Chapter 13 – The Machine
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"What's happening?!" A shout was heard and the crowd looked at them. It was Clark Stanford, and the few representatives who went outside to meet with their "Super Guest". Jon however insisted and chose to stay at the Dance Hall with Amelia. 

The crowd knows that Clark and Jon were close friends, and seeing the situation right now, they waited and wanted to see what's gonna happen next. 

Clark and the Representatives hurriedly went to the Dance Hall when some of the students told them that there was a fight at the Dance Hall. They were at the field at that time and the messenger's voice reached out to everyone, bringing even more people to the Dance Hall.

He was furious, this is a huge moment for them afterall, they would get an earful from the Director especially the one who handles the Security, The Military Department. 

They pushed through the crowd and saw Jon sitting at the floor and staring at the distance. Liam already stood up and still had that smug look on his face. He wasn't afraid of the consequences, he came from a wealthy family. His parents are even Government officials. 

Wallace was suddenly informed of what happened by one of his Department Scholars, but he was even more furious when his guy didn't act to stop it. Though the guy reasoned that Liam's friend was preventing everyone else to act. 

The crowd saw the furious look of the representatives, Amelia and the rest immediately made their way to help Jon, Liam didn't care and he walked off. But suddenly a hand stopped him, Liam looked who it is and saw Clark, with his head down. 

"I won't do it again... alright?" Liam said and he pushed through Clark's hand. Although Clark was angry, he wouldn't dare to start another fight, it would just make the situation even more worse. 

Jon with the help others, stood up. He was still shocked, thousands of thoughts came to his mind; What did he mean by that? Does he know? If he did... NO! 

He finally snapped from his thoughts and ran, but Clark teleported himself in front of Jon. 

"Jon, Don't go after them... The school will---" Clark said before Jon just pushed his way through. He wasn't going to go after them, he's trying to get to his machine which is at home. 

Clark still wanted to stop Jon but when he saw that he just ran passed Liam and his crew and towards the neighbourhood, he gave up. 

Liam saw that Jon finally realized and he just gulped another glass of wine.

Down the streets, he ran like there was no tomorrow, the dim light made the path for him. When he's only a couple of houses away from his dorm, he saw a light coming from it. Jon knows the benefits and risks of his plan, this was his life, and the reason why he's at this University is to build this... 

TZZZZZT! Electricity was flying everywhere, the machine gave out light in the whole block. The machine is not stable and his home made Quanternax Battery is leaking. He stepped forward to his room when an electricty strike him and he flew back at the wall outside his dorm. But he wasn't hurt, as far as he knows he has Electricity Resistance. He tried again but the area surrounding the machine would send out a high voltage of electricty. Stepping in that area would be the same as getting hit by lightning. He wasn't afraid of this at all, he was afraid of the possibility that the Quanternax Battery would leak even more and could possibly explode. Once a Quanternax Battery explode, it would take the whole University and the surrounding at it. With this thoughts in his mind, he stepped onced again, the electricity striked him, but he was only pushed back by a few feet. He saw this as an opportunity and he stepped forward, pushing his way to the machine. 


"Amelia, let him go." Clark grabbed hold of her hands, she was trying to go after him. 

"No! I need to... It's my fault!" Amelia begged, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Clark saw her face and he just sighed. While his hands was still grabbing Amelia's, he finally made up his mind and SHIFT! They teleported!

Back at Jon's dorm, he finally reached the machine, he was trying his best to figure out how to stop the machine when suddenly two figures appeared just outside of his room. He looked at both of their faces and they were utterly shocked! Their mouthes were open and the girl was having a hard time to talk. 

But she still voiced out and said "Jon! what is this?!"

She tried to step forward before Jon shouted "No! Not one step closer!"

Clark finally recovered from the surprised and said "Jon! What is--- Wait you're glowing!" 

When Jon heard his voice, he looked at his body, which is indeed glowing with sky blue, turning darker and darker. 

"Please you gotta leave!" Jon begged.

"Not if you tell us what this is!" Clark shouted. "Jon we can help---" And ZAP! The electricity almost got to them, and Amelia jumped out in terror. 

'Shit! If I can't contain it...' By the time he said that, he realized that there was still one way to save everyone but he wasn't sure if it would work. If it didn't... 

