Chapter 157 Family get together
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Ryu and company reached Ruby's house after a quarter of an hour. His elder sister was just as excited to see him as always. 

Just as he entered the door, she crashed into him. Hugging her as they had met after years. Ryu understood it, she just loved him too much. "You should have told me that you were going to leave the town, little Ryu." She didn't look happy that she was the only one who, no one bothered to inform about Ryu's mission. The boy scratched his head in shame "I am so sorry, sis. But all of it happened too fast. We didn't have much time, otherwise, I would have told you about it." Ruby decided not to bother the little guy about it since it was a happy occasion. "Come in." She held his hands and dragged him inside. Behind Ryu, the women remained standing unattended.

Amelia smiled wryly "Looks like no one is here to welcome us. We might as well invite ourselves inside." She didn't know how to feel after being ignored so harshly by her daughter. This girl always and an unhealthy infatuation with her sibling.  Everyone chuckled at her words and entered the house following behind the siblings.

Ryu saw his cousin's family and his father already sitting and chatting in the hall. But Ruby kept dragging him to her room to show her the most valuable possession of hers. They stood beside a wooden cradle as Ryu looked down at the newborn, peacefully sleeping while suckling on her finger. "She is so cute, sis. Can I hold her?" Ruby just can't stop smiling. "Yeah, wait for a second... Here. Try not to wake her up." She gently picked up the little one from her cradle and delicately placed her in Ryu's extended arms. 

He had seen newborns in his previous life but he had never gotten a chance to hold one so close to himself. He can feel the faint heartbeats from her. A child had its charm. Who won't feel an intense desire to protect this new life, just looking at that enchanting face? He bends down to kiss her forehead lightly, making sure she doesn't wake up. 

"Ahemm.. if you two won't mind. How about this grandmother here also gets her chance to hold my baby girl?" Ryu smiled before turning around and placing her in Amelia's hands. Everyone had followed her in the room. One by one all of them got their chance to hold the kid. Ryu watched on as the girl triggered different emotions in everyone. From the love in Amelia and April's eyes to the fascination in Claudia and Mira's. But perhaps the one who was the most affected was Dorothea. Others might have missed it but Ryu was certain he saw some tears forming in her eyes that she sneakily wiped off when none of the ladies were looking. Ryu can only sigh and make his mind up. 

Once everyone was satisfied with holding onto the little girl, they settled moved out of the room to settle with the other guests. Ruby went into the kitchen to help her husband with preparing dinner for everyone. Ryu sat beside Kyro and everyone got engaged in the usual chit-chat. He would make sure to check on Dorothea from time to time since she was the odd one out in this gathering. But he was happy that she was trying her best to her new life realities. 

Sometime later Amelia went into the kitchen to help out Ruby and forced James out to interact with the guests. He was Ruby's husband. A tall and lean guy. He wasn't too outspoken but he was a handsome guy and it was easy to see why Ruby fell for him. He talked with Jeff and Ryder for a while before coming and sitting closer to the two cousins. 

"How are you both?" Ryu didn't recall much interaction with James in his memory. Mostly because it's only been a little more than a year since he married Ruby. Neither Ryu nor James had been too social thus at first their meetings had mostly been awkward but as time progressed they at least can put up a normal conversation. "Good. Brother James." "Yeah, we have been very well brother James" Kyro too chimed in. "Good to hear that. So, I heard from your Ruby that both of you went on an adventure outside of the town. Why don't you two fill me in on it? I would love to hear about it. 

Kyro was enthusiastic enough to start narrating the whole story in detail. Ryu would only chip in to fill anything missed by him. Within few minutes Kyro and James were fully immersed in the story. Time passed like this as night fell and Amelia announced the beginning of the mass dinner. *Knock* * Knock* Just when everyone settled on the floor, and they heard a knocking sound and Ruby went to bring in the last guest for today. 

Ruby had invited Emily but they were not sure if she would attend it, since she had already visited her once earlier. "Hope I am not late." The mage gave a genuine smile before hugging her granddaughter. "I am so glad you decided to come, grandma. Please come in, we were just going to have the dinner." She held her hand and brought her in. Everyone knew each other except Ryu's neighbors and Dorothea, who was unknown to Emily. 

They introduced them to her and she was taken by surprise when Dorothea was presented as Ryu's slave. She didn't get the situation completely but if the boy made such a decision then there must be some reasons behind his actions. Choosing to ignore the matter for the moment she put down a bag. "I brought some wine. We all can enjoy it after dinner." Everyone cheered on before beginning with their dinner. 


"Haah.. it's a good wine mother. Thanks for bringing it to us." Jeff had his cheeks slightly red from the intoxication. "You are welcome brat, just don't drink it in excess. It's is rather strong." Emily answered in a condescending tone. Everyone laughed, it wasn't always when they could find a fully grown man being admonished by his mother. Jeff didn't mind it, instead, pouring himself another glass. 

