Chapter 17 – The Grim Reaper
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Liam Mercury was the youngest child of Lonnie and Merriam Mercury. People have always considered the Mercurys as a dynasty family when it comes to heroism. They have produced a few speedsters that the world has known today. But what people ignore these days is the fact that, most of their speedsters have turned evil. 

In records, there had only been two figures who have reached the "True Tier 5" speedster. As the world knows, there are 5 Tiers to indicate an individual on how dangerous their powers. Reaching Tier 5 is one of the scariest thing that mankind will ever experience. Imagine looking at a baby who has the ability to change or even destroy the world. You're left wondering if he/she will do the former or the latter. The two Speedsters who have reached the "True Tier 5" did the exact same thing people envisioned, they changed the whole world for good. In fact, One of those two figures was a Mercury! They just didn't dare to disclose the fact, that the fastest child in their family history turned evil. They were even more angry when another one appeared, a no-name, unlicensed Hero and killed him.

At a certain room, there were 10 people sitting at a round table. Their faces were down, scared out of their wits. A girl was even shaking, and someone went to comfort her. The room was silent, except for a few sobs that the girl made. It was so silent that you can almost hear their hearts beating. 

"We need to relax. That out there... that's beyond our abilitities. As of now, the classes will officially start this monday. Focus on your studies and just let the professionals handle it." Clark encouraged. 

In this world where it was protected by Heroes, they lived their lives in safety, not worrying of any dangers to the society. But they just learned on their late years that this world was not as innocent as they thought. The balance of good and evil is already out of hand. More and more people are being lured into temptation of evil. The world they knew is starting to disappear.

Clark then dismissed their usual morning updates. The girls was still shocked that someone they knew and interacted with was dead. Even some representatives saw Liam yesterday just running around the campus. 

Not everyone left though. Clark, Jon and Wallace stayed, and onced they confirmed they're alone, someone finally spoke. 

"I know we're not on good terms lately, but... the way he died is just..." Jon didn't dare to finish his sentence. Clark and Wallace understood though, they fought recently on the Homecoming Party. 

Wallace then followed with a question "I didn't know what the forensics said, Clark." He damanded and glanced towards Clark who was still down with dark expressions on his face.

The words that Wallace said made his expressions even more darker, but he soon pulled himself and said. "His body was found at exactly 11 PM when a resident nearby heard a shout at an alley just a mile from here. Time of death is estimated between 10 to 11 PM. The person also heard this... noise that like came out from chains or something." 

"There were also signs of resistance. Liam probably fought back but, at that time he was intoxicated, drunk. And his legs..." Jon choked on his words and was unable to bring it out.


The room was silent, again. Their faces says it all, they were scared that something might like this might happen again. 

Clark was still not finished, he swallowed a mouthful and said "Liam is not the only one found on that alley... It was another student of the University."

BANG! Their thoughts exploded! They thought it was only Liam, so there are 2 victims in one night? And they were all from the University? 

Wallace stood up and said "What the! Why haven't we heard of this" 

"Imagine the situation, Wallace. It was kept secret by the University. The students already knew what happened to Liam, it was murder. If they happen to know about Barbara too, then most would come into conclusions that a certain someone is targeting the students of Eternity." Clark said.

"Barbara?!" Jon questioned. There's no way it's the same person that he met yesterday...

"Yeah, Barbara Gaines, Captain of the Kendo Club and won a few ---" Clark didn't finish when Jon just stood up and immediately left the room. They didn't bother to stop him and they just figured Jon probably knew the person.

Jon was heading towards the Dojo. The Meeting room where he was at was fairly close to it. It was Saturday though, the day where clubs is the most active at. 

The Sports Complex was huge, and it was noisy with the bounces of balls, and shouts of athletes training but the Dojo was different, it was quite. He arrived at the front door, which wasn't closed properly. He tried opening it but he heard a faint voice. Ever since the accident at the homecoming, his body has made drastic changes. It includes his senses, and his hearing was heightened to the extreme where he can hear faint voice of whispers. 

"Shin, listen to me. Don't do this man. Let them handle this." This guy's voice was panicking. 

