Chapter 48: We got new party members!
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’I'm dead.’

Though just on the inside... But I had a feeling that it would come true soon. 

I started to think that maybe there was someone who liked to punish me for every lie I say. 

’That was you, Holy Tree? I'm sorry, I had no choice. Please forgive me.’

I mean, I had no choice. I had to agree with whatever the hell he named me. Somehow, I became a magic archer without even knowing it. Of course, it would be strange for someone who wasn't one to shot giant lumps of fire like it was the obvious thing to do.

I was aware of at least that much on my own. The next thing to do on the list was to figure out what was a magic archer. 

’Ha ha ha! Stop... This is not funny. Why are you laughing, me? Are you mad? Apparently, you are... To agree to such a request.’

For all that was green in this world, why had to be seen firing lumps of fire by the guy who was leading the Queen Subjugation Party? 

And why was he so insisted on me joining them? I didn't want to die yet. I had thought that I made it plainly obvious that I didn't want to join. 

’Hector, you insistent bastard. If I were to die, I'll be sure to shot my last arrow in your direction.’

Moving my line of sight from the direction where the wasp nest was located to the guy who was accompanying us at the moment. He seemed to want to say something so I just nodded my head to signal that he could say whatever he wanted to say.

” They should be there in an hour or so. Please, prepare yourself. ”

I just nodded again with a clouded expression but he didn't seem to mind it and got back to whatever he and his group were doing while observing the nest. 

We crossed paths with Hector pretty close to the nest. I didn't even know that we got so close to it in the first place. It was a miracle that we didn't encounter anyone from the scout team these days. 

We got into each other just because he came to see the situation and meet with the scout team.

’Talking about bad luck.’

Anyway, since we were already here, he said that we should wait with the scouts, take a look at the nest and rest a little. It wasn't necessary to return with him at the camp just to came back again.

Glancing at my right side, Fiona was standing on a rock looking at me with a worried face. I couldn't make her worry so I approach her and sit down next to her.

” Haaaa... Don't worry, Fio. The situation isn't that bad. We’ll manage somehow. ”

” Mm. I believe Lizza. ”

” Yup, from what he said, we just need to take care of one of the entrances and we won't be alone either. ”

” Mm. ”

*cough* *cough* 

” Soooo... What do you think, Fio? ”

” Lizza is right. I'll stay close to you and protect you. ”

” Oh, t-thanks... I'm counting on you. ”

” Mm. ”

It wasn't exactly the answer I hoped for, but I appreciate it nonetheless. It wasn't a bad idea either... Better to stay close to each other. 

” The two over there. ”

” What!? Is that a joke? Weren't they just kids? ”

Looking back at the place from where the voices came, I could see the scout accompanied by another two men and a woman.

The rude one who just talked right now was a young man in his twenties with short brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a combination of leather armor with pieces of metal mixed with it. 

Judging by the sword from his belt, he was some kind of close combat fighter. That kind of armor made sense for that kind of fight stile. Light and relatively easy to move in, but with some degree of protection as well.

The woman had long blonde hair pinned in a ponytail. She had a pretty face with a small nose, pink lips and dark blue eyes. I didn't even understand what was doing such a girl in a place like this...

She was wearing a complete set of dark red leather armor with several knives pined on her thighs and a bow on her back. 

’At least we got another archer if I screw up or something...’

Looking at the last one, who was obviously older than the other two I was surprised to see that he wasn't human. 

He was wearing a not so light set of armor and unlike his teammates, he had a helmet on his head too. I couldn't see what kind of ears he had but judging by his tail it was quite clear that he was from the same race as Fiona.

Outside of that, he had a sword on his belt and a shield on his back. 

On the other hand, we didn't have any kind of armor... Oh, actually, I had an improvised helmet but in this situation, it was better if I didn't. I looked utterly ridiculous with just the helmet and nothing more. 

’Hector, you bastard! What was in your head?’


” Ouch... Silvia? ”

” Don't be a dumbass. ” the blonde girl said to the rude guy with a disappointed look in her eyes shortly after which she directed her attention on us.

” I'm sorry about my brother. He's a little rough and short-tempered but he's not a bad guy. My name is Silvia. ” she said and looked back at her brother to do the same. 

’Wait, rude guy? You are her brother. How is that even possible?’

I didn't know how but he guessed from my perplexed expression that I wasn't thinking something nice about him at the moment and seemed to be a little annoyed about it. Not that I cared too much. He was the rude one first.

” Whatever... I'm Elliott. And stop looking at me like that... She really is my sister. ” he basically spat it at us without even hiding his annoyance. 

'H-How... how did he know?'

” Don't worry about that. He's upset that nobody would believe at first that they are siblings. I'm Frank. I hope that we'll be able to work well together. ” the older beastkin said and prompted us to introduce ourselves with his glance. 

” Oh, Yeah. Nice to met you. I'm Elizabeth. ” I said and looked at Fiona to do the same but when I saw her, she had a dangerous look on her face while staring at the rude guy. Or should I call him Elliott from now on? Probably...

” Fiona. ” she said with a gloomy voice and continued to stare at Elliott... Actually, she was right. In my head, I was going to name him a rude guy. Who could stop me from doing so?

” In this case, I think I'll take my leave. Hector will come to check each group before we'll be moving with the subjugation. ” the scout said and nodded at us after which he took his leave. 

While we were staring at each other in an awkward way, the rude one seemed to get bored with it and directed his gaze to his two companions. 

” Soooo... Frank, do you think that Hector went mad from racking his head too much with all the complicated stuff? ”


” Ouch... What the hell did I do this time? ”

’No, no... While he was a rude guy, he wasn't entirely wrong either. I too think that Hector might be mad...’

” Soooo... Who went mad doing what, Elliott? ” as we were busy staring at the poor rude guy who was smacked a second time, we didn't notice that a certain someone came closer to us. That guy was seriously a sneaky one.

” Ugh... Hector. ”

” Yes, that's me. Soooo... Tell me, what's the problem, Elliott? ”

While stared at by Hector, the rude guy decided to drop the issue and stay quiet instead. 

” Hector... ”

” I know, Frank... It's partially my fault since we got this arrangement at the last second. That's why I rushed here first. ” he said and looked at each of us before to speak again. 

” However, I can assure you that despite the appearance, I'm almost certain that the young lady’s skills with the fire element must be pretty close to the third stage. Do you understand now why i made this change? ”

As he finished with his explanation which I didn't understand anything at all, the others seemed to shift their stares at me with a grave expression on their faces. Even the rude one wasn't an exception. 

On the other hand, I just wanted to find a hole and hide here for the rest of the day.

’Seriously, Hector? What the hell did you just say again? Just look at how they are staring at me now... You bastard.’

” If that is the case, then I suppose we'll manage this entrance somehow. ” said Frank visibly tired after all of this. 

” Then... I suppose I'll leave this to you, Frank. I had to rush to the others as well. I managed to convince the knights to do something useful as well so the situation isn't that black. We’ll deal with this and go back shortly afterward. ”

” I hope so too. Good luck. ”

” Same, Frank. Miss Elizabeth. ”

I nodded at him since he decided to salute me as well before to leave and now, the situation reversed at staring at each other once again.

’Ahhh... Holy Tree... Just kill me already.’

The fourth consecutive chapter. #BeingProudOfMyself.

Anyway, we'll get some action in the next ones... Though, I hope that you enjoyed this one as well. These guys got quite the misunderstanding here after all... Mufufufu