7. Worldly Radiance
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“How are your eyes, Fay?” Grandpa Daval asked.

“I am getting used to it, but it is still weird to see the flow of mana and soul at the same time. It’s jarring but Mother is teaching me how to use them.”

“Then that’s good.”

Like always I continued watching Grandpa Daval’s Craft. After the accident, I thought he would stop me from watching his craft but I was wrong. My days of experiencing Grandpa’s Craft for myself continued.

The forging of the longbow ended. After finishing the engravings and the inlaying of mana lines, I saw a green bird come alive, “The bird finished devouring the Magical Properties Grandpa, congratulations.” I informed him.

“Okay, that’s it for the day, you should return home now, I’m only going to clean up this place now.” Grandpa Daval said and I rejected his offer and just helped him keep everything away.

He insisted I didn’t have to, but I wanted to move my body as the mana in my body was still pretty much unregulated. I needed to exhaust my strength for the day if I want to sleep tonight.

Cleaning up took an hour, I then left Grandpa Daval who was already snoring the moment I closed his front door. He was exhausted for the day. In front of the house, there was a single block of wood waiting for me. The scratches on its surface could only mean one thing, a challenge.

Heading to the Hill behind our house, there I met a lone cat that had grown to be as big as a caracal, wistfully looking at the setting sun. My footstep let the two-tiled beast know of my presence. It turned around with a meow.


It meowed in anger demanding a fight for the embarrassment it suffered yesterday.

“How many times have we fought?” I asked.


“That’s right, 999 times and in that time, I won 500 times it is now time to put you where you belong!”

“NYA!” Ista rebelled saying it was on the lead.

The cat and I exchanged a gaze, and then, with a start, the Granny Tel knocked her cane on the ground and then the two of us darted forth.


Ista swung her front paws, I got scratched but it didn’t matter!

I moved to the side and went low, with a punch to the pit of the stomach Ista fell… and I, once and for all gained victory over this overgrown cat.

“That’s 501 with me on the lead.”

“NYA!?” it protested that it was a tie.

This had been my way to bide my time in our village these past few days. Spend it with as little action as possible and live on, I have been living in that manner… but that’s only because of the restrictions my eyes gave me.

I didn’t want to foster the thought of going on adventures, I had a disability and I feared death of course such a thing could never happen. I don’t want to leave my parents and the people in our village, but, something within me was continuously whispering to me that I have to go and find something as though it was haunting me.

But the problem with that is the fact that I still don’t want to leave the village. The desire to go and see the world and my crippling trauma of being alone… the choice I need to make it simple, but abandoning a fear isn’t that easy, is it?

What a stupid dilemma this is.

“Meow.” Ista placed its paws on my hand and just looked at me directly in the eyes before nodding assuring me or something.

“Do you even know what I’m brooding over?”

“Mew.” It proudly shook its head.

“Thanks, Ista, I feel better now. Well, if, someday I do leave the village will you come with me?”

“NYA!” It raised its front paw, saying I would be helpless without… can’t say it’s wrong though.

Night came and after having dinner which happened to be skewers Mother bought a couple of this a week ago—she kept it in an Ice Compartment located below our house where Runes were etched on the walls—on town.

On a side note, Older Sister Rina loves these skewers, she can easily eat 300 in one sitting. She’s has a petite build and considering how she’s in a wheelchair so she had little method to burn all that food. Seeing her devour all that food was one of the most mystical things I had seen.


I asked Mother if Older Sister Rina was a Mana Beast turned human and I received a talking to so that’s out of the picture. Her figure remains perfect and her face without a single sign of excess oil… Sister Rina was perfect and she can eat anything she wants at large volumes, she—


“What? Huh? Mother, is something the matter?”

“You were dozing off, is something the matter?”

“Ah, sorry mother, I was thinking about something.”

It would appear I was in a daze.

“Well, I understand you are nervous about opening your System tomorrow.”

“ye… wait, that’s tomorrow?”

“What are you so surprised about, weren’t you worrying about that? What were you thinking about then?”

“How Sister Rina eats so many skewers in one sitting?”

“You sure think about a lot of useless things, Fay.” Mother sighed, “Finish your food and wash up, we’re going to sleep early tonight, a lot of preparations has to be done tomorrow.”

