Chapter 59: Training, but not really…
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” Hello! ”

” Hello! How may I help you? ”

” I want to complete the wasp hunting quest. We have the claws with us. ”

” Yes. Please give me your tags first. ” the receptionist girl said and opened an agenda-looking book. 

I nodded and handed her my tag while gesturing to Fiona to do the same. 

From the two men and one woman working at the counter, it was obvious that I chose the woman. Thinking about it, the whole situation was a little strange. Or at least, that was the case from my perspective. I mean, why would you hire men to work as receptionists at all? Who wanted to be received by a man in the first place? 

’What if there’ll be a day with just men at the count

” All right. How many pairs do you have? ”

” Hmm!? Oh, yeah... We have... Ehm... How many we have, Fio? I forgot again... ”

” 137. ”

” Ah, yeah... 137. ” I said while turning back to the receptionist. 

” ... ”

” Ehm... Miss receptionist? ”

” Oh, yes... I'm sorry. It was just unexpected coming from two young girls. Can you take them out? ”

” Yes. ” I said and Fiona took off the rucksack from her back. We started to unload the claws from it and put them on the counter under the receptionist’s curious look.

As the pile started to get bigger, I could feel the bystanders gazing at us. Some of them were whispering between themselves something I couldn't catch even with my enchanted hearing. The ambient noises were getting in the way. 

’I-I know it.’

It was a good decision to not take them out last time. At least, this time there were fewer people. 

Not feeling too good being in the center of attention, I fastened my pace as to finish with it quicker. 

” I think these are all of them. ”

” I see... There are indeed 137 pairs. ” she said after glancing at us and the small pile of claws for several seconds. 

” Are you two really just F rank? ”

” Yes... We just registered here a few days ago. ”

” I see. So that's how it is... ” she nodded at herself and wrote something in that book from earlier after which she signaled to one of the two men to come and help her with the claws. 

At least, my question from earlier was answered... somehow. Since the guild was regularly buying and dealing with monster parts, it was obvious that someone had to carry the stuff around and do the heavy lifting too. It made at least a little sense. 

” Here is the reward. You can count it. ” she said and handed us the money along with our tags.

A pair of claws was already worth around two silver coins but since this was a quest, they gave two and half for each pair. We got exactly 28 gold, 6 silver and 2 lesser silvers for it. 

” With this, the quest is officially completed. Thank you for the good work. ”

” Yes, thank you too. ”




After we completed the quest and received the money, we hurried and left the guild building. I just wasn't comfortable being stared by people.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The people were probably just curious since I had to admit, we were an unusual sight taking out so many claws. 

But it was safer to leave since they saw the pile of money as well. They wouldn't try anything at the guild but you never know. Better safe than sorry. 

’Alright.’ nodding to myself after confirming that nobody was following us, we moved to the second reason we came to the guild today. 

Training. Well, not really training. While my goal was the training ground next to the guild, I didn't plan to go there and do the stuff myself. I just wanted to watch. 

Since I decided a few days ago that it would be good to learn how to wield a larger variety of weapons, watching someone training or sparing was a good starting point. Better than figuring out everything from scratch. 


” Haaa! ” 

*swoosh* *clang*

” Huaaaa! ”


After we arrived and seated ourselves on one of the benches from the sides, I looked around the place. It was quite loud with all the people doing their stuff but I had to deal with it, somehow. 

The ground itself was split into several areas. I wasn't sure how to classify them but there was a special place for the ones who wanted to simply train their bodies. There was some strange equipment for them to work with, lifting weights and all that. 

I wasn't interested in that so I moved my sight further back. There was a place with some wood dummies and also targets for archers to shoot at. I was sure of that since there was a guy and a girl that seemed to compete with each other. The guy was losing. Poor guy.

The biggest part of the training ground was mostly open field for people to spar. Of course, there were people just idling around, chatting between themselves but there were some sparing as well. 

My eyes landed on a particular guy wielding a spear. 

I was interested in it because I was using one too. I wanted to see how would it be when wielded by someone who was knowing his stuff.

Initially, I had no choice but to use it. It was easy to make, it gave me a comfortable range between me and my target and all I had to do was to poke my enemy with it. I could even throw it at the enemy if the situation was asking for it.

There was no fancy moves or so I had thought. I assumed that after you learned how to poke your enemy with it, there was little you could learn further. 

Seeing this guy changed my opinion. He was facing three enemies with swords. No... It was more accurate to say that he was destroying three enemies. 

Attacking, dodging, deflecting... Just by looking you could tell that his skills and experience was clearly superior to his enemies but that wasn't the point. The point was the way he was using his weapon strong points. 

Just the fact that he had the range advantage made it hard to approach him. Even when that was happening, he used the shaft to parry or just spin it around a little to make them back down. 

