Chapter 16 – CLANK!
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Jon have always wanted to live his life in the normal way possible. He planned everything in his life from his elementary years through his last year of high school. Even though he kept remembering the same phrase over and over in his head; "Don't plan out your future... instead be prepare for it." At the end, he couldn't help it. He has always wondered who said that to him, because for some reason those exact words stuck inside his head from as long as he can remember. 

Jon was walking along the pavement of the Admin Town. He was wearing a hoodie, and just the way he walks makes you think this guy having a hard time. If they were in Jon's position, they'll obviously understand. Afterall, he almost killed Shin Yamada, the student who won championships since he was an elementary student. It wouldn't even be an exaggeration if people would say they would kill to have Shin Yamada to their school. Unfortunately, the University of Eternity has the reputation of being the very best at the west. I mean if you were to choose between a high quality and a low quality steak, almost everybody would lean to the former. 

"Jon?!" a feminine voice cried out, it was loud enough for the nearby passerby to hear. Though they just took it as someone who finally met her boyfriend from a long distance relationship, but the thing is... they're not. 

It was Amelia who just surprised him right now, Jon couldn't believe it, out of thousands of students at the school, why did they have to meet. The other favor that Jon asked to the Director and to Clark is that they promised not to tell Amelia that he recovered. He couldn't bring himself to face Amelia, not after when he lied to her for the whole week. 

"Amelia... I'm sor ----" then Amelia rushed towards him and hugged him. Jon could smell her but the one thing he noticed was that she was sobbing. He had never seen someone cry for him, he was living alone since he was still kid. And not once someone spared a tear to him. 

Amelia sobbed and said "I'm just glad that you're okay." She wiped off her tears with her seemingly oversized sweater. 

She realized that she was still in Jon's arms and they were at the public places. Students saw this obviously and started gossiping. Her ears went red as roses. She then escaped from his embraces and just smiled awkwardly. 

But Jon was different he doesn't care what other people think instead he just smiled at first and realized that she was so beautiful when she was blushing but he remembered his situation. He began distancing himself from her. He knew that if his powers erupted again, it could potentially paralyzed her for life or even worse... die.

Jon kept shooking his head, it was like he refused thousands of thousands of questions. He started to back off, and he left, leaving Amelia with a surprised face. Jon couldn't risk it, if it weren't for the miracle that happened that night, Amelia would have died. The very institution that Eternity stood for years and thousands of students in it would have died. 

Back at the Dojo, Shin already calmed down. His eye turned back to normal but he was still panting, like he just ran a 10 mile marathon. Barbara then appeared with a glass of water and asked. "Did it..."

"Yeah, It's okay now." Then Shin showed her his eye who turned normal just recently. Barbara sighed with a relief, but she still has this confused look, dozens of questions are popping out of her mind right now.

 She was about to ask when Shin interrupted. "I'm okay, really. I was just caught off guard that's all. I was struck by his bolt of electricity and my... powers just activated on its own as defensive measures." 

She just nodded, and she then told him. "Anyway, since you're okay... I have to go out, like out of the University. I might not be back for the whole weekend so... Take care of the Dojo for me." As she said that, she threw the keys for the Dojo, and turned back. 

"Got it, Captain!" 

It was already late at night. The city was still busy and livelier than usual. And at a certain club...

BAAM! A wooden table was slammed, the noise scattered across the room, surprising the people in it. There were a group of people sitting at the farthest table. One guy was looking at a picture of two people hugging. The others however was just looking at him, one look at their faces could tell that they were very afraid that something might happen. 

"What a slut! ARRRRGHH!" Then with his arms, he dragged the things at the table away and to the floor. The people that he was with, was even more afraid now. They knew what would happen if this guy was angry... 

Then the words that they were hoping not to hear finally voiced out. "I'll kill him." Then he stood up, he didn't even wait for his people and with his superspeed he left the room. 

"Shit! He finally snapped. What do we do?" one guy said. 

"We should warn Storm, or atleast call the school or something." The other was having trouble voicing out.

"Are you mental? Did you know what happened to... FUCK! Just... don't do anything." he was so scared that he was shaking. 

They have the right to be afraid, afterall they witness first hand that the guy they were just with... killed someone. 

The speedster crashed to a bunch trash cans in an alley that he has never seen before. He was having a hard time to stand straight. Looks like it finally affected him, afterall he drank a whole bottle of wine. He was drunk. From the way he moves, wobbly and out of balance, he couldn't use his super speed anymore. If he did, he would just probably get trip and crashed to an obstacle. 

He was sitting there, staring at the distant like he was paralyzed but then he heard something... A faint shout just behind of him, the alley. Comes with the faint shout was a series of noises. 


It was the noise of metals crashing together. Even though he was drunk, he still has a bit of his character to him. He stood up and went to the dark alley. From the way he was at now, he couldn't see anything, he wanted to get a closer look. 

Then he finally saw a pool of blood, slowly flowing towards his direction. For the first time, probably in his life he was afraid. He was raised in a wealthy family. He lived his whole life in a secure environment that no one would impose a threat to him. For once in his life, he could see... Death.


Slowly, the screeches of metal is getting louder. It was getting closer to him. He stared infront of him but he couldn't see anything. It was all dark and then he finally saw something coming on his direction and BAM!  

"Are you sure you're okay, Jon?" It was already late at night but Clark came over to see Jon. He found pictures all over the internet about Jon and Amelia, hugging like they were long lost couple. Clark understood Jon's favor to him, about keeping Amelia out of his recovery. But he was against of it. He saw how worried Amelia is to Jon. 

"Yeah, It's just... I wasn't prepared." He was ashamed of what happened earlier. He just ran without saying anything to Amelia. But he still had this thoughts that they have nothing special together. She only consider him her best friend. 

"It'll be okay, just take your time. Anyway... I couldn't help and looked at your subjects. You're training martial arts now huh?" Clark said.

"I guess, but I'm still not sure If I'll keep doing it next semester." Jon replied.

"Well, I ---" Clark was interrupted by a TING! noise that came out from his iChip. It was indicating that a new message just arrived. He immediately accessed his iChip and began reading the message. Every word that he reads, his face was getting dark. Then he finally closed his iChip. Jon saw Clark's dark expressions, he was also breathing rapidly. 

"Clark? What's wrong?" Jon asked.

Clark snapped and looked at Jon and said "Liam... he's dead."