"Clark! Listen to me, I need you to go inside the Shed! There's a device at the power, you need to link it again! Just clicked the only button!" TZZZZT electricity came out again, "GOOO!" 

Clark nodded and tried to grabbed Amelia before she resisted, "I want to stay... Please!" With no time left, Clark just shook his head and SHIFT! He vanished. 

"Amelia, I want you to go down and turn off the power of this building." She nodded and hurriedly went down. 

'Atleast she won't be here to...' Cutting the power was not gonna do anything, he only said that to make sure that she's not around when it happen. 

"Move! Move!" Clark kept pushing people away and making his way towards the Shed. SHIT! It's locked... He looked around and saw a stone nearby and began hammering the lock. People were just staring at him, not knowing of what's happening. They just concluded that he's probably just drunk. 

Clark finally broke the lock and went in. He immediately saw the device that Jon was saying. It was glowing in red and was blinking with a Hazard sign on it. It says UNLINKED and he's about to press it when the door behind him was suddenly closed. He looked behind and saw Liam. 

Liam saw that Clark and Amelia went after Jon. He was even more angry and when he saw Clark he was panicking like something was wrong. 

"I don't have time for this Liam." Clark just turned back and was about to presss the button.

Liam saw the device and it looked the same as the one that Jon was building at his room. He then used his superspeed to grab Clark, dragging his back and threw him at the wall. But Clark was no pushover, he was afterall the Top 1 from the Hero Department. Before his back was slammed at the wall, he teleported and avoided it. He appeared behind of Liam, and while his momentum was still carrying him, he grabbed Liam, carried him so that his feet wouldn't touch the floor and SHIFT! They Teleported! 

They appeared at the Beach part of the City, and while Clark was still a hold of Liam, he threw him at the ground. He groaned but it was not enough to knock Liam out cold. Instead he used his super speed to grab Clark again before he teleported.  

Jon doesn't have more time left, Clark was thinking of this, and then his face got serious. Liam was still grabbing a hold of Clark, if he teleported now, it would carry Liam. That's why Clark took advantage of this, he looked at a distant and saw the seaside, he realized something and they teleported again. 

SPLAAASH! They were at the sea! Though they can still see the beach from here but Clark teleported them under the sea! For Clark's power to work, he has to have visual image of the place he wanted to teleport. This area of the sea has some bad memories for Clark, he was usually get thrown out by his older brother here and leave him to swim to the beach. His brother also has teleportation abilities and when his brother threw him here, his powers awakened, this was the time where he discovered he had powers. 

Due to the amount of pressure that Clark did to teleport, it separated them, Liam panicked and tried to hold to Clark again. But Clark was prepared to teleport back and he did! SHIFT! 

Back at Jon's dorm, he's only chance is for Clark to link the machine again and transfer the energy that he contained at the battery, back to where he took it, the power supply. 

Footsteps were heard outside of his room, Jon looked who it is, it was Amelia holding what seems to be pliers. Looks like she was forced to cut the wires. 

"Jon, please tell me what this is..." Amelia was still confused and wanted to know some answers. 

Jon let out a sigh and said "This is my life, my whole life leads to this point... I... This machine is supposed to change the world. But not yet..." He was still hesitating to tell Amelia this. 

"I don't understand, tell me Jon!" Amelia was starting to sob and Jon couldn't bare to see that that's why he finally decided to say the truth.

"This machine is supposed to give the world, a new source of energy! ... Think of it as an hourglass, The sand inside of it is the energy and the glass that contains it is the Battery. But for the Hourglass, you can use it everytime if you just turned it upside down. What I'm trying to make is... an Unlimited Energy!" 

Amelia realized what he's getting at, the world right now needs energy more than ever. The X Crystal was supposed to provide them for that but it's number was limited! The X Crystal was not enough to provide the rest of the world. 

But what she don't undestand is that "Then why are you trying to hide it? We could have done it together." 

Jon just looked down and said. "Believe me, I tried countless times to tell you this... But imagine if a word like this gets out. Various people would be after this... Do you even know what started the World War III? It was the X crystal!" 

And then something else happened, the shed was now LINKED to the machine! 'Clark did it!' 

But what Jon didn't know was that... The energy that the machine made was already different from where he took it, and because of its properties not blending well together... The machine finally exploded!