Chapter 12: Assassins (4)
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The reason why he could sense his True Soul was because he had just advanced to middle-stage. In the midst of danger and tension, Seth had made a breakthrough. At that moment, his body was strengthened, and as a result, his soul also received a significant heal.

Even if that was probably equivalent to less than 1%.

This way, when his soul made a significant recovery, not only did he sense it, but everyone around also had. This was why Vled and the others had gotten injured. As for Raia, since she was relatively far, the force hadn't reached her.

After Seth understood his situation, he was overjoyed. After all, everything he had ever obtained had all been lost in one night. He was dispirited and frustrated. However, now one major asset had been acquired.

"Brat, what did you do?!"

Seth, who was still lost in thoughts, suddenly heard someone shouting at him. He cast his scarlet eyes towards the group, whose expression suggested confusion and fear.

"Why does a dead man need to know that?" His response was extraordinarily calm and indifferent. It was like he had lost all interest in them and was now looking at a group of dead men.

As for the group, they couldn't help but notice that the young boy ahead of them seemed a bit different. He still had his long black hair, his striking red eyes, and his delicate features; however, for some reason, he was now giving off a new feeling.

Seth looked at the devasted room before mumbling to himself, "Before this room becomes infested with people, I should quickly end this."

Raia's expression gradually changed as if she had realized something. She then slowly said, "I agree, we shouldn't delay this any further."

Immediately, electric sparks appeared everywhere around her body; however, their intensity was much more significant this time. Raia sprinted towards Seth at a ridiculous speed, and in mere milliseconds, she was already standing in front of him, her sword swung towards her opponent.

However, she arrived too late as Seth had already opened his mouth.

"Soul Domain."

Instantly a horrifying presence descended on the room. Raia's expression changed to extreme shock and horror. She immediately fell on the floor and screamed.


However, she wasn't the only one as Vled, Dale, and Nefia all fell on the floor, gripped their heads, and screamed miserably. One could only imagine the amount of pain they were going through.

Just as Seth started walking, he heard a familiar voice.

"W-Who are you?! How can you use soul force?" It was Raia's voice. She was still rooted on the ground, with an expression full of fear and pain.

"You can still move? Magic Item?" Seth cast his gaze at the glowing object on Raia's wrist. The object looked like a bracelet and had started shining. It was evident that this item was protecting her to some extent.

Seth suddenly had an idea. He wanted to see to what degree he could exert his soul on the outside just before he receives backlash. Seth cast his gaze towards Raia, and with a mere thought, the pressure on her intensified.

Raia screams resounded in the entire room. The bracelet in her arm also showed signs of cracking before shattering and dispersing into countless pieces. Blood then exited her 7 orifices, and several seconds after, she collapsed on the floor— Dead.

Seth was disappointed by the result. He had barely let out a portion of his soul but Raia had instantly collapsed. However, from the beginning, he didn't expect much. He shook his head as he walked towards the corpse of the beautiful black-haired young woman.

"It would be troublesome if anyone could guess what happened here..." He picked up the broken magic item before keeping it. He then looked at the motionless corpse beside him before forming a small black flame on his palm.

The flame flew and rapidly spread around the corpse until nothing was left. Only ashes remained; however, after the wind blew, the ashes got carried away and vanished. Seth then got up, looked around, and saw the extreme shock that was present in the group's faces.

While groaning in pain, they all struggled to stand up.  Dale, who was on one knee, saw Seth dashing towards him before throwing a punch. He received the punch in his stomach as he threw up some blood mixed with saliva. Before he could react, Seth launched a knee strike at his nose, throwing his head up.

Dale wanted to resist, but the pain in his mind was too much.

Seth firmly clenched his fist before punching Dale in the face and sending him crashing on the walls. Before he could get up, a leg came landing on his neck.


The sound of something breaking sounded.

"Ahh…" Dale groaned in pain. He coughed up some blood as he ferociously glared at Seth. Dale extended his two arms with difficulty and gripped Seth's leg, trying to crush it. However, he felt that Seth's leg was as hard as concrete making it extremely difficult for him.

