Chapter 47: We got another magic archer.
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-The Queen Subjugation Party -

<Elliott’s POV>


’Four whole days, goddamit...’

Looking around the temporary camp, I didn't even care that much anymore. They could do whatever the hell they want, I simply didn't care anymore. 

” What's with that face? ”

” I don't care anymore. ”

” Is that so? But we are the ones who should get the job done so you should care... ”

” You are not helping, Frank. ” I spat out in annoyance at the older man. No matter how much time passed, he was still treating me like a kid.

He was one of the few who gave a helping hand back then to me and my sister. He was a person I actually trusted. If you ask him why he did that on the other hand, he would always claim that he knew how it was to be left alone.

He didn't tell us more about it but you didn't need to be a genius to figure out since he was part of the beastkin race. From the DogKin sub-race to be more accurate. 

And we all know how the majority of them end up in this place. Except for the few natives, of course.

” You should get used to overlook the small details and focus on what's important. ” the old beastkin said bringing me back from my trance. 

Even though he was one of the few people I respected, that didn't mean that he was less annoying. In fact, he wouldn't miss even a single occasion to mess with me.

” Enlighten me, Frank. I'm just ears. On what should I focus right now? ”

” Well, we got delayed quite a bit. ”

” Fantastic, Frank. But I was focusing exactly on that right now. ”

” Let me finish. I know that you are an idiot just when you want to be one. ”

” Yeah, yeah... I'm an idiot, so tell me how should we solve the problem? As things were going right now, most probably they'll slow us down even more. ”

” Very simple. ”

” I'm listening. ”

” We don't. ”

” ... ”

” Listen there, kid. You're young, unlike me, you actually have some talent with that sword of yours... ”

” Get to the point. ”

” The point is that you can act like an idiot, rambling without a care in front of me... But it would be a shame to get ahead of yourself and do it in front of who you should not. Didn't you say to me back then that you don't want to lose anything anymore? If that is so, then don't make her lose anything anymore either. ”

” Yeah... ”

” Good. If that is clear, let's get back to the main point. ”

” I don't think I'm in the mood anymore. ”

” Nope. That's exactly the mood, kid. When you are not acting like a kid is the best time to discuss these things. ”

” Frank, did something happen? ”

” Yes and no. Just listen for the moment. ”


” Whatever. ”

It seemed that my intuition wasn't wrong. Even though he would mess with me whenever he had the chance, he would quickly drop the matter after a little bit. It seemed that this time something actually happened. 

” That's the spirit. We don't need to deal with all the troublesome stuff. We have Hector to rack his head with all that. To deal with the knights, to make decisions and stuff. All we need to do is to follow the plan he racked his head to come up with and deal with whatever might happen along the way. ”

” And the point is? ”

” The point is that ’whatever might come along the way’ already happened. And we need to deal with that. ”

” Don't tell me that we got delayed too much and something happened at the nest. ”

” Not that bad. But that might not be that far from the truth if we keep delaying like this... Anyway, the plan for our team changed. ”

” Ha? Changed how? ”

” We are no longer a support team. We'll have to deal with one of the entrances. ”

” Are they mad? How the fuck we should deal with that? ”

” Calm down. The situation isn't that bad... We got another magic archer. ”

” We already have Silvia. ” 

” Yes, but this one is a fire one. It works better in this situation. Also... ”

” Also... ”

” I heard that she's pretty too. ”

” Fuck you. ”


-Earlier that day-

<Fiona’s POV>


” I already said that it's fine, Fio. ”

Her words came out as if she was already aware of what I was thinking about. Even though my conscience was saying that it wasn't fine, the warmth from my chest didn't want to listen to it.

’I hurt Lizza... It's not fine. It's not fine at all.’


” What should I do with her... Considering her fragile mentality... Maybe I exaggerated a little too? Was that too much in one go? Huuaah... ” 

Peeking up at her as she started yet again to enter in the ’talking to herself’ mode, in which I didn't understand almost anything most of the time, I guessed that this time I was the cause.

Sometimes, she would stumble in that state for no reason, looking at completely random things with a shocked expression but most of the time that would happen when she was pressed by an issue. 

Most of the time, I won't be able to help her but this time I was the cause so I need to do something. 

” Lizza, I'm sor... ” 

” Nope. You don't need to say that again. I already said that it's fine, didn't I? ”

” But... ”

” No buts. ”

” Lizza, this time I hurt you. I... I was... ”

” Haaaa... Answer me, Fio. Did you want to hurt me? ”

” No. Of course, no! ”

” Then, that's it. You didn't hurt me, it was just an accident. It didn't even hurt that much anymore. The wound was almost healed. ” 

I just simply nodded as I was unable to say anything else. Her logic was something I had trouble comprehending from the first day we met. 

