Story 2.7 Too much drama
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Although I wrote this chapter myself this was so annoying to write.

"Jang Biqing don't cause trouble! don't you think there's no reason for you to be here?" Xu Anru scolded aggressively not resembling the white lotus she usually portrayed.

This wasn't a heavy surprise for Zhenhao, he always knew that this sister had her temper but seeing her losing it this bad was a first. He was really stuck between confessing to them both that Qing was his girlfriend or that he's the second young master of the Feng group.

"Xu Anru! Don't you think you're being too rude?!" she retorted annoyed. This b*tch how dare she!

"Qing. . . Biqing, why are you here?" Zhenhao interfered, treating her like a stranger.

Biqing was dissatisfied with this and thought of him as a useless jerk, the crack on her self restraint was getting wider. "Xu Anru! if i don't have have right you think you do?! You think I didn't overheard you got dump by the Boss ha!?" she fought back.

Zhenhao was experiencing a sever headache calming these two tigresses down. He went over to Jang Biqing's side in attempt to calm her down first but she shoved his hands away not wanting it.

"JANG BIQING YOU B*TCH!" she growled enraged and walked closer itching to slap that bloody mouth.

But that hand was received by the middle man and his cheek swelled red instead.

"XIAOHAO!" Xu Anru exclaimed in disbelief and Jang Biqing snickered glad to be shielded from her fierce slap.

"THE TWO OF YOU CALM DOWN!" he shouted close to losing it.

Their loud argument was echoing throughout the hallway but luckily since they were using the VIP room, there was nobody on the floor and the hallway was isolated with sound-proofed glass doors.

"Heh! Xu Anru, why so mad? ahh~ did you hear the rumors about me and the Pres?" she taunted enjoying the fun of seeing Anru's face distort and the look of hate in her eyes.

Xu Anru was aflame, her blood was boiling and her fist was gripping tight. She heard, she heard it all! There were rumors of Tingxiao dropping by Jang Biqing's apartment often and was even seen waiting outside but she didn't dare believe it. Why would he? They weren't even close and it was clear to her as day.

But did she really know? Were they really not close as she thought?

Or was she just lying to herself?

This hateful truth was driving her crazy and that smug look on that sl*t's face was dragging her down to hell.


Zhenhao heard such rumors too but he couldn't imagine her brother cheating with her girlfriend. He wasn't that kind of man, her brother wouldn't mix himself up with such messy relationships.

So why was Qing using him to taunt Anru?

"You two why are you both acting like this! aren't you ashamed of yourselves? we're in the hospital!."

"So what? I will never accept this! I will never accept her relationship with Tingxiao!"

"Sis Anru! What are you talking about?! My brother is not together with Qing! she's my girlfriend!" He outright confessed witnessing how delusional and jealous his sister-figure was, caused by a broken heart.

His confession paralyze her silly abruptly turning her full attention on Zhenhao's expression to make sure he ain't lying.

"Ah! that's right! Im his girlfriend but not anymore! NING ZHENHAO I WANT TO BREAK UP WITH YOU!" Jang Biqing shamelessly announced.

This time, Zhenhao really cannot take the role as the rational one as he was suddenly shot by the sudden rejection without knowing the reason why.

"QING! DON'T MAKE THINGS WORST AS IT IS!" he shouted forcefully constricting her wrist with an iron grip and she made a painful scowl.

"LET GO OF ME!!!" she screamed shaking his hold fanatically in any way she could. She finally got tired from resisting after a few tries and could only mockingly look at him in the eye like a crazy b*tch not liking being manhandled.

"Zhenhao! Did you really think you were suitable for me?! Ha! It was soooooo tiring to be with you that If only I could've get rid of you sooner!"

"Are you being f*cking serious right now!!? "He was mad, boiling mad.

She finally twisted her wrist for its release and slapped the same spot on his face Anru did to vent her anger.

"You were a disappointment! Unable to satisfy me and get what I want so we're through! Haha!" she grinned at the sight of his shocked face.

Zhenhao simply stood there putting a warm hand onto the pain on his cheek without moving his eyes away from her beautiful face. Her black hair was sticking on her face highlighting her mean face.

"QING, DO YOU MEAN IT?" his eyes were flaring and his voice was deadly low trying to rip her apart with a look.

Ah. . . so this woman was like the rest afterall.

"I said it once and I'll say it again! NING ZHENHAO WE'RE THROUGH!"

Although knives were stabbing his badly beaten heart, her final words were like the scissors which knifed th it through completely, chopping it like ingredients on fried rice. Zhenhao walked past her unwilling to see more of her f*cking face and left. He's gonna have a blast drinking tonight.

"What? you've got something to say?!" Jang Biqing's mood was sh*t, half regretting losing her temper. She felt she was being to reckless and missed something.

That's right. Why was Zhenhao even here?

She took a good look at Xu Anru's face and saw her smiling with her usual harmless and gentle smile, but this smile was giving her a foreboding feeling.

