Chapter 12 – The Homecoming Party (4)
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Eternity City is one of the largest city in the world. Living here would be the dream of many, but what people ignore is that, it comes with risk. For a superpowered individuals to live among normal men, problems will eventually rise. Imagine yourself, a curious human and mother nature suddenly gave you a great amount of power. Temptation would be inevitable especially for humans who have lived their lives in isolation and despair. This is where Heroes comes in, to show that there will always a be choice for humanity. Governments around the world quickly adapted to these SuperHeroes and learned to cooperate with them. 

There are hundreds of heroes out there, and every year, there are almost another hundreds new comers. For the Government to control these ripple that the heroes create, they stood an office called Department of Powered Individuals. They created rules, but the biggest thing they changed was the Vigilantism Act. In short, the Government won't allow heroism on certain situations without the License. 

"It really is Commander!"

"Wait! THE Commander?"

"Yeah! They even said that he's so strong that he's on par with Infinity, the strongest Evo recorded in history."

"Bullshit! My grandfather said that Infinity was so strong that he can even move continents! You think he can do that?!" 

Down at the field, the Director and Commander was chatting about the latter's journey all the way from the Infinity City. But what students didn't know that, Commander was the first one who arrived here. Then after a few minutes, a portal emerged at the field in which 5 more heroes came out. They were wearing the same thing as Commander, a formal suit and dress but with a slight to their costumes. For Commander, he's wearing a black tuxedo with a golden shirt underneath and a cape along with it. A nod to his black and gold costume. The appearance of Commander is enough to faint the whole University, but when 5 more came out, they just couldn't stop but admire the School's popularity. 

Night already approaches the University. One after another, Dates reached the clubhouse. But it was livelier than before because of the sudden appearance of their idols. 

On their way to the clubhouse, Amelia predicted that it was Commander who flew above them. She knew that Commander was onced a student at Eternity, so it makes sense for him to go back to his alma mater. 

Almost everybody reached the clubhouse. The work that the Representatives were finally paying off. The machine that they made were also being showcased. There was a slight fog that covered the whole field. As soon as Jon and Amelia did, they were bombarded with crowd gazes. 

"Damn, she's so hot..." One guy said. 

"Who's that guy she's with? He's... alright." Followed by his partner. 

"Is that Jon Storm? Wow" 

Although alot of people are staring at Amelia, she didn't care, but Jon however was different. He was back to being stiff, and he was getting dragged by Amelia through the Clubhouse. 

While their arm's are still locked to each other, Amelia whispered to him. "Jon, you gotta relax." 

He couldn't help it, this was the first time that a lot of influential people are staring at him. But when Amelia said something to him, he relaxed and breathed out. 

They reached the inside of the Clubhouse, in where even more eyes are staring at them. That's when Jon finally saw someone he knew. 

It was Joshua Curry with his date, who's both hanging out at a mini bar with a glass of wine on their hands. Seeing both of them, Jon couldn't pissibly disturb that's why he just cursed. He cursed for not being able to escape those awkward stares he's getting. Jon was still having trouble socializing to others but Amelia was fairly leading and introducing him to her circle of friends. The other representatives also arrived, and Jon finally breathed a relief and soon got comfortable.

A soothing music was played at the Dance Hall. The students were excited since they waited for a whole week for this. It was different for the representatives though, they were indeed excited, proud but there's a tad of nervousness of their face. 

Most students are already at the Dance Hall, surrounding the spacious area and seems to be waiting for something. They were staring at the entrance and then they finally appeared. They came out by pair with their arms locking to each other. It was Clark Stanford and Ashley Underwood, followed by Jon and Amelia. The representatives get to dance first and then when it gets to the middle, pair by pair they would join. 

Jon was not inform that they would dance first, he stared at Randy but he just avoided his eyes. Looks like they forgot something crucial. 

Amelia saw the nervous look of Jon and said "Don't worry just follow my lead." Jon took her hand while placing the other around her. The music started and they began dancing. For a 1 hour practice, Jon was not looking too bad. But Clark and Ashley just stole the dance floor. They looked professional from the eyes of the crowd. After a few minutes of dancing, the others also joined. 