At first, I thought that she wanted something from me but quickly dismissed the possibility since I didn't have anything of value, even less since she was an elf. 

After some thoughts, I decided that her offer seemed to be the only option to survive. I had to accept her help and figure out her true aim along the way. 

’Thinking back at it, I was the first person she met back then... Eheheh... I was so lucky to meet her as well.’

She continued to save me again and again and even when I thought that all was lost she accepted me...

’And even after I promised myself that I will repay her kindness and be helpful to her... I ended... I ended up like this.’

*pat* *pat*

Looking up at her again as she started to caress my head again while grinning, I got an ominous premonition from it.

” I just thought, Fio... Since you are so depressed about it, I got a nice idea as to how to be even. ”

” Eh, Lizza... This is... ” 

I had seen that grin before. That was the sight that she was thinking again at something strange. I experienced it several times but most of the time it wouldn't end well. 

” Eeehhh!? But weren't you the one depressed about such a small thing? If you say that you hurt me, then you just need to make me feel better. Mufufufufu... ”

” Umm... Lizza? ”

” Mufufufuf... ”

” L-Lizza!?  ”

” Not listening, Fio... Like a certain fluff did earlier... Mehehee... ”

” F-Fluff? ”

” You don't need to know... Or maybe I should tell you later. Anyway, my reward will be... ”

” W-Will be? ”

” Tail. ”

” Tail? ”

” Mufufufufu... ”

” Oh... ohhh, no! Lizza... Please! I... I can't. It's too embarrassing. ”

” I won't back down this time. It's your punishment. I'll wait till we camp somewhere since I want to enjoy it to the fullest. Be prepared. Mufufufu... ”

” P-Prepared? ”

” Yup. You won't escape this time. Your tail will be stroked and hugged until I'm satisfied. ”

” M-Mm. I-If Lizza wants it that much... T-Then... ”

” Deal! I won't bulge this time. Not even to the teary-eyed fluff attack. ”


I... I had to give up. Somehow her weird side took control again. And since she wanted to play with my tail for some time now, she seemed to not want to give up no matter what...

But I didn't understand what was so great about it. Mama once said that it was a symbol of pride back in her tribe but as a slave... As a slave, it was a symbol of inferiority. 

Since we may lose some of our hearing sense if damaged, our ears were somewhat safe but sometimes, as a form of punishment or just for amusement some masters would cut our tails. 

I wished I could hide it somehow back then... It was clear that other races didn't like our additions... And Lizza didn't count as a representative for elves anymore. I had doubted it at first but now something was telling me that she might be considered weird even among her race...

” Lizza, I... ”


” Lizza. ”

” Yeah, it seems that we have company. ” she said and took out her bow to be prepared for the group of wasps.

I didn't want to repeat the mistake from earlier so I checked in all directions while Lizza was concentrating on the place from where the buzzing sound came.

” Strange... It's just one? I thought I head multiple buzzes as they approached. ”

” Be careful, Lizza. ”

” Okay. I'll shut down this one for now. ”

As the wasp was engulfed by flames and crashed down to the ground, we didn't move from the spot for a time to see if there weren't others coming. After a minute or two of no sight of activity, we decided to end the wasp when we heard a sound coming from where the wasp came. 

The sound came from the nearby bush so we assumed that another monster was attracted but before we could make a move, a man's voice came out from the same direction. 

” Don't shot. ”

As the man came out for us to see him, he was accompanied by two more men and a woman. A group of four people. 

” Was that your prey? I'm sorry, we didn't know... I shot it down since it came in our direction but you can take the materials. We won't interfere anymore. ” Lizza said and signaled me to slowly take our leave from there. 

I didn't like that we were outnumbered either and the one who had spoken keep starring at Lizza for some reason.

” Oh, don't need to worry about it. We are all here to exterminate them after all. Though I'm a bit startled at how you bring it down with such ease. You must be a talented magic archer at such a young age. ”

” L-Lizza... ”

” I don't like where it is going either, Fio. Prepare to run if the worst came to us. ”

” Mm. ”

” Oh, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I'm Hector. ” he said and took out his tag from his breastplate. 

My sense of dread increased exponentially after I saw it. The tag was indicating him as a B-class adventurer. Before we could do anything else the man spoke again.

” This may seem a little rushed but do you know about the Queen Subjugation Party? ”

And with this question, my ominous feeling just increased even more.


Hope you enjoy Fiona's POV.

It was requested for some time now so here we go!