Chapter 15 – Shin Yamada
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5 Days has passed since the incident that happened at the Homecoming Party. The first week has already passed by, though Jon really didn't care. He knew that the first week's classes will mostly all about introducing their core and sub subjects. 

In the University of Eternity, after a student have chosen their own Departments, they are required to choose 3 Core and 2 sub subjects. Though the core subjects depends on what kind of departments the students are in. The Sub Subjects however will be a broader decisions that a student has to make. Once the semester ends, they can then again choose whether to continue or to change their subjects. 

When Jon asked a favor to the Campus Director, he asked to change the 2 sub subjects. Although the University only does this on the very first week, Jon was an exception since he was a Representative, they were busy preparing for the Homecoming Party. 

Clark did his errands when Jon was still in the room recuperating. Then Jon finally received a message, his schedule for the whole semester: 

Core Subjects: 

[ Advanced Robotics 1 --- Mon / Fri ]

[ Analysis of Algorithms --- Tue / Thurs ]

[ Meta Engineering 101 --- Wed / Thurs]

Sub Subjects: 

[ Basics of Martial Arts --- Tuesday ]

[ Defensive Skills 1 --- Friday ]

Jon was still pondering if this was the right decision. Changing his sub subjects... it might change the future that he's envisioning for himself. Then he remembered something "Don't plan out your future... instead be prepare for it." Up until now he doesn't know the person who said that but it was stuck to his head like glue. 

He just shook his head, no matter how hard he try to remember, he couldn't remember who it was. He was sitting in front of the desk that has a few parts of technology on it. He grabbed his tools and began working.

Jon can freely walk around the campus now. Most students at this time were in classes or at the courtyard chatting with their friends. At the Director's words, he didn't attend Friday's class since his newly found powers was still unstable. Jon needed to control it if he wanted to start his school life. 

He first went to the Residential Area, to the building where it happened. He was shocked when he saw that the building was all fine. But it was all quarantined by the University, and all the students that onced live here was transfered to another building. For some reason, when Jon is getting closer to the building, he felt a great surge of energy out of it. Due to his curiousity, he even stepped forward even more, getting even closer to the building. That's when the electricity at his body was acting weird again. Good thing that no one was around to see it. His electricity was coming out of his body and some reached the nearby lamp post and it exploded. But he didn't immediately step back, instead he closed his eyes while his electricity was still running wild. He remembered the Director's words, think of the electricity like it's part of your body... Breathing out... Then it finally calmed down. 

Seeing the control that he was having towards this power, he was very proud. But he didn't know what would happen if he was in a situation in where he doesn't have time to calm down. He needed someone... Someone who can teach him control. Then he realized that there is someone at the campus, but he didn't know if he was willing. Well It wouldn't hurt to try.

"HAH!" ... "HAH!" Same noises were heard all over the dojo. The Dojo was another facility in the Admin Town, located at the Sports Complex. It was wide with a wooden floor and a few foreign letters at the walls. At the middle of the Dojo was a guy holding a Kendo Shinai bamboo sword. He was wearing his own Hakama robe with a white top and a dark blue buttom. Noises were made every time he slammed his shinai bamboo sword in the air. He was sweating buckets and it drained right down the floor. 

He was about to swing for another when the door at the Dojo opened. When he saw the guy wearing a hoodie with a pale skin, he was shocked.

Jon entered and said "Hey um.. Sorry to disturb you, I'm J---"

"Jon Storm..." Shin interrupted. 

"You know me?" Jon was clueless because he have never met this guy. He only knew him because Amelia talked about him. They were former classmates of Amelia, who won championships of Kendo at the west. Jon saw one of his matches at the internet, where he was in an absolute control of his body. During tense situations where Championships matter, he was calm like it was just another day. He figured there was more to it than experience and wanted to learn first hand. 

"Yeah, you're pretty popular this few days. That laser machine of yours was sick." Shin said with an amazement.

Jon realized what happened and said "I am? I mean yeah sure. Anyway you're Shin right? Shin Yamada? I was wondering if you could teach ---" 

"Let me stop you right there... This is the Kendo Club. And I heard you were in the Advanced Tech Club right?" Shin interrupted. 

But suddenly a voice was heard all across the Dojo. "Let him atleast try, Shin. See what he can do." An African-american with a fit stature came out, she was wearing her own Hakama and a bamboo sword at her hand. She then threw the sword really high and Jon caught it. 

Shin was still having a can't be bothered face but he soon gave up. Apparently, he could tell from Barbara's expressions that if he continue to argue, it would not be good for his health. "Fine. Let's see what you got." 

"Wait, I think you misunderstand, I just wanted someone to teach me how to control myself during intense situations." Jon raised his hands like he's surrending. 

But Barbara didn't take his words in consideration but instead replied. "Well, there's no shortcut, hon. You gotta learn it first hand, ya' know." 

Jon was troubled, he glanced at Shin instead but he just nodded. With no other choice, he dropped his stuff, and went to the middle of the dojo. Shin was standing there holding the sword at his hand. 

Seeing that Jon was up for it, Shin did his stance, gripping the handle with both of his hands and placing it infront of him. 


When Jon saw his stance, he immediately thought that there was no opening for him to strike. "This is really a bad idea. I really just want to ----" 

Then suddenly Shin rushed towards Jon which caught him off guard. Jon stumbled back and almost fell of from his feet but he regained his balance. But Shin was still rushing towards him, with his hands holding his sword raised, ready to pummel him with it. 

But Jon felt something was wrong... He could feel everything... Every step of Shin, he felt like he could see his every move...

Jon instinctly moved side ways and dodged Shin's sword barely. They were both shocked but Shin continued to ram Jon with his sword.

Barbara thought it was just a fluke but a whole minute has passed but Shin was still trying hit Jon, but none connected. 

"Wait! Shin! Oh shit!" Just then Jon ducked a sword that Shin swung. He tried to distance himself but Shin kept going. Then it finally happened, electricity was acting up again and Jon panicked. Shin was getting closer to him and he was about to warn him when a bolt of electricity struck Shin and TZZZZCHT! 

Shin flew a couple of feet away from Jon but then something unexpected happened... Shin regained his balance and used his hands to slide off. He only knelt and looked towards the direction of Jon. 

Jon's heart was skipping, he knew what kind of damage this newly found power when it hit a person. But Shin... he took it like it was nothing. Then he saw Shin's face, his right eye was glowing yellow, like a soothing flame. When Shin realized that Jon was looking towards him, he looked down, avoiding his stare. 

"Shin! Are you okay?" Jon dropped the sword and ran towards the direction of Shin. But Barbara appeared in front of Jon, blocking him.

"You need to get out. Please." Barbara asked. She had this stern place that leaves Jon speechless. 

"I'm sorry... I didn't ---" Jon apologized. But Barbara interrupted him and repeated. "Please." 

With no choice left, Jon grabbed his bag and went for the door. He took one past glance to Shin who was now holding his left eye, covering it while Barbara went over to comfort him.