“Yes, Mother.”

A lot of things had happened these past few weeks, the inexplicable voice that makes me think if I need to visit an asylum, my desire to go out, my traumas, and even indecisions led me to forget one of the most important events of my life, my [World Radiance] or otherwise known as Awakening.

Now that I think about it, I am getting pumped, and that night, against mother’s orders, I was unable to even sleep a wink.

Accepting Worldly Radiance was the process of opening the World System.

The System of this world allows you to gain skills that are attuned to one’s Class. The stronger the class the stronger the effect of a skill and its gifts.

For example, a [Forbidden Chanter]’s Spells grows stronger the higher its levels become. I already have the skills of the Blood Pact Tamer that allowed me to create a connection with Mana Beast.

I can have her as a companion and the monster connected to me would grow faster—depending on how I raise them of course— so I’m in a relatively good position.

This event was a special day for the people of this world, after all, their Worldly Radiance was similar to the medieval era’s Societal Debut or Debutante.

It was also the time for youths to know what kind of occupation they should pursue in the future.

Though for me the Worldly Radiance at this point sounded redundant, the people around me were all excited so screw it, I’m happy too… yay!

The next day arrived and unlike every other day, I didn’t have to wake up everyone as they were all awake. Even the Village Chief known for sleeping through the afternoon had his eyes open.

The only one still asleep was Older Sister Rina’s brother, but he’s a special case.

Mother cooked up a feast and at around 3:45 on the afternoon the time finally arrived.

While everyone was talking about who would take me as a student, I heard a voice counting down,

10… 9… 8… 7… 6…

The voice belonged to a woman, though monotonous, it sounded quite warm.

3… 2… 1

Timer: 00:00:00:00

My vision was assaulted by the light of the world. I can see the flow of glorious radiance enveloping me announcing that I have grown to accept the flow of the world’s blessing.

Weeks passed since my eyes were lost, and with me regaining partial vision, I turned ten on the 32nd day of the fifth month.

The light around me subsided and for the second time in my life, I heard the Voice of the World echo in my ears.


[You have been granted Access to the World System]

[Finding Access Point: Confirmed]

[Soul Insertion Completed]

[Status Creation, Radiance Information being processed — completed]

[Class Slots — 3 Open Class Slot — 1 Occupied Class Slot]

[Chosen Soul detected — Class [Blood Pact Tamer Lv. 1] Confirmed (moved to Secondary Class)]

[Detecting [Eye of Life] Class Mutation [Blood Pact Tamer] —> [Evolution Seer Lv. 1]]



That’s a lot to take in. But it was not finished.



[Primary Class is now open — [Special Trait Detected] — [Black-Gold Eyes of Ystavious] Detected — Overwriting System Proclamation

Class [God Smith Lv. 1 (Confirmed)]

[2 Occupied Class Slot]

(New status detected… error… Ancient Intervention… World System ERROR…. Final Proclamation Detected — Confirm.]

ERROR CONFIRMED — [God Smith] —> [Blacksmith Lv. 1] —> [Cursed Blacksmith Lv. 1]

[Worldly Radiance is completed]

[System Update Completed]



With the process finished, the voice settled down and information flooded my mind - Status - I announced the command in my head.


Lv. 7

Age: 0

Title: Chosen Soul

Strength: 178

Speed: 79

Dexterity: 93

Vitality: 174

Senses: 91

Magic Power: 123

Magic Control: 39

Mana Regeneration: 5

Will: 21

Luck: 24 (fixed)

Free Points: 35




Fire E

Water E

Earth E

Wind E

Lightning E

Space: C

Soul: B

Dark: S

Light: Z





Class # 1: Cursed Blacksmith Lv. 1

Class #2: Evolution Seer Lv. 1

After the checking of the commands, the Worldly Radiance stopped and the light disappeared.

“Congratulation Fay!” Mother congratulated me and hugged me. Everyone else followed and Uncle Braum even tossed me around.

“Hmm? Is something the matter Fay? Is something hurting?” Granny Tel asked.

“No… it’s just that… affinity, it says that I am Cursed by God … is there any chance that’s normal.”

No one said anything.

"That's a no then."

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