(Chpt. 27) Sisters. (2)
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I sincerely hope I met everyone's expectations. If I didn't... Well, I am sorry, I really tried. I am still skeptical about this chapter --  I sincerely hope all of you enjoy it.

“Ughh.” I groaned as I felt my respiration got ever so slightly cut off by a soft sensation. I slowly opened my eyes to see what could have caused it. I saw Fenri’s white silhouette glittering under the moonlight. He was looking at me but I could not see his face; it was still night time. ‘Wait, this means.’ 


“Did something happen?” I asked in a whisper trying to clear my thoughts. Fenri did not make a sound, instead, he slightly lifted his head and pointed his nuzzle at the bushes. I could hear a slight rustle coming from the grass in front of me.


Suddenly I felt a wave of bloodlust in front of me. I could not describe the feeling it was unsettling. All of my senses were alerting me something bad was about to happen to me. 


I rolled away from the cloth I was sleeping on in a hurry with those thoughts in mind. Suddenly, I saw a metallic glint come from the tall-grass and trace an arc. It all happened in less than a second. I could see a cut get carved into the ground and the cloth was sliced in half. I could also ever so slightly see cut pieces of grass in the air. 


“Tch. Looks like it won’t be so easy.” I heard a person click their tongue in annoyance and complain about it. The voice felt oddly familiar, I kept my eyes glued to the tall grass where the voice came from. I heard some more rustling and a silhouette wearing pitch-black armor came out. I could not see their face, however, I noticed a beard coming out from under the face cloth they were wearing. The person was carrying an axe. It was him… 


I narrowed my eyes looking at him. 


“What is your intention?” 

“You may deceive others however, you will not deceive me you bloody beastkin! What did you do to that dragon?! I visited the mountain and there was nothing there! I will make you pay for what happened at the guild; for lying about the dragon; for humiliating me. I already took care of her, now it’s your turn!” 


He exclaimed taking his face cloth off as he was tightening his grip on his axe. 


Is this guy a warrior type? Didn’t he almost kill me? Our differences in stats should be extremely big, yet… it doesn’t make sense. There must be something… Something...


The [Assassin] class. If the target is unalerted it provides some crazy bonuses to stats. I don’t know the specifics but that must be it. 


“So you are an [Assassin]?” 

“Oh, I am surprised a furball like you noticed it that fast. However, you won’t live to see the sunrise.” 


He said while licking his lips. 


“Who won’t live to see the sunrise?”

I heard a cold and eerie voice coming from rustling grass behind me. 

“H-How? Didn’t I just kill you?” 


The lumberjack started stuttering looking behind me with wide-open eyes. I turned around to look behind me, it was Aizen. I didn't even recognize her voice. I noticed her eyes were extremely narrow, only focusing on the person in front of her. I could feel her killing intent oozing out. I did not hear any more sounds coming from the lumberjack.


“I will deal with it. Just make sure Ari doesn’t see anything.” Aizen casually said making an extremely forced smile while looking at me. I also heard her regretfully mutter something, I knew something was going to happen. I had to leave.


“...Nn.” I nodded and rushed towards Ari ignoring why Aizen was so angry.


* * *


With Kuro gone, I could not maintain my composure anymore. My entire body was trembling I wanted to destroy the thing that was right in front of me. 


“Youuu… How dare you...” I couldn’t contain my anger anymore. 


I might have looked it over a few times. However... Trying to kill Kuro?! I know for fact Kuro can die… It’s something I don’t want to accept. But I still want this to last for as long as it can. I don’t want to be alone again. I don’t want anything like that again. I have already made my decision. I will not let people interfere.


I started looking at him. The thing that was quivering in front of me. I could kill him in so many ways. But I want to see the despair on his face. 


I took off the ring that Kuro gave me. Appearances?! Those are irrelevant at this very moment. All I care about is putting this insect in its place. 


“W-who are you?” He started uncontrollably shaking dropping his axe on the ground as his legs gave way to his weight.  


I did not say anything and just pointed my finger at him. Using my magic made him unmoving; frozen. With his face looking my way, I slowly walked towards him. I could see his trembling pupils shake more and more, the closer I got. I picked up his axe. It was now my turn. 


‘I might have changed or at least attempted to. But... I cannot fully change. I hope both of you forgive me at least this one time...’ I regretfully murmured grinding my teeth as I started doing what I did best. 


* * *


I hurriedly ran towards Ari’s direction not worrying about what was going to happen. Fenri quickly followed. Arriving to Ari she was awake sitting up-right, holding both of her hands close to her chest while trembling. I rushed to her side and started hugging her. I knew something bad was about to happen. 


“I-Is the axe person gone?” She quietly asked while stuttering. 


