Chapter 28
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“I want to give you my everything

I want to personally mold your dreams

Can we bury some of our memories in the wall?

Wait until there are only the two of us——we will look back at our story

You don't have to ask me if I will always be yours

Because even in the time when you're old, my love will never fade............. ”

In the end was this poem written by Yi to Qi, or by Qi to Yi?

Both of them were determined to deny it, claiming they would never write such nauseating things.

Therefore we have no way of knowing the truth.

But this poem, I have found within the inner pocket of both Yi and Qi


I really,

Don't know ^ ^

——The full text is finished at last, it's tiring to death——-

15P 7H 6SM is finished!! YAY! ❤ 

Can I get some feedback on it?

and and I just got the permission from the author of this novel that I was thinking of translate after this one, I’ll tell you guys later if I decide to translate it