Israel’s Situation
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Kiryat HaMemshala, Kiryat HaLeom, Jerusalem
9 AM IST (Israel Standard Time)
Prime Minister's Office, Jerusalem
January 4, 2020

A/N: There is no COVID in this timeline, and I know that the normalization agreement is early

The news of the drone strike that killed the Iranian General emerged from every news outlet concerns the Prime Minister of Israel as he expects a heavy retaliation from Iran knowing that the particular individual is an important figure in Iran. With this situation in mind, The Prime Minister had already ordered the IDF to be on high-alert as every Arrow, David's Sling, and Iron Dome ABM networks are scanning the skies for any projectiles from missiles to artillery shells as he can't afford to have civilian casualties during his administration especially when Iran is likely to attack.

As the situation in the Middle East escalated, The Prime Minister started reviewing papers regarding the Israel - United Arab Emirates normalization agreement to normalize relations with the UAE and the proposed annexation plan of the West Bank. As he is reviewing every content of the papers, especially the annexation of the West Bank, a violent earthquake suddenly hit the nation of Israel as the Prime Minister immediately ducked for cover under the table with his guards trying to shield him from the debris.

5 Minutes Later

As the earthquake ended, The Prime Minister with his bodyguards trying to cover him would get back up as the Prime Minister would be escorted by his bodyguards to get to a safe place in case of another quake has struck again until his Secretary rushed onto him in his left side with urgency while he was being escorted by his guards.

"Prime Minister, I have a situation report, sir." The secretary said as he looked at the Prime Minister.

"Ah, Secretary Sharon," The Prime Minister said looking at Secretary Nathaniel Sharon. "Situation report immediately, We can't afford another violent earthquake in our hands as our economy is tied right now."

"Uh, GSI (Geological Survey of Israel) has reported a 8.9 earthquake with an intensity scale of X" and as he browsed the next page. "Our communication networks are down and we are trying our best to get it back up..."

"I see, Go on." The Prime Minister said.

He browsed to the next page again. "The Palestinian Authority is requesting for aid and casualty report is around 2,000 - 3,000 casualties."

"Is that all?" The Prime Minister asked.

"N-No sir, We have lost all forms of contact with the United States and the rest of the world... Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already verified this matter as they are trying to request foreign aid from the US." The secretary said reading this report as he is shocked about this report.

"W-what?! How could this happen?" The Prime Minister said flabbergasted, "Are you sure about this? Confirm this report now and assemble everyone at the conference room for an Emergency Meeting!" he said with urgency.

"I-I'll get onto that Prime Minister..." Nathaniel Sharon said as he would rush back inside despite risks of an aftershock just to call for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also other Cabinet officials as they are being called for an emergency meeting.

"We lost contact? I don't believe this... Oh well, I think I'll have to find out during the emergency meeting..."
The Prime Minister said in his mind as he can't believe that they just lost contact with the foreign world of all things as he watched Jerusalem burn by fires and heard sirens blaring at a distance.

Rabin Square, Tel Aviv
9:30 AM IST
Evacuation Center

The city of Tel Aviv, once a beautiful and modern city is now ravaged by a violent earthquake as multiple fires across Tel Aviv's districts occur as the Fire Department is trying their best to contain the fires while EMS leads rescue efforts to find any people trapped in the rubble and then treat them back to the evacuation center at Rabin Square.

Police are also doing their best as law enforcement is maintaining law and order across the city especially the evacuation center as it was a chaotic scene especially when a commanding officer of the IDF is leading combined efforts to help the population of Tel Aviv.

"You there, get that fucking wounded person back in the medical tents ASAP!" The IDF's Commanding Officer said as he is directing two police officers carrying a wounded man.

"Sir, We are running out of medical supplies!" One IDF private said in urgency.

"Then call command to requisition for more medical supplies! We are being overwhelmed with wounded here!" The IDF CO replied back with a shout as the IDF Private runs back to call command.

"At this rate, emergency services here in the city will be overwhelmed and supplies will be in a deficit..." The CO said in his mind as the situation in the evacuation center is getting dire as supplies may.

The evacuation center is getting dire and dire as time passes, with scuffles and desperation being a common sight that the evacuation center in Rabin Square is right now.

Kiryat HaMemshala, Kiryat HaLeom, Jerusalem
10:05 AM (IST)
Prime Minister's Office, Jerusalem

Conference Room

The Prime Minister and his Secretary were already in the Conference Room as they are waiting for the rest of the cabinet to arrive at the conference room as this was an urgent situation for Israel that it lost contact with the foreign world and there may be serious problems like the Palestinian terrorists that will take advantage of this chaos, economic downfall, and unrest that may cause the collapse of Israel.

As they waited, a door opened presenting the group of advisors that will try their best to help the Israeli PM to control the situation and also to report any issues regarding Israel as of now.

"Good morning Gentlemen, please take your seats." The Prime Minister said as the officials took their seats as he then started his opening statement. "Gentlemen, I believe we have a nationwide crisis at hand, What is the situation regarding our military right now" he said as he looked at the defense minister.

"The IDF is in a middle of reorganizing right now as communications with other bases are down." The Defence Minister Norman Katz said.

"I see, How about the Palestinians?"
The Prime Minister asked.