Ryu had only taken a single sip and it felt like his throat was on fire for the next few minutes. Yet, the taste was strangely addictive. After half an hour, everyone except Mira was under a different amount of drunken stupor. Once again the group started chatting and joking with each other. Slowly their joke began getting vulgar until Jeff proposed. "Let us go wild a bit. When will we find such an occasion to get together once again. What do you say Suna?" 

Suna chucked looking at the bulge in Jeff's pants. "Sure, big brother Jeff. How wild do you want to be hehe.." Saying that she didn't wait any longer and dropped her top down to reveal her bare chest. Jeff looked quite interested as under heavy laughter from everyone the couple got together and he grabbed onto her tits. He forced her down onto the ground before sucking on her tits. "Mhh..mhhh..." It wasn't long before Jeff's fingers found her entrance and dived into it, making Suna moan out loud. While everyone was cheering for the duo, James came up to Amelia. "If you don't mind mother-in-law." 

She placed her hand into his, allowing him to bring her to the side. Ryu watched all this in utter fascination. These guys have truly lost their thinking faculties under the influence of alcohol. Ryder too got up and closed in on Ruby. "Guess that leaves me with my little niece then haha.." Before long three pairs of naked men and women were fully taken over by their lust. Ryu was approached by April but he refused. 

He was happy to watch from the sidelines today. Although, he was getting horny from watching all those people fuck his earlier interaction with the newborn baby had proved to be too overwhelming and it managed to suppress his arousal. He winked back at April and directed her towards Kyro. The guy vehemently refused to get involved, citing his promise to himself but Ryu butt in "As far as I know that promise was only for your mother. It never involved other women, did it?" His words sounded logical to Kyro, once April had her lips around his cock.

Claudia didn't seem to be interested in getting involved and Mira was too young to join in. Of course, she was simply uninterested in sex unless it was with her brother. Ryu looked towards Dorothea who was looking a bit uncomfortable. He pulled her in before consoling her "Don't worry. No one is going to ask you to do anything that you don't like." She nodded her heart at ease. 

She was not willing to be used sexually by anyone except Ryu. She wasn't mentally ready for that. It was easy to do it with the green-haired boy because in her mind she had already taken him as her child. The leftover people talked to each other under the heavy moans of the couples. 

Ryu looked at Amelia sucking on James's small cock with a smile. The scene might have made him a bit uncomfortable a month back but now he had moved on. He knew none of the men present in the room can satisfy their women better than him. That gave him an inherent sense of pride. To the side, Kyro was busy thrusting in April's pussy. He was watching all the four sensual scenes going on in the room with interest when he found Emily come and sit beside him. "I never imagined you would be the one restraining yourself at such a time." Ryu got her undertone and grew a bit embarrassed. "I don't do it that often, grandma." 

"Yeah, I believe you...  completely." She sipped a mouthful of wine from her glass before looking at him with hazy eyes. Ryu can see her face had turned red. Wasn't she admonishing her son, just a few minutes back? And now she was drunk  "Come. Follow me." It sounded more like a command than a request. He got up and followed behind her to the first floor of the house. For a second everyone stopped what they were doing. 

Jeff turned to look at Amelia, who was under James "Looks like the boy might get lucky today haha.." The redhead smiled back at her husband "Are you sure? I will say your mother got  lucky huh.." She urged James to keep going and the man's resumed pumping his cock in her pussy. Amelia had been spoilt by her son, now she was beginning to lose interest in these 'normal' sex sessions. But still, she gave her best so as not to disappoint the guy inside her. 

Jeff was not expecting such a reply from her, he looked down to find Suna grinning at him. Suddenly, he turned to look around and almost all the ladies present in the room acted shy and turned their gaze away. Didn't that mean, the little devil had fucked around with all of them? Not a single one was left. He knew his son was exceptionally talented in sex but wasn't this too mind-boggling? And he wasn't even fifteen yet. This talent was not outstanding but rather, terrifying. Jeff gulped down the saliva in his mouth before resuming his thrusts inside Suna. 


"Ahemm.. grandma, I think you drank a bit too much." Emily had brought him into the room before starting to undress him. "Shh.. shut up, kid. This is only a single-time offer. Make full use of it." She pressed her finger on his lips before continuing with the rest of his clothes. She got on her knees and pulled his pants down to reveal the monster. Although, Ryu wasn't planning to have sex today but he won't be a man if this situation can't rile up his blood. Gradually, the pumped blood reached his lower member and it began to rise up under the observant gaze of Emily. She removed her dress and holding onto his dick with both her hands, sucked its head into her mouth.