"Are you serious? Nav, this guy killed both of your family members!" Jon recognized this voice, it was the voice of Shin Yamada. 

"This aint what my sister want, Shin." Navier said. 

Shin was speechless, he didn't know what to do. He sat miserably and It left him thinking, 'SHIT! So you've never really stopped going after him, huh Barbara.'

Seing the situation on the Dojo, Jon was shocked. So they both knew of what happened to Barbara. And It looks like this Nav guy is Barbara's brother. They seem to know to know of what's going on though.

Navier saw that Shin finally calmed down. He relaxed a little bit and helped Shin to stand up.

"I know you consider her as a sister. But she don't want you out there. You feel me, Shin?" Navier finally talked sense to him. The three of them have known each other since childhood. Barbara was like that over protective older sister to her both clumsy brothers. 

Shin nodded and forced a smile to Navier, which finally calmed his mind. Navier knew what kind of guy they were dealing with. This guy can even toe to toe with a professional hero. What can both of them do who were still at Year 1.

Shin finally stood up and went to distant himself from Navier. His smile changed. It happened so quickly that Jon thought he was just imagining it but for a moment he saw his left eye glow and he was smiling coldly. It quickly disappeared, but it left him a horrible chill.

Later that night, After Jon heard the conversation of Navier and Shin, it stuck to his head. Especially the scene where Shin sent a horrible chill to him. Even until now, whenever he try to remember what he saw, it would sent him a chill over his spine. 

Jon was working on his desk, the tools and parts were scattered across his table. He didn't care of that but instead his focus was a piece of device that shaped like a clock. Then there was a faint sound that came off from it. 

"This should work..." Jon muttered. 

With a final nod to himself, he grabbed his hoodie and a few clothes that is used primarily for concealment. He's going to go out there. He knew first glance that Shin is not gonna let the situation go. If he has the chance to save a person, who would stop him? 

Then he grabbed the circular device from the table and began attaching it to his chest. There were two straps that locks the device to his chest. He turned it on and a sound was heard all across the room. TZZZZZZZZCHT! 

He then opened the window and left the house immediately. He planned to trail Shin and make sure he's okay. With the help of his newly found powers, he can atleast stun the guy and buy some time for them to get away.

At the city, there was a shadow figure jumping through the buildings. He seemed to stop at the buildings edge and looked down to see what's happening. Then if he confirmed what he saw, he switched to another one. But what this figure didn't know was that, there was also someone who followed him from the start. 

This guy was not a master at stalking, whenever he jumped between buildings, he either landed awkwardly or almost never make it. But for some reason, the guy he was trailing was so deep on his thoughts and focused on what he's doing that he never really paid any attention to his surroundings. This was his opportunity to stalk him. 

Jon stopped on his tracks, he saw that Shin was standing at the edge of the building and was looking down at the Alley. 'No... Did he found him already?' 

After a few moments, Shin finally jumped and fell down the alley. Jon was surprised since he have been trailing Shin for over an hour now. He approached the edge of the alley and looked down, but there was nothing. No sound, noise or anything. The Alley was so dark when he was up here. He couldn't tell of what was happening. He needed to have a closer look. Then he finally decided to jump and he did. 

His body is already different now, he can leapt between buildings and his feet are already like immune to fall damage. He was down at the Alley, it was dark and he can barely see anything. When a faint yellow glow suddenly appeared and was heading towards his direction. His senses was also heightened and he managed to dodge it. He looked on where it came from and a guy appeared in front of him and rushed in a fast manner. He didn't had the time to react and the next thing he knew was that he was pinned to the wall, with an arm to his neck and a sharp object pointed to his stomach. 

Jon sensed some familiarity to the guy and he realized something "Wait! Wait! Wait! Shin! Its me!" 

"Storm? Why are you following me?" Shin shouted, but his arm relaxed a little bit. Then Jon quickly explained the situation; he knew Barbara's death, overheard their conversation at the Dojo and he figured that Shin might go after the guy. 

"You shouldn't have come, Storm. You need to go back." Shin demanded. 

"What about you? This will not bring her back to life ---" Jon paused, his senses was acting up again. He tried to focus on the sound that he heard just now...