Chapter 18 – A Shocking Twist
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The metal screeches was getting louder. Jon was the first one to notice it because of his enhanced hearing. At first Shin was still thinking of what Jon said, but when he saw his dumbfounded expressions, he couldn't help but follow his eyes. 

The alley was dark, but for some reason Jon could "sense" everything on it. He knew there was a guy standing between them. Shin with the help of his glowing eyes, could barely see him. Then Jon sticked his hands on his hoodie belly pocket. 

Jon knew what this guy is capable of, he didn't dare to underestimate him. When he was preparing to stalk Shin, he did his homework of this guy. The cops called him "Magnum". The infamous serial killer who is known for his Axe Chains weapon of choice. He carries two axes on each hand, connected by a strong, nearly undestructible chains which was wrapped all around his arms. Cops and Heroes always have trouble catching this guy, because what makes this guy almost impossible to catch is that... He kills his victims in less than a minute. 

"Look out!" Jon screamed. He sensed a projectile that was heading towards the direction of Shin. He immediately jumped to push Shin away from the projectile. 

PAANG! The projectile connected to the car just behind of them. Jon and Shin were on the floor still stunned on what they saw. The projectile was Magnum's weapon, the Axe! It was still connected by chains, but the axe was stuck to the car. 

Both of them were shocked, their heart was beating so fast. Especially Shin, that axe was targeted at him, and if it weren't for Jon... 

Shin was angry, not because of the fact that he almost got killed, no. It's because he felt helpless of the situation. He almost lost his life for that carelessness. 

Then Shin stood up, with his left eye glowing even brighter in yellow. He raised his left arm and aimed at the figure he could barely see at the dark alley. Then his arm glowed, it was the same as his left eye, like a candle flame but this time it's like a raging forest fire. 

Jon saw the stance that Shin made, he was like shooting an arrow, with his left arm raised and aimed at Magnum. Then his right hand move, grabbing the "flame" on his left hand and stretched it over to his shoulder. 

FWING! faint sound was heard. His right hand released the stretched rubber thing he pulled on his left hand. It turned to a faint light arrow and was heading towards Magnum. The arrow illuminated the dark alley. 

Magnum was struck in the head by the arrow, and he was pushed back... slightly. Shin was the most surprised out of all. He knew how powerful his "arrows" are but this guy was only pushed back by a few inches?! 

With the help of the faint arrow that Shin sent to Magnum, for a second he can finally see Magnum's head, he was wearing a mask, almost the same as the one from those Airsoft games, but this one is clearly sturdier.

Shin couldn't believe it that his arrows couldn't amount to this guy, he was about to send another one to prove it but the chains finally moved. Magnum was pulling the chains and also the car with it. They both reacted and went to separate directions to avoid the car. The car was dragged towards Magnum, it was sliding thanks to its slippery tires. Then he finally acted, with his one axe already attached to the car, he threw his other one to the top of the same car. Then he flipped to the air with holding the chains that connected the car, he dragged the car at the air, and as he comes down, he pulled the chains downwards slamming the car at their Direction. 

"No way!" Jon flabbergasted on what he saw. Shin however didn't say anything but his face says it all; he was shocked! 

BAAANG! The car was slammed at their direction. He slowly walked to the burning and completely destroyed car as he raised his hands and both axes came back to him. 

The explosion of the car separated them. They were on the ground, still having a hard time believing that this is really happening. When they saw the approaching Grim Reaper, carrying both of his axes, probably for each of them. 

Fear finally overcome Shin, he didn't know what to do, his arrows didn't work on him and probably all of his weapons too. He was stunned, just lying on the ground as Magnum approaches but a voice cried out to him. It was Jon, trying to get a hold of him. He was shouting to him of who knows what. Shin couldn't hear him, he can only hear his heartbeat. Jon was still talking some sense to him, urging him to get up and run. Then Shin finally heard him, no he only heard two words, "For Barbara..."

Magnum was already close to them, he swung his right axe and aiming for the both of them. Jon was about to grab the machine on his chest but Shin did different, instead he stood in front of Jon and his "flame" hands began to change shape to a round and thick shield. The axe connected to Shin's conjured shield and it broke to thousands of pieces. The momentum of the strike flew Shin away but he carried Jon too and they both rolled down the ground. 

