5 – In Heat (NSFW)
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They sat by the window, chatting and reminiscing about their high school days. Well, most of it was Eliza doing the talking. Her memories were more vivid compared to Max who didn’t actually remember anything. He smiled and nodded. Since there wasn’t much he could do, considering his memories a bit fuzzy. But it didn’t matter to him. He was happy enough to just looked at this gorgeous woman.

Eliza smiled, giggled, and at times she chuckled. The colorful drinks made her more open in expressing her emotions, her cheerful emotions. The point was, both were having fun, especially Eliza. “Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve talked about high school.” Her drink was still in her hand. This was her third glass, and Max didn’t say much. “To tell you the truth, I barely remembered anything,” Max said.

She smiled and glanced away from Max. “You know back in late summer in high school. There’s this party back at Dick Johnson’s house.” The name didn’t ring a bell in Max’s head. “And my friends kind of force me to go there out of my will,” she dryly laughed a bit at the end. “Well, you know how those parties go. People getting drunk and randomly kissing strangers around, and the loud noisy songs. Truthfully, I hate those types of songs. But I stuck around since my friends were there. It was awkward as hell, and I didn’t know what I was doing back then. In the end, I was just there, having snacks, drinking some punch with a little twist, and that twist twisted me up. My head’s getting woozier, and then I popped something in my mouth.” She sipped her drink and continued. “Then, the anaphylaxis shock happened. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what I ate, probably me choking or spasming on the floor and everyone just looking.”

Max nodded, listening attentively. He kept his eyes gazing at her, giving her full attention. “Then, there you are,” Eliza said. She gazed at Max’s eyes, staring deep into his brown eyes. “I don’t know where you get the Epipen, but you jabbed me with it, and here I am.” she spread and raised both of her arms in the air. Her smile was dazzling. Max felt his heart knocking on his ribs, and it quickened. Eliza reached out for Max’s hand on the table and lightly touched his hand.

Max grasped hers in response, and both felt the warmth of their palms. He noticed her biting her lips, sending him those alluring gaze. His desire grew, and silence befell them. Yet, they were having their own sort of conversation. Their fingers wrapped with one another, dancing on the table, and their gazes never break. She bit her bottom lip, and she looks irresistible. Max gulped down a mouthful. He was a man, and for a man, it was hard to deny such signals. “I want to taste that lips of yours,” he said with a tone only for their ears. “Be my guest,” her coquettish tone enraptured his heart and soul.

Max’s desire was shooting upwards, and his action proved it. His free hand caressed the side of Eliza’s face. From her temple down to her cheek. A little bit of tease at the corner of her lips with his fingers before he reached lower to her flushed neck. He heard a slight gasp escaping those plump lips, and it raged him even further, the rage of his desire. He grabbed her by the nape of her neck and gently pulled her in. He leaned forward and gave her a kiss. A kiss that was gentle and yet ravage at the same time, fueled by flaming desires from deep within. They parted, with a string of saliva connecting from their lips. It was barely visible by the naked eyes, and yet the two paid no heed to it.

“You want to get out of here?” Max suggested with a devilish smile. “The air is a bit stuffy, don’t you think?” He followed up with another question. She smiled, and Max led her away. They came back to Eliza’s car and sat on their respective car seats. A few seconds of silence prevailed as both gazed at one another. It was like the silence before a storm, and then all hell broke loose. Eliza jumped on Max’s lap as hunger for desires took control of them. They passionately kissed one another as Max suckled on her plump lips. His non-stopping kisses slowly went down to her beautiful neck. He could hear her moans as his kiss was forceful and yet arousing. His hands were busied fondling her twin peaks, hiding within her soft camisole. It felt good to him, but he needed more, not just fabric in between the fleshes. His hands got busier. He removed her jacket and threw it into the driver’s seat. He took another kiss from Eliza right at her lips. The smacking of their lips echoed in the small Mini Cooper. Yet, the small space wasn’t a hindrance.

His desire went higher, and the wildness of a man in heat could never stop. He couldn’t wait any longer and snapped off the strings of her camisole. She moaned by the sudden roughness as the camisole dropped, revealing two hidden gems, big gems. They were still hiding under another layer of defense. Max rushed and buried his face over Eliza’s mounds. He felt the soft flesh caressing against his face as he lightly kissed the surface of those ripe bosoms.

“Ah,” Eliza cried. Yet, it wasn’t enough for Max. He went back up to Eliza’s lips as he passionately kissed her, making love to her in every possible way that he could. While he kissed, his hands unlatched the back of Eliza’s bra. She felt something was loose, and their lips parted.