With a cold expression, Seth continued to push his leg against the man's neck. Slowly he could see fear gradually writing itself on Dale's face as he started to struggle miserably.

Looking at the panicked stricken, and struggling man, Seth coldly spoke, "When you decide to kill someone. Shouldn't you also be ready to be killed?" He applied even more pressure on the leg. "Yet you seem afraid. Why?"

However, Dale couldn't answer as his neck was getting crushed. At this moment, a large pool of blood had gathered around his throat. He felt it slowly choking him.

Seth maintained his leg on the man's neck as a small smile slowly appeared on his face. Demons were cruel, and while he was now human, those instincts still existed in him. After living a peaceful life, they had simply been suppressed.

"Well, you have you no use now…"

Seth extended his hands as he entered Dale's mouth and gripped at his jaws.

Dale suddenly had a bad premonition as he struggled even more.

Unfortunately for him, Seth didn't even hesitate as he started pulling apart his jaws. Dale had some sharp fangs, which made Seth's palms bleed; however, the next instant, they healed, and the process repeated.


Slowly, Dale felt his bones cracking and his skin and tissues tearing. It was extremely painful. No matter how he struggled, Seth maintained his firm grip and didn't let go.

Dale's mouth slowly opened as the skin near the corners of his lips started tearing. Before long, the inside of his mouth was revealed. Without any mercy, Seth continued pulling, and finally, a head was sent flying in the air before settling on the floor. However, the head was missing its lower half.

A fountain of blood and other liquids then started gushing out of the severed head. The blood rose and splattered on the white walls staining it with a red. Seth didn't bother dodging the blood and only wiped the one which reached his face.

The body missing its upper head then went through a transformation as Dale's body reverted back to a human appearance.

Seth turned around and walked in another direction.

At this moment, the room was deathly silent. After witnessing their companion's horrifying death, Nefia and Vled were clued to the floor, unable to react. Their faces were pale, and their bodies were trembling.

However, as trained and experienced veterans, they quickly adjusted their state of mind. Vled heard footsteps slowly walking his way. He lifted his head as panic instantly appeared on his face.

"D-Don't come closer! "

He couldn't finish speaking before he felt a cold object pierce through his body. 'What happened?' Vled coughed a mouthful of blood as his gaze slowly shifted downwards. There he saw an exquisite black sword on his stomach. The tip of the sword had blood dripping continuously.

Weakness spread around his body and his vision blurred. He then slowly and weakly lifted his head; however, before he could, he suddenly felt like he was flying. In his vision, he could still see his full body wearing a black cloak with a sword going through it. But the body seemed to be missing something. It was missing a head.

His confused thoughts were instantly interrupted as darkness dyed his vision.

The silence, which was already heavy, became even more suffocating for Nefia. She could only helplessly watch as Vled's head was sliced by the sword on Seth's hand. In her horror, she then saw the young boy cast his gaze towards her.

For some reason, she felt like the brightness of the room had lessened. In her vision, a pair of scarlet eyes were quietly staring at her. For a moment, she was so terrified that she forgot to move.

Sounds of footsteps then sounded as Seth slowly walked towards her. Nefia breath accelerated. Her heart thudded in her chest, and her hands shook.

Nefia tried to get up, but she would always fell on her butt. She could only drag her bottom on the floor while pleading. "P-please spare me... I-I will do anything."

Seth continued walking as he indifferently looked at the young woman. "Why? What can you possibly give me?"

Nefia suppressed her fear and weakly spoke, "I… I can tell young master of the people who issued this mission…"

In reality, it wasn't like Seth wasn't interested in the people who had organized this, but even if he knew it, his clan would probably be the first to act. Going by this logic, having thoughts of revenge was truly useless.

Nefia thought Seth was interested as she opened her mouth to speak but he didn't want to waste more time as he sliced her neck.

Nefia's head then fell on the floor and her blood spread. Her head stared at the white ceiling as distant memories resurfaced in her mind. But before she knew it, her eyes closed.