Chapter 14 – Awakened
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TZZZZZCHT! A noise was heard throughout the room, he slowly opened his eyes and saw a white ceiling. Dorms that are usually in Buildings at Residential Area have the same decoration, furniture inside. Individual Houses however is different, with enough funds, the school would let the students to design their own Dorms as to make them feel comfortable living inside the campus. 

He finally snapped and thought of what happened last night. He quickly tried to get out of the bed. He stepped his foot out of the bed and heard a noise. TZZZZCHT! It was the noise that woke him up. He was alarmed and kept looking of where that came from. But he doesn't have time for this. He has so many questions going on his mind; Why is he still alive? Where is Amelia? and what happened to the machine? Then he began to get out of the bed when suddenly the noise he heard earlier was louder than before. 


Ripples of electricity was sent throughout the room. The electricity affected the nearby appliances and almost fried them. It even reached the ceiling in which lightbulbs exploded. He looked at his feet and saw electricity dancing at his feet. Good thing was that he already experienced this before, if not he would have panicked. 

'What the hell is happening to me...' Jon asked to himself. 

He realized that he was the one who kept making the noise, and also the one who scattered electricity throughout the room. He didn't dare to move anymore, the next thing he wouldn't want is a burning house. 

He was just standing there, thinking of what happened last night. The machine clearly exploded! It would have took the University with it. So how come...

"Jon! You're... up!" He was so lost at his thoughts that he didn't hear someone opening the door. 

"Clark! No! No! Don't get closer!" Jon said while raising his arm and showing Clark the electricity that's flowing through his arms. 

Clark stepped back in a panic manner and said "Impossible... Don't move!". He then accessed his iChip to contact someone. 

Jon couldn't see it clearly who it was that Clark is trying to contact but the way that he reacted when he saw the electricity on his arms was like he saw a ghost! 

After a few minutes of silence, Jon saw that he's still trying to contact someone but Jon wanted to know what happened last night. He couldn't wait anymore and asked. "Clark! The machine... what happened?" 

"Jon, I---" Clark stuttered but someone distracted him when he heard footsteps at the corrider. There was a bit of worry at Clark's face and then the person finally appeared, standing at the door was an old man, wearing a monocle and a black suit jacket. He was carrying a cane that supported him as he walk. It was the Director of the Campus, Henry Destiny. 

He was standing at the door with a shocked look at his face. "Fascinating... I have never seen anything like this." he whispered under his breath but because of the silence of the room, Clark and Jon could hear it. 

"I can explain! I know I wrote in my test that I'm not an Evo, but this thing happened to me recently, last week." Jon reasoned with him. Now that it seems the Director knows of the situation, he couldn't lie anymore and just told them the truth. 

"Boy... do you know where you are right now?" Henry said calmly but Jon just shook his head. "You are in a Nullifier Room, I designed it myself. It was supposed to disable any kind of anomalies in this room. In short, you can't use your powers while you're here, but... It seems like I was wrong." 

Jon couldn't believe it, he was utterly shocked and was out of words. He raised his arms again and saw the same thing earlier, electricity that seems like its dancing. It seems like it's reacting to any kind of movement that Jon does. Even whenever he moves his head, there is still a bit of static electricity that can be seen. 

"Jon was it? Relax... try to control it. Think of it as it's part of your body. Breathe..." Henry said.

Jon closed his eyes and began focusing. 

"From your head, through your shoulders and to your heart... don't reject it." Henry continued but this time, he stepped forward and entered the room. There was no more electricity coming out from Jon. 

Jon opened his eyes saw the Director in front of him, he stared at Jon and tried to decipher what's really going on. With the Director's signal, Clark also made his way to the Room. 

Jon looked at his friend but he noticed something was different, he was wearing the uniform of the school, a dark blue school jacket, a white formal polo shirt with a black tie and the logo of the university at the pocket. 

"Clark? Why are you in... Wait! What day is it?" Jon finally realized but Clark just stared at him with a bit of sadness at his eye.


FLAAASH! The machine let out a bright light that illuminated the entire neighbourhood. The machine exploded! It comes with a huge Blackout that affected the entire City. The Clubhouse let out a surprised roar when power was out. But no one panicked, instead they saw a light in a distance and thought this was part of the event that the Representatives that planned for them. 

The machine really did explode, when Jon tried to return the energy that he took. Clark already teleported and was with Amelia when it happened, they saw that Jon was trying his best to return it. But what he saw next was the light, it blinded them a whole minute before the light started to dim. When it was gone, they saw that Jon, lying at the floor. He was glowing and electricity was flowing at his body. 

Amelia ran to him and tried to grabbed him but Clark pulled her back. She was struggling at first but she stopped when Clark picked up a debris nearby and threw it inside the room. The debris was struck by a bolt of electricity, burning it to ashes. The electricity came out of Jon's body, and it seems it reacts to anything that moves. Clark couldn't risk going inside, from what he could tell, the electricity that came out of Jon's body was like lightning that struck down on earth from a stormy sky. 


"...and I contacted the Director. I didn't know what else to do Jon. I'm sorry." Clark said in a sincere tone. He continued "Then we thought that since the power was still out, it would ruin the night. Amelia had this plan to use your machine to distract them, then we teleported at the Clubhouse and turned on your machine. It was a great cover for what happened." 

"The power came back after a few minutes. I teleported the Director over. We had to wait for your electricity to calm down before we transported you here." Clark added. 

Jon was just nodding, but he stopped listening when Clark said that the machine really did exploded. It was his life work! He worked for it when he was still young and seeing that it was all for naught... 

'No... It's supposed to work... Liam, he did something to the machine, which caused it to malfunction.' Jon thought to himself. 

They talked for a while, Jon confessed to the Director what he was building, he explained himself thoroughly, and with the help of Clark, in the end, The Director gave Jon a second chance but in return that he wouldn't try to make another machine like that ever again. The Director was adamant about that which left Jon no choice but to agree. The Director and Clark was about to leave when Jon spoke up. 

"Mr. Destiny... I have a favor to ask of you."