Jon groaned helplessly. One swing from Magnum could take out both of them. But Jon could still stand up which shocked Magnum greatly. He saw Shin was unconscious and immediately rushed to his direction but then Magnum finally acted, he threw his left axe in a low altitude and it keeps bouncing off the ground making a mess of it. It paved a way between the both of them making Jon stopped on his tracks. The axe continued until it reached the building behind them, up to the air, and bounced back to his hands. 

'Shit! He's toying us! That axe could have went for the unconscious Shin... But why? He could have killed us by now if he wanted to...' Jon thought to himself. 

Then it happened, the thing that he didn't expected, Magnum spoke. 

"Leave. I only want him." His voice was so deep that it actually gave chills to Jon. In Magnum's thoughts, he was amazed by Jon's senses. He dodged the axe that even speedsters couldn't. Though the only reason speedsters couldn't dodge was the fact that they were caught off guard. But that's the dangerous thing about Magnum, you never know when and where he'll appear next.

Jon was silent for the moment, he was thinking, not that he's considering the offer, but thinking of a way for the both of them to get out of here... alive. 

Magnum was still waiting for Jon to leave, for some reason he already believed that Jon would leave. All his life, he saw the true nature of humans, that when their lives are on stake, they wouldn't hesitate to choose themselves over others. There was even a time when he met a couple, and he asked the man to walk away but leave the girl here, the man didn't even hesitate and just left the girl to die. 

After a moment, Magnum started to walk to Shin's lying body, but Jon just smiled and finally spoke after a moment of silence.

"You've really taken a liking to him, huh. Shame, you don't look good together." Jon jokingly said. His words stopped Magnum to his tracks and stared directly to him. Jon was confident but there were still a bit of fear inside. 

"Walk away---" Magnum said, but Jon interrupted him by saying "3 minute and about .. 30 seconds?" while checking his watch. 

Magnum was confused of what he was talking but he suddenly realized what he was trying to say. He gripped his axe like never before, raised his right axe and struck Jon down. "You'll be dead before they got here." But what Magnum didn't know was that, Jon dodged dozens of strikes from Shin and who was way faster than Magnum. Although Magnum was way stronger, he wasn't exactly fast. 

Magnum's axes went to work, he kept trying to hit Jon with it but Jon dodged it left to right, All thanks to his improved senses. 

Jon bumped to a wall behind him, but he didn't panic. He relaxed and ducked and immediately escaped the corner. Magnum's left axe was stuck to the wall of the building, but Jon was caught off guard when Magnum's axe hooked a piece of the wall and throwing it to Jon at great speed. Even though Jon sensed it, the piece that flew to him was fast enough, that his body failed to act against it. The piece broke into hundreds of debris. 

Jon flew but the momentum slid him off the floor and the trash can finally stopped him. Although Jon was okay, the problem is that he's a few feet away from Magnum. 

Jon was already cursing inside his head. 'Where the hell are the heroes?' But his thoughts stopped when Magnum faced Shin instead. With his axe raised, ready to strike Shin, Jon finally had no choice left but to remove the device that was attached to his chest. Even if he ran at his full speed, he wouldn't be able to reach Magnum. If only he was as fast as Liam...

Time seemed to stop for Jon, for once in his life, power surged inside of him. He had never felt this much power since... the day of the Homecoming, the day where his machine broke, the day that his life turned to a great turn. 


BANG! Magnum flew all the way to the building. It created rubbles and debris all over the place. Magnum's body was stuck at the wall with the crater that was created because of the impact. He was alive, he wasn't even knocked out but his eyes were about to bulged out of place, staring at the guy who's standing just next to Shin. 

It was Jon Storm, but he was different, completely different from earlier. There were electricity coming out of him that illuminated the whole alley. 

Jon Storm didn't even noticed that the few feet gap between the two of them were closed in an instant. He just stared at Magnum with his fist ready to go. But not even a whole 5 seconds pass, the electricity that came out of him already died out. His vision was starting to blur, he was starting to lose his balance and finally he fainted.