Their positions this time was different, Jon placed her arms around her hips. They were only swaying but like most others, there was not a bit of awkwardness to them. 

"Hahahaha! I can't believe that happened." Amelia said.

Seeing their situation right now, Jon couldn't explain it. From the eyes of others, they look like a couple. But they both know that they're just friends, Amelia even considered him as her best friend. But deep down, Jon wanted more than that. 

"Amelia, I have something to... tell you." Jon said with a serious face.

Amelia stopped laughing and asked. "What's with the serious face, chip brain?" 

He was still hesitating, to tell her how he feel. His habit came back again, his negative thoughts. What would happen if he got rejected? But what would happen if he didn't? 

He gulped a mouthful of saliva, stared at her eyes and was about to say something when someone from far called Amelia. She turned and saw a messy hair with a blood orange suit. 

It was Liam, the speedster. He learned at Amelia that Liam and her were childhood friends. Liam also had a huge crush on Amelia, and when he asked her out, he got rejected but he never gave up. She said that she only see him as a friend, which turned Liam into this crazy guy who spends his time beating up a guy who's close to Amelia. She hated him for that and that's why she kept ignoring him.

When she saw she's getting closer to them, she said. "Let's go Jon." grabbing his hand and turned to leave. But Liam was a speedster, he used his powers arrived infront of them, blocking their way. 

"Don't you dare start something, Liam!" Amelia warned.

"Amelia, I wan't to talk" He reached out to grab her hand but she refuted "No, we really need to go." Although she resisted, Liam was faster and he grabbed her wrist. 

"Hands off, Liam! You're hurting me." 

Jon had enough and stood infront of Amelia. "Enough man, not here." he said. 

Liam met his eyes and raised his eyebrows "Or what Storm? What are you gonna do?" followed by a push by him. The crowd saw what's happening and wanted to stop him but Liam's group of friends were also blocking their way. 

He kept pushing him until he finally pushed him hard that he fell on his feet. He looked down to Jon, snickered and turned his back to face Amelia again. 

Jon couldn't care of what the crowd thinks. He stood up, and pulling back his arm, with his fist closer he aimed it at Liam's head. When his back is clearly open, he thought it would be a great idea and caught him off guard, but Liam saw the reactions crowd and thought what was up. 

Whoosh, Jon's fist didn't connect and carried by his momentum, he's out of balance. Liam used his super speed to sway at the side, and while soing that, he punched Jon's stomach. It connected and Jon groaned at the ground, holding his stomach. Liam is an experienced fighter, plus he got super speed. The best thing that Jon could do was to caught him off guard but it didn't happen. 

"Noo! --- What's wrong with you!" Amelia cried and he ran to Jon, but Liam caught her hand and pulled her away. 

The crowd let out a shock, when they saw that Jon was standing up again, he charged towards Liam with his fist aiming at him. But Liam used his super speed to step back, avoiding the punch and when Jon's face was open, he swings his arm and connected! Jon flew to a nearby table. The punch this time was combined with Liam's speed, making it even stronger than a normal one. But something unexpected happened, he stood up again and ready to charge at him onced more. 

'Impossible! How..." Liam thought to himself. He was getting irritated now, since the punch that he threw earlier was his strongest one. A normal person would even get knocked out, but this guy just took it like it was a kid's slap. He even researched about Jon, and found out that this guy doesn't have any powers. So how come...

But he can't retreat now, if he did it would shame his reputation, as a guy who can't eve, handle a normal student. 

He saw Jon just standing up there, and he thought. "I probably took it easy, this time I'll make sure.' and then he sped up, arrived infront of Jon and began punching him. Jon couldn't follow and he just raised his arm, protecting his head. He again flew back and dropped at the floor. This time, he was groaning but it looks like he could still stand up. 

Liam saw this and thought 'It can't be!' He was having a hard time believing it, how could this guy... 

And then he realized something, he had his smug look again and smiled. He didn't use his powers this time but instead he walked towards Jon. He kneeled and reached out to her ears. 

Then Liam whispered "We can do this all day, but are you sure? You should probably just go home and start cleaning up... It was huge afterall."