Chapter 20 – A Normal Life?
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Many people considered that the 5 EVOS Universities were the safest place out there. Not only is it full of capable students but there are staff who were onced a Licensed Hero. The Original 5 always wanted a place to train and help foster a friendly Human-Evo relationship. By making it the safest place in the city, parents would be convinced to enroll their children on this institute. 

But now... Jon is standing in ruins. His dorm that he considered his home has been reduced to ashes. He ran but the scenery was all the same, destruction. He reached the Center of the Campus in where he was dumbfounded on what he saw, more bodies that his eye can see. It's not just the students but there were parents and adults who he haven't met before. The traumatizing thing here is that their bodies died in gruesome death. Some bodies were burned; not even one patch of skin was spared, there were bodies who were dismembered from their limbs; which were lying a couple of feet away from them. The statue however was... untouched. In the whole University, No... in the whole city, the Statue is the only one standing, The statue of Eternity.

He ran even more, he didn't even know where he was going, anywhere is better than seeing all these bodies here. But he thought wrong... He reached the Admin Town in where even more bodies are piled up. This time, the bodies were the ones that he knew, Joshua Curry, Randy Banks, Wallace Green, Sarah Bell... Amelia Knight. 

His vision blurred, his surroundings turned to smoke, and then it was all black. Everything was black. He didn't know what to do. Then he suddenly heard voices... voices that was unfamiliar to him.






Jon's vision was blurry, after a few moments it finally cleared. He was in the room, the ceiling, the walls and the furniture was still the same. The thigs on the table which used to be filled with gadget was gone though. Then he felt something on his skin... it was tears coming out from his eyes. 

TING! He knew what this sound is, a message coming from his iChip. It was pretty rare for Jon to receive messages from someone. Afterall, he wasn't in a House and his Club only has 4 members. So as for Group Messages, only the Representative Group Chat was the only thing filled with messages.

He received two messages last night; one for Clark Stanford, with a subject "You f***ed up this time." He already knew the content of the message. It should be about what happened last night. He spared an earful and chose not to open it. 

The other one was from Amelia Knight who wrote a subject "Meet me." Now that is a message that he was looking forward to. The contents are just about where they'll meet though. Then Jon began to prepare. Today is Sunday, a free day for all students. But Seniors however, thought Sunday a perfect day to spend for their individual Houses.

While he was heading towards the Lounge Area, he couldn't help but be excited. He kept wondering why she wanted to see him. And for obvious reason, he couldn't erase on his mind that Amelia might be confessing, which made Jon cherry red.

The Lounge of the Residential Area was huge. It was a place in where students can study for their lessons or hang out with their friends. There were also cafe or a snack room where students can stuff themselves. 

There was a beautiful girl sitting alone on a table for two just next to the window. She was drinking from a coffee cup while staring at what's happening outside. The boys however took a glance to her and was immediately enticed to her beauty. They were even pushing each other of who would take the chance to talk to her. Before anyone could take the chance, a boy made his way over, beating the rest of them.

"Is this seat taken?" the boy said. 

Amelia didn't even look at him and said "Yeah" The whole area wasn't filled with students and there are clearly free seats. 

The boy was shamed, this was the first time in his life that he got rejected. He came from a wealthy family. His grandparents were onced heroes. A lot of people would even lick his boots just to get to the good side of him. 

He was angry but he didn't show it. Instead he just smiled and spoke his name. "I'm Gerry Calderon." The way he said his last name was confident and he obviously wanted her to know. After all, the Calderon Family is one of the prestigious out there.

When Amelia finally glanced at him, he felt it worked but she just said "Hey" followed by a stare to the window. There were people sneering at him but some were amazed that he tried. 

With no choice he just left when he bumped accidentally to Jon. Though Jon apologized, he was in a bad mood and he thought this was a chance for him to get noticed by Amelia. 

He was about to grab Jon but he changed his mind when he saw that he was heading to Amelia. An idea popped inside his head, when Jon get rejected, he would get in the way and make him leave. After that she would finally notice him. 

"Hey! Thanks for waiting. So..." said Jon.

"Finally you're here." Amelia finally snapped from his thoughts and boredom. 

When Gerry saw how they're so familiar to each other, he felt it was another slap for him. Even though no one is judging him right now, he's embarrassed to his core. He wanted to go in there and just take out the guy to release his anger but they're in the Campus right now. And the stunt that Liam pulled during the party, made the school even more alerted about fights between students. He decided to let it go for now.

They talked about Jon's sudden change of subjects for a moment before it finally shifted to Liam's death. 

"I remember you and Liam were childhood friends?" Jon was hesitating for a moment before he finally said it. 

"Yeah... I mean we were." said Amelia in a mournful way. 

She continued "You see the Knight and the Mercury family aren't exactly on good terms. They realized that further hate on each other would destroy their families. That's why they abandoned their enmity on each other and let the next generation handle it. We were friends at first but they finally shed their skin when someone from my family won the City Tournament. They were jealous that we beat them at their own game."

"They were even more angry that the one who beat them was my cousin who was a girl. Hahaha! You should have seen their faces." Amelia laughed for a while before her expressions saddened onced again.

"Anyway, we should probably hurry. She should be arriving." Amelia suddenly stood up, grabbing her coat. 

"Huh? What do you mean?" said Jon who was confused. 

"Oh I didn't t--- She transfered, my cousin... Aubrey Knight." 

The airport was slightly far from the school. At average it's an hour drive but considering that it's sunday, where traffic will spike on its usual. Although Jon was forced to go with her, he didn't really mind, as long as he can spend time with her. 

"Can't wait till you guys meet. You're both really good at technology and stuff. I mean I learned all the things I know about machines from Aubrey." said an overjoyed Amelia. 

Jon was really amazed. Amelia is already good when it comes to technology. He, too, couldn't wait to meet this person. 

"Aubrey was like my overprotective sister. In our generation, she's probably considered to be the most talented. She won a few global competitions and even got a scholarship from the University of Infinity." 

Jon almost choked. Infinity's scholarship are really hard to get. There's a difference between a given scholarship and a taken scholarship. A given scholarship would be the school acknowledging that you have the skills. Taken Scholarship would need to conduct exams for students. Jon took the taken scholarship in where he passed as Top 1. Although he's confident he can also pass the Infinity's scholarship test, he wouldn't dare to go there. Jon knew how difficult Infinity is. They are so focus on their studies that they limit the clubs or any activities that they seem unnecessary for academic.

As for Jon, when he was in High school, he also took a few global competitions to raise his fame for the Eternity to see. Even though he didn't won any, it wasn't a huge loss either. Every competition he would atleast be at Top 10. The biggest competition he had was the Meta Programming, in where they program big mecha to fight each other. He was at the finals and lose in a close fight. Jon still felt he was snobbed by that win. Second place isn't that bad but he was that close to winning it all.

It took them an hour and a half to reach the airport. To them it didn't seem that long, because they were distracted by their long conversation. 

The airport was massive, people would easily get lost here but they know their way inside, Especially Amelia who seems to know the place like that back of her hand. 

They walked for a while and suddenly Amelia raised her eyebrows and tears were flowing on her face. She then ran with her arms wide open towards her cousin. They hugged each other for a few moments and they were even crying. Jon just stood there awkwardly. 

Then they finally separated but Amelia's eyes were still red. 

She finally introduced. "Jon, this is my cousin, Aubrey Knight." 

Aubrey removed her sunglasses and met eye to eye with Jon. When they did, they were beyond shocked, even Aubrey dropped her sunglasses.

They both shouted. "YOU?!"


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