Before I could answer her, she started shaking while looking behind me. I took a quick glance to the grass behind me, seeing what could cause the increase in fear. I saw a black mist slightly oozing out of it. Then I started hearing muffled high-pitched sounds. I didn't quite get what it was at first. Hearing the sounds, I realized what they were... They were muffled screams... 


Thankfully Ari could not quite hear it. I embraced her tighter, thinking about what was happening. The horrible sounds continued for what felt like an eternity.


Eventually, they stopped. Ari had somewhat stopped shaking and had ragged breath. Taking a quick glance behind me. The black mist was dissipating. I let go of Ari still catching on her breath. 


“W-what… was that?” She stutteringly asked while still trying to catch her breath. 

“That is…” How do I even explain it to her? 


I heard rustling behind me. Fixing my gaze on the tall grass behind me along with Ari. I saw Aizen slowly come out of the grass. 

She was holding that person’s axe. However, it was covered in blood. She looked almost completely clean except for her whole hand and a few drops of blood on her face. She had a neutral unchanging expression and her shoulders were stiff.


Aizen took a quick glance at us. She breathed a sigh of relief and dropped the axe on the ground making a dull sound as it struck the dirt. After a second, she quietly sat on the ground while looking down. She began talking in a quivering voice, I noticed she was also shaking. 


“K-Kuro, I know you said I changed, but… I-I couldn’t… I am sorry…” 


Hearing this, my heart stopped… 


“You did change.” I silently tried to reassure Aizen. However, she just shook her head. 

“No… I didn’t…”

“You had a reason right?” I heard a quiet voice besides me, it was Ari.


Aizen just slowly lifted her face to look at Ari and nodded. Her face looked empty and I could see her eyes were moist. Ari started thinking and muttering things; eventually nodding. 


“Aizen… I know what you did… I understand what that person did… While I think doing that was too much… I think…. That, as long as you had a real reason then it doesn’t matter.” She said to Aizen with a firm voice while fidgeting. However, I saw Aizen gritting her teeth and clenching her fist. 


“Y-You don’t understand! I had a reason but… I prided myself in the fact I changed! Yet…” 

She paused as her voice lost strength. 

"I-I am not a dragon, nor a human… Then what am I?” Her tone was incredibly quiet… 


“You’re neither.” Ari firmly answered Aizen. I could see Aizen loosen her stiff shoulders and knees, rubbing her face before lifting her head again to look at her with a slightly open mouth, she was speechless.  


Ari stood up and walked over to Aizen who was still sitting looking at her with moist eyes and a slightly open mouth from hearing her weird response. Ari eventually arrived in front of her and knelt. She spontaneously started hugging her tightly. 


“You might not be a dragon or a human. But, I can say for certain. You are my big sister.” Ari lovingly told her. Aizen was frozen however, her concerned expression quickly changed. She had a faint smile as she embraced Ari with closed dripping eyes. 


“I am a fool aren’t I?” She quietly said in realization. However, Ari just hugged her tighter. I could see Aizen was no longer trembling or unstable.


After a few minutes of silence, Ari finally let go of Aizen, who now had a flushed expression while she quickly wiped her face. Ari gestured me to come over. I ended up sitting next to Ari, and she started talking in a quiet but firm voice. 


“I know that despite both of you saving me… Both of you are far away from good people, I somehow feel that. But… I still want to be with both of you. People dying is something I dislike. Rather… I absolutely hate it. But… It’s nothing compared to not being able to be with both of you...”  She paused. “Yami, Aizen… I want to be your little sister.” 


Hearing this, I just hugged Ari. How couldn’t I? Although… If I get called big sister. I might feel weird… But, I will think about it later… However, Aizen on the other hand. 


“Of course, I will be your big sister!” Aizen cheerfully exclaimed as she hugged both of us. 



After a few minutes, I stopped hugging her. 


‘A lot has been happening lately huh?’ I muttered as I relaxed my upper-body. Letting it fall onto the ground,  I looked at the sky and started thinking about what was going to come in this adventure… Ari and Aizen also followed and started looking at each other. Aizen started talking, she did not sound like her usual self. At all, she sounded caring and somewhat regretful. 


“Ari, as you can see I am like this. So I hope you accept me. I hope you accept this foolish sister of yours.” 

“I will.” Ari answered in a soft but caring voice. 


Now that the adrenaline was going down. I felt my eyelids getting heavy and ended up yawning, not being able to stop it. Fenri was already curled into a ball and soundlessly sleeping. I hugged Ari because of a strange habit I had built up. She quietly accepted it. However, I felt my hands being pressed and something warm that was touching my waist. It was Aizen. We ended up sleeping with everyone hugging each other. It was a bit awkward and my arms went numb but I ended up falling asleep anyway. 

I would like to add, that there is no more drama for quite a while. (I think,) Thank you everyone for reading this far; through my childish rants; through my poor writing; through my improvements; Through my everything. I hope I can keep making this story better as I keep writing it. Thank you all for reading.

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