Chapter 27
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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


Time was really flying fast, my 30th birthday had pa.s.sed and in less than two years your 30th birthday came.

From now on we were officially two old men.

My birthday present was you

What about your birthday present?

I guarantee that you couldn't even imagine it.

“Come,” I took your hand and sat you down, pointing to a red book on the table, “Sign your name.”

“Why? To sell myself?”

Tch, your alertness was really high.

“I also signed it, look at it if you don't believe me.” I let you take a little peek, “I have printed my fingerprint on it, I'm very sincere.”

“In the end what is this? Are you going crazy again?"

“Don't ask anymore, you will know after you sign it first, come on, be good, listen to me and quickly sign it."

I continuously coaxed you, in the end, you hesitate, but still signed your name, I then turned it over and let you look at the cover, it was——a crimson colored marriage certificate.

The first page contained our two-inches colored picture, we looked a little silly.

And then there was our resident ident.i.ty number, our certificate of residence, our physical examination certificates and the most special confirmation,

The above statement: Marriage between two legitimate male citizens, is hereby certified.

Finally, there were an official bright red seal and both of our signatures.

“Hehe, from now on I'm justifiable.” Looking at your surprised expression, I took the opportunity to quickly kiss your lips, a man already 30 years old was still this adorable, sinful truly sinful.

“You……Where did you get this……”

“You don't need to know the details, in any case from now on I'm being protected under the law, you can't throw me away."

You stared at me making a nauseous expression, I happily pulled your hand over and took out a platinum ring that had been hidden in my chest long enough to warm it up, when I put this simple trap on your left-hand ring finger, my hand was oddly trembling.

“It looks good." After a long silence, I said.

“Oh,” your voice was not very stable.

“Now can you wear it for me?” I handed you another ring, you took it very slowly, slowly and solemn.

I gave you my hand, watching you take it and try hard to put the ring on, I didn't know between the two of us who were more nervous, half a day had pa.s.sed and you had still not succeeded, your forehead were covered with a thin layer of sweat, I was unceasingly surprised.

“You……Hey! Didn't you notice that the size of the two rings are the same?”

Suddenly you fiercely scolded me, you picked up the ring that was originally mine and easily slipped it on your right-hand ring finger.

“I'm really—–stupid!!”

“Yes ah, maybe when I ordered the ring I said both in your size … …” I dejectedly said. I remembered that at that time I was very nervous, I really did make a mistake.

“Idiot.” This time you said it was very softly, you even had a smile on your face. I pitifully looked up at you and found that you were smiling, but at the same time, your cheeks were streaming with tears.

The hot liquid flowed to my hands. I licked it, it was salty and slightly bitter, but when I looked at you, those eyebrows, those eyes, those lips, were all smiling, a very sincere smile that was incomparably brilliant.

I embraced your shoulders, I took off the wrong sized rings and softly asked you:

“Shall we go exchange it tomorrow?”

You took the initiative to kiss me, in fact, I also knew that the question was nonsense, therefore I stopped talking, the mouth, sometimes one could do more creative things with it, talking was a waste.

I remember that night when we made love very carefully without any plans, obviously, our bodies had already been familiar with each other, but that night it seemed to have a new meaning.

The new meaning was, from that night on we had begun our secret marriage.

We used our new ident.i.ty, and once again, we had each other.

I also knew that night you thought I had fallen asleep, you leaned over and whispered gently into my ear:

“Thank you, I will always remember that, when I was thirty years old, we got married, I'll remember it for a lifetime——thank you, I, love you."

You certainly didn't know that after listening to you, I mouthed my answer:

“This is one thing I have always wanted to do for the two of us, don't say thank you, we are a family now, I, love you too."

The reason why I didn't say it out loud was because I was afraid that you were sensitive, definitely not because I suddenly felt embarra.s.sed.

Although we could only have this simple and secret wedding, but our feelings, are the frankest and forthright.

I have always firmly believed that.