"Communication is unreliable right now but, Palestinian militants stopped attacking IDF bases at Gaza from what I heard and the leader of the Palestinian Militants is requesting a meeting with you sir regarding the crisis."
Katz said.

"Good, arrange a meeting with him tomorrow, Katz." The Prime Minister replied.

"I'll get onto that Prime Minister."
Katz said as he will confirm that order.

"Now, How about our economy?"
The Prime Minister said as he looked at the Economic Minister, Andrei Kopylov.

"T-The economy is in a fragile state, Prime Minister..."
Kopylov said in disbelief as the foreign trade is all but lost...

"W-What?! How could this happen?! First we lost contact with the foreign world and now trade?!" The Prime Minister replied in disbelief and a bit of rage as the economy is taking a dip.

"At this point sir, we would have a shortage of fuel, goods and foodstuffs and we'll have to implement rationing and price control measures if we don't want the situation to worsen."
The economic minister said recommending these actions to the Prime Minister.

"We'll go with your actions but, We'll have to implement an austerity measure even if it means for the Israeli population to riot."
The Prime Minister said as he is confident and concerned when enacting such measures.

"Now, How about our satellites?"
The Prime Minister then asked the Director of the Israel Space Agency, Simon Merton.

"Satellites are all but gone but we are scheduled to launch Ofek-16 by April or May."
Simon replied.

"I see, Oversee the development and launch of Ofek-16. Continue developing the Amos series of satellites."
The Prime Minister said ordering the Director to do such a task.

"Will do, Prime Minister."
The Director replied.

"Lastly is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, did you confirm the loss of communication with the foreign world?"

"Y-Yes sir, Contacts with Washington, London, Moscow, Cairo, and many other nations have been lost..."
Foreign Minister Isaiah Jones said with a grim look.

"I guess we leave no choice but to fend for ourselves, do your best to ease the crisis..." The Prime Minister grimly said as the situation is getting worse at this point. "Everyone is dismissed except for my secretary Nathaniel Sharon...

The Cabinet officials would leave the Prime Minister Seymour Ohana and the Secretary Nathaniel Sharon as it was a grim day for Israel, especially when foreign trade that accounted much of Israel's economy is lost and the unrest that may come in the next day.

"Sharon, what do you think is the cause of losing contact with the foreign world?"
The Prime Minister asked his Secretary feeling dejected of the country's situation right now.

"Maybe it's those Arabs, sir... I think they have some-"
Ohana interrupted him 

"Sharon, The Arabs don't have that kind of money or technology to cause a nationwide crisis like this..."
The Prime Minister said.

"Maybe our country got transported to another world, sir?"
Sharon said as this made the President sighed for a bit.

"Sharon, you are reading Ron's America in Another World novel, aren't you?"
The Prime Minister asked Sharon as he knew back then that he was reading these novels very often.

"Y-Yes sir, it is are actually a magnificent piece to read so I can't help but read it..."
Sharon replied.

"You sure answer the most unrealistic and nonsensical things to me this time, Sharon." he said as he chuckled, "I'd be surprised if the theory of yours being transported to another world actually became a reality."

The secretary nervously laughed at this, as he can't tell if he is being serious or just being funny in times of a national crisis.

Route 999, Checkpoint Bravo, Golan Heights
11 AM (IST)
Checkpoint Outpost

The Outpost is in a middle of assessing the damage as IDF Soldiers are in their towers looking at the binoculars while others are clearing any debris and check the integrity of the fences. They are at awe when they saw flat plains and trees instead of the desert that was supposed to be Syria. The IDF Soldiers at the tower are doing a little talk about the completely unfamiliar landscape they now saw.

"Hey, Does it seem weird that we are no longer looking at Syria anymore, Its just flat green lands and trees in the view."
An IDF Private said looking at her binoculars observing her surroundings.

"Yeah, All I see now is like what you said, green plains and trees, This is nothing near to Syria."
Another IDF Private replied.

"Hey, do you think we might be in another world?"
The IDF Private Shoshanna Katz replied.

"What makes you say that? Is it just these flat lands alone?"
IDF Private Bruce Goldberg replied.

"Yeah, It's like we are in another wor-" She was interrupted as she saw a Medieval Army in her binoculars. "HOLY SHIT! A FUCKING ARMY! Quick alert the CO!

"What an army?" He said as he stood up and grabbed his binoculars, looking at the distance of a large army in the fields. "WHAT THE FUCK?! THOSE SYRIANS ARE AT IT AGAIN AND THEY ARE IN FUCKING MEDIEVAL ARMOR?! FUCK I'LL CALL COMMAND!

He dropped his binoculars as he got out of the tower and the Shoshanna Katz would follow suit as she dropped it and then took her Tavor Bullpup Rifle ready as she saw the Medieval Army approaching this way.

With Goldberg notifying the Commanding Officer of this Checkpoint, The IDF stationed at this checkpoint manned their positions and readied their guns and mortars at the approaching Medieval Army that may try to attack the checkpoint unprovoked as warnings like


are being issued to the approaching army and they don't seem to stop as they are preparing to pull their triggers against the outdated army until a man seemed to ride on horseback was seen going towards the checkpoint likely trying to talk to the IDF Soldiers.