Max gazed at Eliza’s body, free from any barrier that could hinder his sight. Eliza looked away, embarrassed by the hot stare from Max’s eyes. Subconsciously, her hands rose up, trying to cover her bosoms. Yet a strong grip held her by the wrist, pulling it away from hiding those marvelous peaks. “You’re beautiful,” Max whispered and Eliza felt it. She felt it right at the soul. “Really?” She asked, and Max didn’t answer. He rushed forward and buried his face once more into those beautiful mounds. He kissed and bit, sending jolts of impulses coursing through Eliza’s body. “Ah,” she moaned loudly, and her shyness made her covered her mouth. But Max wasn’t stopping there. He ravaged her as she fought herself not to moan. Yet her body shook, trembling with each of Max’s sensual actions.

She leaned over to Max’s ears as she whispered, “kiss me.” Max changed his target and kissed those succulent lips of Eliza Maksimov. Then they parted once more and gazed at each other eyes.

“I want to see you,” she said. Eliza took the initiative and pulled up Max’s long sleeve shirt. The anticipation in her grew wilder by the second, and then she saw him. Max’s upper body was bare to be seen, and Eliza stared at him, not with a stare of desire. She sat on his lap, looking listless like a statue with her eyes not glancing away from the scars that ran from his left neck down to his left flank. Something changed, and Max could feel it. “What’s wrong?” There was silence.

“No, it’s nothing.” Eliza covered her breasts with her arms and looked away. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do this.” she sat back in the driver’s seat and picked up her jacket. She wore them back and zipped them up to covered her exposed flesh.

Fuck. It’s the scars, Max thought. It's the fucking keloid scars. He never knew that he would get cock-blocked by his own scars. Well, this fucking sucks. The raging desire plummeted down in an instant. It seemed he got no action for tonight. He shook his head and wore back his long sleeve shirt. Eliza still didn’t say a word and continued to stare in a daze at her steering wheel.

He felt every ounce of him wanted to leave this dreadful car but glancing to his side, Eliza was in some kind of shock or something. Fuck, I want to leave. That was his greatest desire at the moment, but he felt responsible. He couldn’t leave her like this, not after knowing she was drunk. Fuck, this isn’t simping. I’m not simping, this is just being responsible, and I don’t want to see someone die due to some stupid colorful drinks.

“Hey,” Max called Eliza. Yet, she wasn’t responding. Max snapped his fingers a few times, and that got her attention. “Switch with me,” Max said. She didn’t say a word. She looked at him for a while and glanced away, continuing to stare in blankness. This is hopeless. Her fantasy of me was probably broken into a million pieces. Well, sorry for not being perfect. Max got out of the car and went to the driver’s side. He opened it up and put his arms under Eliza. She turned flustered by the sudden turn of events, and her eyes scattered all over the place. She wanted to say something, but she felt like something was stuck in her throat. Max carried her off and placed her in the passenger seat.

He went back to the Mini Cooper and started the engine. He drove down the road as silence prevailed, and it wasn’t the silence that he enjoyed. It was more like a suffocating silence. They didn’t say a word to one another while in Eliza’s mind, she was starting to worried about Max. She didn’t know where he was bringing her, and she feared for her life. Her rational thought spiraling down the negative abyss as all sorts of bad things came up. She thought that rejecting Max would bring something dangerous, and she feared for it. It was unreasonable, but with both not talking, no one knew what both of them were thinking. She looked over her handbag right beside Max’s feet. Her phone was in there, and now there was no way of reaching a cop. Indeed, she thought too much.

Soon, they reached Northview, their neighborhood. “Where’s your house?” Max asked, with a cold flat tone. He wanted to get back home as soon as possible. Eliza looked at him and gulped a mouthful. She worried about what would happen. Again, she thought too much.

“Eliza, I want to go back home. So can you please tell me where your house is?” Max conveyed his truthful feeling and Eliza was shaken. Did she think wrong? Of course she did. She couldn’t say a word and just pointed with her fingers. Then, the car stopped, parked right at the driveway. Max left the car the moment he pulled the handbrake. She flinched a bit and traced her eyes at Max’s movement. Then she saw him walked away, gone into the darkness of the night. She felt relief, and then it hit her. Her eyes quivered, and she realized what happened. She got out and stared at the darkness where Max just disappeared. She thought of something. I’m sorry.


Max walked casually by the side of the street. He passed through houses and houses, heading towards his home. His hands were in his pockets as he felt the disappointing feeling of getting cock-blocked by his own scars. That was unfortunate. He smirked. He thought back, and it was kind of laughable. How shallow could one be just because of scars? I can’t really blame her though, if she has scars would I still bang her? He pondered for a bit. Well, if it’s love, of course I would. He glanced down and remembered someone. He smiled, yet it was full of sorrow. Yea, love is indeed bang-able. He chuckled. For now, he didn’t have love. Ah, fuck the sentimentality. I need to vent or something.

All in all, he was still frustrated. He was left hanging, and finishing it off with a video didn’t seem right to him. “Fuh, let’s do this the old-fashioned way,” Max said. “Let’s kill some wolves.”