"Did you know who you just dumped?" she couldn't hold in her urging laugh from the other's stupidity.


This time it was Jang Biqing's turn to look dumb with her gaping mouth and messy hair. FENG. This family name speaks a lot in itself and now her EX's name was being tagged under it.

"W-w-what are you-" she was shocked into stutter but when the realization finally sunk in, her face distorted in regret, baring her fangs and let all of it out on Xu Anru.

"B*TCH!!!" she screamed grabbing  handful of the other's hair to vent. Xu Anru didn't need to think and grabbed back, their grunts and screaming echoing louder and louder as the pain sinks through their follicles.

These two women were crazy, pressured to a dead end by their broken hearts and woeful regrets. It was all plain nasty and such a f*cking ugly sight to see.


The room door abruptly opened and the now conscious Tingxiao walked out.

"Too noisy." he glared at the two supposed to be famous actresses who looked nothing like their former beauty. Their make-up working it's magic to make their ugly faces uglier matches with unruly hair. What concept do we have here?

"T-Tingxiao!" Xu Anru exclaimed in surprise and approached intent on holding the sick man and support him.

He didn't dare touch her oily hands and dodged away, increasing the speed of his footstep to reach the elevator yet still, she was stupidly clueless and followed him out.

She was about to step into the same Lift but was stopped by a hand pushing her out.


The elevator doors closed and Xu Anru was left standing speechless.

Tingxiao called a cab paying extra to speedily take him to Jang Xin's apartment.

Reaching there, he chose to take the stairs and arrived in-front of his door. He rang the bell once, then twice yet no one was opening up. He tried calling his phone and neither did it work. It was when he was about to grab the handle that he noticed the gap between the door leaving it open.

Slowly, he walked in and surveyed the surroundings taking a good look. It was really clean. A door into a blue room was left opened and he went closer only to see a body uncomfortably lying on the floor.

"Jang Xin!"

He repeatedly called his name, shook him to wake but nothing worked. He was about to pick him up and bring him to the hospital but then remembered he just left there and might cause a scene if he came back. After some thought he phoned a number not letting Jang Xin off his arms.


"Secretary Zhou! call Doctor Li over my house now!"

"Boss where-"

He hanged up then dialed a number to call a cab. He hesitantly laid Jang Xin onto the bed and went to rummaged his closet for a thick black sweater. He rested a palm over Jang Xin's forehead and his brow knitted tight from worry.

He's burning up. . .

He swiftly pulled onto the sweater for Jang Xin to wear and heard him groan in pain with cold sweat piling on his forehead. It was only then that he noticed the bruised and badly swollen hand. Gently, Tingxiao finished and wrapped him with a blanket putting the injured hand in his sight. As the phone rang , he carried him with difficulty but didn't let him go, keeping him in the comfort of his arms during the entire car ride home. Fortunately by the time of his arrival, Doctor Li was already inside with his secretary waiting.

"Whew. His fever is high so let the IV drip stay for an hour. If he's still not awake till then then better take it off when he wakes up. Don't let him skip meals after that and make something light for him to eat." Doctor Li advised.

"His wrist is bad. It will take 6 weeks at best, longest 10 weeks. When he fainted he probably used his hand reflexively to cushion his head."

"Also, are you feeling fine?"

"Im fine." he answered earnestly to show it. The doctor didn't say more for he was sure that Tingxiao knew his health best.

"When healed, it'll take time for strength to return on his right hand, at least another 3-4 months so don't force it. Xiaoxiao, take good care of your friend. I don't know how he got sick so badly but keep good watch of him okay?" He said some more in account of their uncle-like relationship as their family doctor.

Tingxiao nodded in agreement leaving a good impression that made the doctor smile. Although gratitude wasn't clear on his face, his tiny gestures was enough to show his sincerity. Doctor Li left together with Secretary Zhou leaving them both behind.

He tidied the bed and looked inside his closet for a new set of clothes. Jang Xin's clothes were already soaked with sweat and his temperature wasn't dropping. He needed to let the entire bag go through the clothes to strip it away and repeat the same thing to change into a new one.

He rushed into the kitchen not minding his own set of hospital clothes that he was still wearing to grab some water. He carefully wiped his body to somehow lessen the heat. Jang Xin trembled from the cold damp cloth and opened his eyes with meager strength half-lidded in a daze.

"Sleep. . ." Tingxiao mumbled in a low yet comforting voice. He pecked his forehead for a kiss and like an agreement, Jang Xin closed them back surrendering to fatigue.

He caressed his pale face and rubbed his finger on his burning reddish cheek. His heart was beating in pain remembering the suit that he noticed lying on a corner of his room. This man got sick, stressed out because of him.

Right now, his love needed warmth.

Right now, he needed to take care of him well.

Tingxiao laid under the blanket hugging Jang Xin, sharing his body warmth. Maybe it was the comforting heat as their skin brushed against each other.


A short minute passed and he fell asleep.