Observing them for a while, I got another surprise. After finished with their spar, the three guys paid the spear-wielding guy. The possibility crossed my mind before to come here but it confirmed my theory. 

With all the adventuring stuff, these guys had to learn to fight from somewhere. It was obvious that some were acting as some kind of teachers. I didn't know if you could make a request to the guild for something like that but the possibility couldn't be ruled out. 

A high ranked adventurer was bound to have everything you wanted from experience to the skills. Even better, they were selling their skills for money. Why not pay them to teach you instead?

We continued to spectate for a while but nothing cached my attention again, like the spear-wielding guy did.

Well, there was something or to be more exact, there wasn't. There were no mages. I didn't know if they were just rare or using magic wasn't fitting for a friendly spar. Or maybe we were just unlucky and there wasn't any at the moment... Maybe a little from all of them. 

” Say, Fio... ” shifting my attention from the sparing people to the fluff standing next to me, an idea popped up in my mind.

” Mm!? What it is? ”

” You use a sword... How hight is your skill with it? ”

” Apprentice grade, level 4. Why do you ask, Lizza? ” she said to me with a little hesitation. 

” I see. Don't worry, Fio. We'll get better together. ”

” Mm. ”

Even I could tell that that wasn't that high. After all, I had my spear one at the apprentice grade, level 2. And I had a late start. 

Well, she had her circumstances too so I wasn't blaming her. What really mattered was what we would do from now on.


” Let's go back. Hmm... Actually, how about we buy something sweet on the way back? ”

” Mm. ”

’Yup. My fluff is the cutest when she's smiling.’

As I instinctively took her hand and was about to make my way out of the training ground, something else cached my eyes. 

On the side opposite to us was an old man looking like he was in his fifties. He was quite far from us so I wasn't sure. Not wanting to travel between all the sweat and noisy guys, I took my time and went around, circling the whole training ground. 

The old man was seated on a chair. Every time he saw people that looked like possible customers, he would try to get their attention to look at his goods. Well, I didn't know if the word goods was fitting but I had to give him credit for the ingenuity. 

’At least now I know from where comes all the wooden weapons these guys are using.’

I didn't pay much attention to it before but now that I noticed, there was barely any person using a real weapon to spare with. Most of them were using wooden ones and these had to come from somewhere. 

Getting closer to the old man and his goods, I picked up a wooden sword.

[Wooden Sword]

  • [Sword type weapon of the lowest grade.]
  • [High-Amateur grade]

’Well... Better than my poor clubs and spears...’

My lips started to curve upwards as I thought about the great weapons I had to use to fend myself against the little green ones. On the other hand, when I was facing the goblins, the situation wasn't as funny as it looked right now.

[Wooden Spear]

  • [Spear type weapon of common quality.]
  • [Low-Common grade]

The spear was actually higher grade... Well, it was normal. Compared with the wooden blade, the sper had an authentic and pointy spearhead even though it was made from wood. 

” If you ain't gonna buy it, then scam. ” the old man said not even bothering to give us a second glance. 

” How much the spear and sword? ”

” Hooo... Wanna buy it, lass? ”

” Yes. ”

” Don't mess with me. I knew the difference between a fighter and just a kid. Ya look like a kid. Go play somewhere else... ” the old man said and lazily dismissed us with his hand.

’What the hell is wrong with this guy...’

I was well aware that we looked like anything but a fighter or whatever he said there but that didn't mean we couldn't buy a damn wooden sword. This old man was an ass.


” He, he... What’s the matter, wolf-girl? Are ya angry? ”

” You... You... ”

*shiver* *shiver*

As I turned to the side to look at Fiona, she was trembling with a very angry look on her face while starting to mumble incorrigible things. I quickly grabbed her hand so she won't do something stupid and glared back at the ass-guy.

” Hey, what's your problem. We just wanted to buy some of these. ” I said and pointed at the pile of weapons.


’I-Is this guy serious? What the hell...’

” Whatever... 15 copers the spear, one lesser silver the sword. Buy or leave. ”

I angrily took out a silver coin and throw it right in his face. 

” Two swords and two spears! And fuck you! ” I almost yelled at him and grabbed the items. I wanted to leave already. 

” Let's go, Fio. ” 

” ... ”

Immersed in my anger outburst, I tried to drag her after me but I could not. I wasn't like I didn't try, it was more like I wasn't capable to do so. She wasn't budging an inch. 

’H-How is this even possible?’

Looking back at her, she was still glaring at the old man that, by now, was already on his feet glaring back at her with a frown on his face. They were glaring at each other. 

” F-Fio, let's go... ” I said and tugged at her hand to grab her attention. 

” ... ”

” Tsk... Get lost already. Damn brats... ”

” Fio, please... ”

” Mm. ”

In the end, she reluctantly nodded at me and we left the place before she or the old guy would do something stupid. This shit-old man spoiled my mood.