CH 5: Peace out.
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I stood there shaking my head at my idiocy, i have forgotten over half of what i read from his mind but it was not my fault this time!, when he died i lost all of the information i did not fixate myself on while killing him but i at least remember the really important parts such as i got at least 5 days before they ice me so i gotta escape from this place.

The things i remember are galactic basic, my time limit, where he left his ship and that there is some sort of group that wants to kill me but besides that i don't really remember anything else from his mind in detail, but i learned something earlier when i killed those things kind of like a really basic list of things i can 'make' so i am going to create some things called mites since they can increase my range of influence.

I start to focus within myself for the memory of the mites and call it to my zone of influence and my skin begins to crawl as my body begins to shedding scales and flakes and they collect on the floor turning into scarabs around my feet i feel i weak mental drain after their creation but the feeling fades after a few seconds.

But what i find annoying is that ALL of them are yelling at me to tell them to do something and so i tell them to shut it so i could think and they listened which was neat, i don't want this collar on my neck but i can't remove it without them getting suspicious so i tell some of the scarabs to go into it and it melts into the metal leaving behind some hollow on it but i don't think they will notice that.

I make a few hundred more mites since it is not that taxing before i command the rest of them.
"Alright yee tiny bug boys i want 200 of you to go into all of these walls and floor and stuff to find important stuff and spread my meat all around it and in the walls and stuff so stuff will be easier to work with, and i want the rest of you guys to go under my feet leg thing and dig really really deep as my backup plan now off with you, GO."-Me

After i finalized my order my mites got to work and just melted though the walls and floor and ran in random directions while the rest of my task force started excavating the tunnel, now you might wonder why i have them digging if i can't move but although it did does not fix all my problems i found the cure to my immovability.

In fact i found out yesterday but there are people and cameras but its off now so im going to get my stretch on real quick, i focus on the end of my arms where they connects to the hollow and retract my meat from the ceiling but now i have stumps but i will work on the pain of making hands later and just stretch out my stiff shoulders and spine before getting back into my position for appearance sake.

Anyway this place is really big and hearing, feeling and seeing through the mites feels really weird when you can still see with your normal eyes but by doing this i found something in one of the other cells, a audio recording on a table next to what looks like a really messed up version of me.

It's a faded light yellow, his arms are contorted and they tried to come from his chest instead of his shoulders and his head has no face and is cracked down the middle like glass and a deformed eye in its gut area covered in a kind of film or membrane his corpse is leaning over backwards and bends at the waist and is stock still.

I control the mite to turn on the log so i can hear what it has to say about this, as i start it a angry sounding man with a Scottish accent starts speaking. 

"Event 4: We decided to proceed with the remove and storage of deceased subject, BUT IT WON'T CUT!, *Sound of industrial grade grinder being activated before the blade shatters* HOW AM I SUPPOST TO- ahhhhh, this is getting us nowhere we managed to cut some of the smaller parts off of it but the blades chip and break if you try some of the deeper spots."-Assistant 

"Im hoping that some of the lads in the weapons lab will find something because we just went through our backup backup tools."-Assistant

I a interesting development and my other mites in the area have encountered 30 others in their cells all deformed and dead with some missing pieces from them and so i instruct my mites at the cells to attach my hollow to their dead hollow so i can eat it later and then have them go back to their work.

**six hours later**

My hollow has spread through a large portion of the base and i see they are working on alot of stuff in this base, they are making weapons and armor along with drugs or something and there are couples in 13 of the closets my mites have gone by, on another note it might be anticlimactic but my escape tunnel has been finished and filled with hollow so when i head down it i can call back all of my meat to me as i leave.

And so i decided to leave a little gift, i call back all my mites as they already have done what i needed and i command my meat by the door to envelop it and install a mite inside of the door so it has a controller besides me and i command it to stab anything an everything that comes towards the door.

And then i break off my self restrained limbs first starting with my legs, i split them right down the middle and detach them from the floor by retracting myself upwards but i don't have much time for editing myself so i just leave them as meat triangles with padding and now that im just a few inches shorter i am hanging from my hands as i try to remember how to walk.

After i extend again without fusing to the floor i balance myself out enough to free my hands and so i rip them from the ceiling with a strong yank pulling off the tiles and forge myself some quick skeleton hands and then i crawl through the tunnel i had made and head until i see moonlight.

I won't lie when i said i thought there would be more resistance but i won't look a faceless in the eyes, Heh XI faceless anyway i  looked back to the hollow at the end of the cave as all my mites returned to me and entered through my hand and i connected my hand to the hollow and called everything it was connected to into my body.
{Dell liberty hotel deluxe suite}

I was enjoying my night eating some pie and a mega buffalos steak when i got a call on my work phone from my personal assistant Michal and so i answer it and he starts screaming into my ear in panic.
"Boss half of the labs are gone!"-Michal
"You can't get me with this again, don't call me on my work phone if its not important."-Me
"Im not joking this time please i don't know what to do!, the weapons lab and everything including the floor and people inside are gone!, the main computer room has lost half of its terminals the maser project holding cells are completely gone and the front door to the site just fucked off please come into work."-Michal
His panic sounds real and he already knows that if this was a prank i would fire him but i don't trust him entirely he could just be overreacting.

"alright i will be there is thirty."-Me
After that i hang up the phone and finish my steak besides it can't be that bad.
*31 minutes later*
I got to the site and the giant reinforced door in the side of the mountain is just gone along with some of the panels on the walls and floor and on the whole way to the main lab i see similar sights all around me, he was right the experimental drugs? gone along with a third of the room itself besides the supports for the room and the weapon lab everything including the sink.

And my beautiful lab oh my lab, every single containment cell has been ripped up and the only clue it ever existed is the supports for the floor and structure, how am i going to tell the boss we lost everything for the project expect the samples i already sent in, this is not going to look good at all.

And what about XI?, i head to where XI's cell was only to find 12 guards an assistant and i giant hole in the ground.

Did XI do this? did something else enter the site through here?, oh my poor lab, im going to find who did this to you and put it on a fucking dissection table so it can watch me split it down the middle.

I don't know if i did this right, i feel like it went to fast but i don't want to go super slow ether but anyway i do hope you enjoyed reading this.
AN: i changed the name from construction to Peace out since there was no real construction just bailing.

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