Chapter 22 – Monday
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It was already night by the time Jon reached the Residential Area. Coincidentally, he learned that Aubrey had the same subject and the same classes as him. Except for one Sub Subject, in where she took the Basic Weaponry 101. It's basically understanding how weapons work and someday, they'll make their own. As far as weapon making goes, he's pretty confident of his own skills. 

Even though night shoned the whole school, there were still students walking around. It just shows how safe the school is at night. 

He kept thinking of what Aubrey said earlier. When he and Amelia officially met, he already figured that she had a crush on Clark. He should have already moved on by now, but every time he sees her, it's like everything around him disappear, and only her at his sight. He doesn't even know why he's feeling this way. It is because she's pretty? Unlikely. Yes, she's beautiful, Jon probably can't compare anyone to Amelia... maybe except Aubrey but the point is that, there's a lot of women out there who are pretty. The main reason should be the fact that, for so long, someone finally understand Jon. His love for technology, brought them together. 

He was thinking the same thing over and over again. Convincing himself that Amelia is just another girl. There's still millions and millions of girls out there. 

Jon finally reached the street where his dorm was located. It was the same as ever, a small suburban-like house but there's something wrong. It was lit. Someone is clearly inside.  

The window was closed, and the curtain behind was covering the inside of the dorm. He wanted to know who's inside. He doesn't want to just barge in, it might be someone dangerous. It could even be Magnum... 

When he was thinking of Magnum, he had an idea. The time where he and Shin were arguing, the time before Magnum's axe came flying at them, for some reason, he could "feel" that someone's there. He assumed it could be just his senses that improved, but there's something that ticks him off. He closed his eyes and tried to focus, but there was nothing. Perhaps it could be like Spider sense that only appears when he's in danger? It couldn't be, the axe that Magnum threw was headed for Shin, not him, and he still detected it. So how... 

"Mr. Storm, we've been waiting." A voice of a man appeared just next to him. He jumped out of surprise. The man was wearing a black suit and weirdly enough, with a gothic looking cloak. 

"How did you..." Jon said confusely.

"We can see your silhouette by the window. Come in." Pierce replied. 

"Right" Jon saw that Henry Destiny is also present, sitting at the couch comfortably. When he saw Jon, he just nodded. 

"Mr. Storm, I believe we haven't officially met, My name is Pierce Maxwell, from DPI." As he said that, he thrust his hand forward, looking to shake Jon's hand. 

Jon took it and said "Nice to meet you. So, I believe you want to know what happened last night?" Jon already cut to the chase. What else can an agent from the Department of Powered Individuals do here. 

"Yes, and please... as much detailed as possible." Pierce said.

Jon told them the whole truth, from the beginning when he starts following Shin, up to the point where Magnum threw a patch of the wall to him. Because after that time, Jon was fully unconscious. He didn't know what happened after that. He didn't know the fact that he punched Magnum so hard that he flew and created a hole on the wall. 

Pierce was again unsatisfied, he didn't know who the hell caused that much damage on the wall. He didn't doubt Jon, not one bit. He knew Jon was speaking truthfully, because if he lied infront of him, his powers would alert him. 

Jon wasn't exactly lying, it's just that he wasn't aware that he was the one who did it in the first place. 

Henry nodded, Pierce already got answers from his question. With that they just left, leaving Jon alone on his dorm. Henry escorted Pierce out of Jon's dorm, in which they continued their conversation before Jon arrived and blew it. 

"You seem unsatisfied, Captain." Henry said. 

"Yeah, we still don't know who fought against Magnum. Clearly there's someone out there who made him run away, leaving Jon and Shin alone. It can't be those cowards... they didn't even bother to come when they learned it was Magnum." 

"Easy, Captain. Those "cowards" that you mention are still Professional Heroes. Any sane man would prefer to avoid a fight against Magnum." Henry warned. 

"Sorry... It's just so frustrating that no one could stop this guy from killing more innocent lives. Now that we discovered that there's actually who can, it turned out to be a Vigilante...." Pierce sighed. Vigilantism is a huge crime on this world. Governments all around the world would even go so far as to call them as criminals. 

"Just promise me one thing, Pierce. Don't disclose the fact that Jon and Shin is part of this case. To anyone. Especially to my students. 

"You have my word, Henry." Pierce said as he went for his car and left.

Little did they know that a guy was lurking nearby, listening to every word they said. 

It was morning of monday, classes will officially start at the University of Eternity. Monday has a different schedule from the rest of the schools out there. The morning is the Weekly Assembly, in where the Representatives of each year will make the weekly announcements. All the news, upcoming events, and etc. will be announced here. 

For Jon who's one of the Representatives, he must be earlier than everyone. This was supposed to be his first Weekly Assembly, since he passed out the whole last week. But he was disappointed when there was no news that a Robotics Department must announce. Clark, however, had something to announce. It was the death of Liam Mercury and Barbara Gaines. The students were shocked, they know Liam's death, but for there to be another one? They were afraid, but they realized that they're one of the safest place in probably, the whole world. 

The Weekly Assembly didn't take that much time, and they still have 20 minutes before 9 AM, their first class. Aside from the Weekly Assembly, the Monday Schedule also caters their most important subject that depends on their Departments. 

Jon took the Advanced Robotics 1 course and he was obviously placed at Class A. At first he was looking forward for this class but when he found out that Aubrey also chose the same course, he wished he chose otherwise. Seeing that smug look whenever she gets everything right is right down annoying. 

The class was normal from the start, but suddenly, for no good reason, Aubrey and Jon began fighting again. It was a question of whether this certain theory fits more to this certain device. Then they wander off to the topic and began arguing about the creation of the universe itself. The professor was having a head ache, and so does the rest of the students. This is what happens when two person of different sides, who are equally intelligent and gifted, is in disagreement. The professor had to do everything to keep them from fighting, he even avoid questions to avoid further argument. 

When the bell finally rang, that's the sign of their freedom. Even the professor had to ran away, fearing that both of them may come up to him and ask him to be the judge for their little debate. 

It was eventually stopped when the Professor asked Aubrey to go with him and fixed everything since she wasn't present last week. Jon should also be going with them but the Professor thought otherwise. He'll just tell Jon later.

The classes finally ended, it was now lunch. Jon had been starving, who wouldn't after 3 hours of arguing. 

As he was picking up the books at his desk, he heard someone calling him out. "Hey." It was a faint voice, like a shy person would say. 

"Shin? Hey man! You're okay?" Jon turned to him promptly. The last time Jon saw him, he was lying unconscious from receiving a hit from one of Magnum's axe. 

"Yeah... Look I just wanna say, thank you. You know what I mean." Shin said. "Wanna grab lunch together?" 

As they were walking down the pathway to the Commercial Area, someone suddenly approached them. The guy has a bright yellow, spikey short hair. He was wearing the varsity jacket of the Basketball Team. They thought he was just another fan of Shin, but then he said. "Jon... and Shin... Right? Woah! I'm a fan. Anyway, I have tons of questions right now, but obviously you're pretty busy right..." Then he leans closer "How close did you get to Magnum?"