Chapter 21 – Best Friend
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The World Robot League (WRL) is a simulation sport invented by one of the Original EVO, Pristine herself. The rules were simple, they are given time to assemble their own Robots. The parts or weapons use will depends on what kind of Event will it be, either a Space event, Underwater Event, or even special ones like the Battle Royale Event. After a given amount of time, they will use the robots that they assembled and fight the contestant's robot. Not everyone can play this sport though, you need to have a great knowledge when it comes to technology, weaponry and strategy. It's the best kind of sport that suited Jon. But unfortunately, when Jon was invited to participate his first WRL, he lost in a closed fight against a girl. Both of them really didn't know each other because they were given sign names instead of their real names and they only recognize their faces. Even though they could easily find out each other's identity, they chose not to.

Jon is still pretty mad that he lost to this girl. He could have won that if she didn't distract him. You see, when Jon was on his last weapon switch, a switch to decide who wins or lose, he was distracted by Aubrey in the last minute and missed it. With no more weapons left to actually fight, that concludes the fight and she won. People who still remembered what happened couldn't stop laughing. For a genius and considered to be a prodigy, he lost in a dumbest way possible.

"Hahahahahaha!" Amelia couldn't stop laughing when Jon told her what happened. There was even a little tear that popped up at the edge of his eye. 

She continued "Alright, I know how to fix this. Here..." Amelia then began grabbing their hands, making them shake each other... forcefully. They had no choice though, although both of them hate each other, they atleast have something in common, they both love Amelia! 

Jon had a better look at Aubrey, and his first thought was, was she really this beautiful? With a chestnut brown hair and sea blue eyes. Now that she stood next to Amelia, he can even say that she's prettier than... No! Amelia always! He kept shooking his head, he didn't want to admit that she's...

Every minute that's passed by, he's getting even more mad to Aubrey. They were walking towards the exit of the airport and he's here acting like a third wheel to these two. He's supposed to spend the whole day with Amelia... Alone! 

But what Jon didn't know was that he was walking side by side with these two gorgeous women and people couldn't stop staring at them. Most of them think Jon as their servant though, carrying bags and all. 

They finally reached outside, where there are even more eyes staring at them. Then finally Amelia proposed an idea to both of them and said. "Hey! How about we spend the whole day together! I wanna spend it with two of my best friends" 

Jon heard the words "best friend" again, for some reason he's starting to hate that word now. 

When Jon and Aubrey realized that Amelia said "we" they were hesitating. Of course they want to spend time with Amelia... alone! But Amelia won't take no for an answer, they had no choice, atleast they can spend their time with Amelia. They could just ignore each other and get on with it. 

They first went to the mall in where they escorted Aubrey to buying clothes and things that she needed for the semester. It took them almost 3 hours just to buy a few clothes which irritated Jon even more. But it was all compensated when they let Jon choose where to eat. 

There really wasn't much happening on the mall, it's just Jon and Aubrey always fighting to try get Amelia's attention. Amelia obviously realized this and didn't want her two best friends fighting. That's why she abandoned the mall shopping idea and decided to go to the Amusement Park. Since it's sunday, there would be more rides open for public, but in return there would be more people on it.

The Amusement Park has various kinds of rides; drop towers, pirate ships, roller coasters, carousel, ferris wheel and their iconic Observation Tower, where you can see the city from above, placed at the center of the park. It would take the rest of the day if they would try all of these rides. And Jon is so adamant of going back to the University before night. He already knew how dangerous Eternity City is at night and he wouldn't risk their lives. Aubrey agreed which surprised Jon greatly. He had never though that they would agree on something. Well, it was all for Amelia's safety anyway. 

It was going well so far, Jon really enjoyed the rides with Amelia, although he get to share. The Drop Tower especially was a huge win for Jon. Fortunately, Aubrey is afraid of heights which gave him the time to spend Amelia all to him. 

