Chapter 23 – The Advanced Tech Club
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Jon would have the perfect lunch, if this guy wasn't here talking to them like a superfan. He kept talking about what happened when they confronted Magnum. Jon didn't mind, but Shin still has this a bit of anxiety whenever this guy spoke about what happened. Afterall, Shin was really supposed to die there, if it weren't for Jon. 

"Where are my manners, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Max Maxwell, Varsity Player of the Bas---" Max said.

"Maxwell? You don't happen to be related to Pierce Maxwell... are you?" Jon asked.

"That's the one... my one and only padre." Max said. "Anyway, moving on... like I said, Varsity Player of the Basket---" 

"Wait, you know that guy?" Shin interrupted. 

"Yeah, he went to my dorm last night with the Director to ask questions about what happened." Jon told everything to Shin, including after what happened when he passed out.

Max was a bit irritated, whenever he says the word Varsity, everyone would start praising him like there's no tomorrow and these two acted like he wasn't even here. Their high expectation would raise a difficulty for the students trying out. That's 18 students chosen out of thousands. But when they started talking about what happened last night, he started joining the conversation. 

"You still didn't answer my question, how close did you get to Magnum? Like how close?" Max said while eating his french fries. It's like he's listening to the narrator of a movie. 

"Very." Both of them answered in unison. 

"That's it? Where's the juice? I meant the climax, every story has one! C'mon!" Max argued.

Shin just rolled his eyes and said. "Anyway, how did you even know? The last time I checked, the Director doesn't want any kind of issues regarding the students." 

"Well you see, I overheard them talking about Magnum and the killing. It's not stalking, I just happened to be at the right time... want to make that clear. Then they happened to mention you both." Max shrugged. 

When Shin heard the word killing, he immediately remembered about Barbara Gaines. 

Jon caught his expression and asked. "So what did they talk?" 

Max told them what happened. Although he didn't get their whole conversation, he atleast got the important stuff. About Pierce thinking there's a vigilante out there that can stop Magnum and his powerful axe. 

Jon was left thinking though, he caught the word Vigilante and was sent into deep thoughts. Is there really a Vigilante? It can't be such a coincidence that there's someone out there who happen to be in the area and saved them.

 Then he looked at his hands at the bottom of the table. He felt there was something wrong. The whole time after the Homecoming Incident, he have always felt the electricity on his body, especially on his hands. But ever since he woke up after the day he passed out on the Magnum attack, it just seem to disappeared. He wasn't even wearing the Limiter Machine that he made to seal off the electricity on his body. He removed it and tried to use the same electricty that almost nuked the whole school and use it to Magnum, but after that, Jon would never know. Then he realized something... It can't be! 

"Jon are you okay?" Shin asked. 

"Yeah, of course. Anyway, I gotta go. I have to prepare for the clubs." With that, Jon left. Leaving the two of them that now looks like a couple on a date. 

The Monday Schedule wasn't finished yet. The club comes after lunch, in where students will go to their individual clubs. Clubs were mandatory, every student must join only 1 club. They still have the freedom to switch after the year ends, so you can either join 3 clubs on the University. 

There are over 64 Different clubs all over the University. Sports, technology, media, music, arts and even the hero department has their own clubs. Jon happened to choose Advanced Tech Club, in order to build the machine that he had been planning ever since he was a kid. But thanks to Liam, it was all ruined and destroyed. He couldn't possibly build another one, not with the eyes of the Director locked on him.

The whole afternoon is all about Clubs, Monday and Saturday is where the students are most active to their clubs. 

The Advanced Tech Club has a small room, because of their small distribution last year. But with a club that only has 4 members on it, it's already considered to be pretty big.

He knocked on the door, and opened it. The people on the room suddenly jumped from their seats and faced Jon. There were three of them, and Jon knew the two when he registered himself for the club. There was another addition in members though, it was a girl with a short round hair and a rimmed glass to go along with it. 

"Hey! Jon, there you are! You're okay now right?" Freddy Goodman was the president of the Advanced Tech Club, he still looks the same as Jon remembered, a hawaiian surfer looking person. 

"Yeah, I guess." Jon said.

"Amelia came by last tuesday and told us you were sick." This time it was Bradley Berry who spoke. Looks like Amelia and Clark were doing good at hiding the fact that the school almost got nuked. 

Brad continued "This is Leanne Cane, a new member we recruited when you were away." 

"Yeah, we've actually met." Jon said. Leanne was one of the 24 Robotics Scholars before him. He naturally remembered all of them, he was afterall given the responsibility to handle the affairs of the Robotics Department. 

They've talked for a while, about things like the future of the Club, their activites and task that they should do for the University. They eventually get to the part where they will showcase the technology that they will create to the whole school, on the Robotics Day. Leanne was confused, she didn't know anything about the Robotics Day, Jon also have little knowledge about them, but as for Fred and Brad who were seniors, they already experienced it and explanained it to them. 

Basically each 10 Departments have their own Special Day. Department related Clubs and The University's Houses are a huge part of these days. It's the day where they will show the whole school what their Departments are capable of. 

Fred also explained to them that they still need to do something for the club when the Foundation Week comes. But they weren't that worried for that, afterall the Robotics Day will come first. 

"Last year, we blew our chance. We didn't get to show the Club's technology." Fred said gloomily. 

"I suppose that's the unfinished work?" Jon pointed his finger to the object sitting on the corner that was covered by a white sheet of cloth. 

"Yeah, such a shame." Brad said as he grabs the white cloth and removed it. "The Echo Locator..." 

"What does it do?" Leanne asked. 

"Apparently, it can detect when there's someone nearby. It's supposed to "hear" the ground for any possible movements. Very useful, especially today when Stealth Technology is becoming more and more updated." Brad said. 

Jon immediately stood up, like something just poked his bottom. An idea sprung inside his mind, an idea that he had never thought. On the day where they first met Magnum, Jon felt him coming towards them. And then he tried to do the same thing yesterday when he thought there were intruders on his dorm, but nothing happened. Now he figured out how! 

Jon excused himself from them and ran, as fast as he could. He was heading for the Sports Complex and through the Dojo. He slid the doors and saw 6 students on their robes cleaning the floor. Shin was surprised when he saw Jon with his excited look. 

"What are you doing here?" Shin asked but Jon immediately grabbed Shin arm and took him away to get some privacy from the rest. 

"Hey.. what's the matter?" Shin continued to ask. 

When he confirmed they were alone, Jon whispered. "I need your help." 

"For what?" 

Jon was hesitating, but he forced out the words. "I need to test out my powers."