Chapter 19 – Department of Powered Individuals
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The city was still as beautiful as ever. From a distance, it seemed so peaceful, but deep within, there are already dark matters that the civilians are aware of. The heroes these days is "unreliable" quote from the media. Most of the civilians however took it as the truth, because as of now, the world has never been in a more dangerous situation. With the crimes rising like never before, the world need the heroes more than ever. 

Police sirens were heard all over the neighbourhood. They were heading to the direction in where there was a bright yellow light and a smoke that was coming from an alley. They were carrying guns that was not common for cops these days. They finally reached the alley where they saw a flaming car and debris all over the place. There was someone else though, two people lying besides each other, seemingly unconscious.

"Sir! No sign of Magnum in the vicinity." said by one soldier. He was reporting to a guy with a fixed haircut with black suit and a black cloak to go along with it. 

"Keep searching. He couldn't have gotten far." said by the superior. He walked towards the two unconscious youngsters and began examining them. "I want every info about these two." 

He looked at his surroundings and was baffled, but the thing that caught his attention was the crater on the wall of the building. His mind began to arouse questions; What the hell happened here?

At the warehouse somewhere, there was a man, with a heavy build. His both hands were holding axes with chains all wrapped around his arm. 

"That was a good show! You got any more plans to entertain me today, Magnum?" A voice creaked out, sitting at the railing on the high level of the warehouse. His face was covered by the darkness of the warehouse. 

Magnum didn't answer. He didn't even bother looking at the guy, he just stood there while removing the gear that he was wearing. 

"The offer still stands... Richard. Yes, we know who you are. I mean, It's just a matter of time before we do." He paused for a second and waited for Magnum's reaction. He soon continued. "Well, If you change your mind... You know where to find us." With that he just vanished in an instant, with no evidence that he was here in the first place.

Magnum was left alone, though surprised, he already expected that eventually they would know his identity but he didn't know it would be this fast. That guy had a huge backing behind him. Information gathering is their specialty.

The Department of Powered Individuals was created to handle the affairs of all issues regarding about EVOS. They have separate branches to differentiate each of their roles. One of the branches is the Security Division, in where they function the same as police but their rights are more limited to EVOS. 

The room was white, the walls, the ceilings and even the floor was whole white. The only thing that makes this different from an insane asylum was that there were two beds in the opposite wall and one small divider to share with. 

The two beds were occupied by two young man. Both were jet-black haired but the other one was asian and was sitting on the bed with his back leaning on the wall. The other one however was still unconscious and was lying on the bed. 

Shin was still pondering of what happened earlier. The last thing he knew was that he took Magnum's axe and he got knocked out. That's it. And for some reason, they were still alive. The door was suddenly opened, Shin snapped from his thoughts and immediately stood up to face the man.

The man was the same guy who found them. He was still wearing the black suit with a cloak just behind of it. But he wasn't alone, he was with someone with a small stature, wearing a brown jacket, and the distinguished monocle at his eye.

Shin recognize this old man, he is the Director of the biggest ans grandest School in the west, The University of Eternity. 

"Is he alright?" Henry said. 

Shin was caught off guard by the question and he said "Ah! y-yes... Sir!"

Henry just stared at Jon's body which gave anxiety to Shin. He was afterall the reason why Jon is in this situation. If he would have never gone after Magnum, Jon wouldn't have get caught by this. 

Then another person got in, he has a slight build and a perfect hair. He made his way inside and stood next to Jon. He began carrying him and onced he confirmed Jon was fine, he teleported! 

'What's the Representative Leader doing here?' Shin thought. But he soon breathed a sigh of relief. In the hands of the strongest student in Year 1, Jon is sure to be safe. 

"Hello Mr. Yamada. My name is Pierce Maxwell, Department of Powered Individuals or DPI for short. If you don't mind, there's a few questions I would like to ask."  The way Pierce said it made it clear he wasn't really asking for permission. Shin had no choice, if he wanted to get out of here, he had to cooperate with them. But he wasn't that worried since the Director also came with them. 

The three of them walked through the corriders. There were also workers that stole glances from here and there. Shin thought it was natural at first since the Director was a famous person but he realized that they weren't staring at the Director at all, but to Shin.

The news already spread that there were two people survived Magnum's attack. Though there are already a few out there that escaped from Magnum such as the cases in where Magnum let the person choose on who stays and he keeps his word. But they were different, they were youngsters who fought against THE Magnum. 

Finally they reached the room, it was a typical boss room. With a desk at the middle and two chairs for guest. They sat to their respective seats and went to discuss the matters regarding the incident that happened. Shin told all of the things happened, about how Jon follow him because he was concern of his safety and to the point of he fainted. 

Shin could tell from Pierce's facial expression that he wasn't satisfied of his answers. There were still some unanswered questions but both of them wondering of the same thing; How is he and Jon still alive...

"Well, If that will be all... we will go on our way." Henry said before standing up. Shin noticed that the Director said "we" and he also stood up. 

But Pierce is not just gonna let this chance get away, he said "Director, with your permission, I would like to have a chat with Mr. Storm." Again, the way Pierce's tone made it clear that he wasn't really asking for permission. 

Orginally, Henry wanted to hide Jon from the DPI, because of his ability. But if he were to refuse right now, it would be too suspicious and would result in more investigations. Plus Pierce's ability would be too bothersome on interviews. 

"I would really like to Mr. Maxwell but Jon still has some catching up to do. You see, Jon changed his subjects late and classes starts this monday. Well, I can probably ease up atleast an hour on his schedule, but that's it." Henry lied. Jon did in fact changed his subjects and needed to prepare for the classes but he doesn't need to catch up, he's a genius when it comes to learning. The reason why he limited Pierce's time was so that he could focus on the case regarding about Magnum. He wouldn't have enough time to stray on other areas like Jon's abilities. 

After that, Henry bid goodbye to Pierce and went on to his car with Shin.