The tricky part was the Observation Tower. Pods are these mini elevators that will deliver you at the top of the tower. Each pod only fits 5 people on it. They had to wait for an hour for their turn and Amelia had these crazy idea to sign up both Jon and Aubrey together on a Paired Robot Match. 

It didn't look too good on them though, they were destroyed! Their assembled robot was a mess, Jon thought it would be great if they attach this laser here, but Aubrey wanted to place missiles on that area... It made their situation even worse, which left Amelia in a worse state. 

It was their turn on the Observation Tower, they reached the Tower Deck and were amazed of the view from up here. Amelia and Aubrey began chatting about their last time they went here. 

It was Jon's first time seeing the beauty of the city. The school was visible since its at the heart of the city. He just realized how big the school is, a large patch of green surrounded by multiple skyscrapers... Its just amazing. Seeing the city from way up here, it seems so innocent. Different from his impressions from below. 

Then his visions changed. The sky turned orange, the skyscrapers were on ruins, smoke coming from the distance and a huge crater at the middle of the city. This was the same scene that he dreamt earlier this day, ab apocalypse city. 

"Chip Brain! are you okay?---" 

Jon finally snapped, his vision cleared and everything turned to normal. He felt pairs of eyes were looking at him in a weird way. It was both Amelia and Aubrey's. They were looking at my face like there's something wrong with it. He thought he cried again because when he woke up this morning from the dream, he did. But it's different, he felt something cold just below of his nose. He wiped it off with his hands and saw a streak of blood from it. 

"Jon, you're bleeding." Amelia worried. 

"It's okay, I'm just a bit tired." Jon lied. In truth, he didn't really know what's going on. Ever since he acquired this powers, he never had been in a tired situation or in an exhausted state that he can't go on anymore.

"Oh, alright. It's getting dark anyway so we should probably head back." Amelia said. 

They went for their pod but there was a slight problem. There were already 4 passengers sitting on it, and since it only fits 5 passengers, one of them had to be the sacrificial lamb. Amelia saw this as an opportunity to leave these two together and hopefully made up, finger crossed. She immediately ran to the pod and took the last seat and told them. "I'll go on ahead. I'll ready the car so head straight to the parking lot." and then she's gone, leaving Jon and Aubrey wait for the next pod. 

It was awkward... no one dared to spoke first. Their prides were too high. But Jon abandoned his pride when he saw Amelia's saddened face earlier, seeing himself as the better one, he finally said. "Look, I hate you... and you hate me. So how about we appear as "friends" in front of her." 

Aubrey just nodded. She knew how hard for Amelia to find real friends and she even considers him as her best friend. So for Amelia, it was a temporary truce but since she's not here...

"You really love her, huh." Aubrey teased. 

Jon almost fell from his feet. He felt if a kid would touch him, he will definitely fall. 

"Is it really that obvious?" Jon cringed. 

"Yeah but I don't think she noticed. She's been that way ever since we were kids. When a guy actually flirts with her, she would just think that they're trying to be friends with her. She's a bright person but when it comes to emotions... she's really dense about it. Like her first Lo--' " Aubrey said, she was about to continue but she was hesitating. 

Jon caught this and asked. "Her first what?" 

Aubrey then faced Jon and said. "Amelia is too easy to read. You must have known about it by now... that she's in love with---- 

"Clark... Yeah I know." Jon really appreciated Aubrey. She was hesitating to tell him because she thought it might hurt his feelings.

"So you do know... But Clark has no feelings for her whatsoever. I don't even think if Clark has any feelings for anyone. He's always so focused on his studies that he never really paid attention to anyone around him." Aubrey said.

Jon didn't know what to say. He knew from the beginning that Amelia consider him only as her best friend, but he always wanted more than that.

They reached and found Amelia on the parking lot. The whole they were heading to the University, Jon was silent. Aubrey regretted that she said those things to Jon, but she knew he had to accept the bitter truth as soon as possible. Pursuing someone that considers you like her own brother is heartbreaking and Jon needs to get over it if he wanted to continue living his life from now on.