Minato, smiling, "aren't you done with Nagato and Konan?"

Minato looked up, still confused over what the situation was, scratching his head with the pen, "yeah, about that. There are some problems with their stories, some discontinuities."

"That might be my fault," Jay stroked the back of his head, smiling.

Minato blinked, narrowing his eyes, "hm, so you did do something. I was surprised when I heard their stories and the way they just gave up. Will this hold?"

"Yeah, it should. If not, then I have something else that those two wouldn't be able to refuse."


"Where are those six bodies? I need one of them."

Minato leaned back, letting out a sigh, "just keep it a secret from most."

"Sure. You know me, I am very stealthy," Jay chuckled.

"Right, take Naruto and Sasuke too. Things are starting to pick up. It would be better if you finished their training," Minato put the pen on his chin, deep in thought.

Jay walked towards the exit before he started giving more orders, "Ok."

"And..." Minato was about to say something when Jay shot a look back, "ask Tsunade if you want a bee worker!"

"Wait, we have guests from Thunder Village! I got the report from borders that they are coming. I want you to handle them."

"Why me?" Jay scratched his head. Ordinarily, he wouldn't listen to it, but then Minato wouldn't ask him without reason.

Minato laughed, "well, you are pretty, and two of them are women."

Jay rubbed his chin, "hm, ok. I'll do it. For the village, of course."

Minato laughed, "right, for the village."

Jay was about to leave the tent when he realized that he didn't ask where Pain's bodies were. He walked back, asking about the whereabouts before going to another of the Roots facilities.

He waved the guards guarding them to go away, looking at the five bodies wrapped around in cloth, with seals to preserve them.

"Tenseiga," Jay raised his hand, and through scarlet flames, a sword made of white light appeared in his hand. It transformed into a long katana.

But rather than swinging it, Jay raised his hand, and the scarlet fire burned everything. The cloth and seal on Yahiko's bodies burned down when Jay swung the sword.

The chakra rods came out, the wounds healed, and the body restored to its prime. When Yahiko was killed.

His eyelids trembled, but before he opened his eyes, Jay raised Tenseiga, "Book of the End."

The katana turned into bookmarked shaped tsuba, with which he cut Yahiko before he woke up.

The weapon turned into white particles, disappearing in the air when Yahiko opened his eyes.

He blankly looked around, sitting up, "Hm? Jay? What is going on? Are you dead too?"

Jay chuckled, "No, you are the one who has come back to life. Welcome."

"Huh? What?"

"A lot has happened. I'll tell you everything."